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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date(Ultra Instinct Goku vs. Beast Gohan)

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103 will finally start one of the most hyped fights by the fans. Goku is impressed after looking at Gohan’s ki and invites him to come to Beerus’s planet. 

Along with him, he also asks for Goten and Trunks to visit them. When all of them sit in the car, along with Carmine and Android 15, he teleports them to Beerus’s planet. 

Just as everyone lands on the planet, Goku proposes an invitation to spar with Gohan. Goku learns about Gohan’s new form and also Piccolo’s new form. Meanwhile, Vegeta talks with Trunks and then says that Goten and Trunks should fight Gohan first. 

Goten and Trunks instantly start from their Super Saiyan form to fight Gohan. They keep unleashing several moves on Gohan, but Gohan is easily able to avoid most of their moves. 

But Goten and Trunks still keep relentlessly attacking him with unique moves. They almost land a blow on Gohan, and he applauds them for getting stronger due to their training.

Gohan recognizes their power level and transforms into his Awakened Mode. Goten and Trunks meanwhile think that their fusion will boost their power now, but Gohan has his doubts after their last mess up.

Just like Gohan assumed, they turn into their fat version of Gotenks again. Due to this, they lose out easily. Goku now enters the battle and starts the fight with his Ultra Instinct mode, with Gohan also switching into his Beast Mode.

Both of them keep fighting on equal terms. Beerus and Whis notice the intensity of the fight, and Whis immediately creates a barrier for the spectators. The fight has only started, and there is a lot of damage already. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103 Spoilers & Predictions

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103 Spoilers & Predictions

The next chapter will be the continuation of the highly awaited battle of Goku and Gohan. We had been comparing the power levels of both of them several times, and now we get to see that first-hand in the manga. 

As of now, Goku and Gohan are fighting on equal terms and destroying Beerus’s planet with their attacks. The next chapter fully focuses on both of their fights, showing us more about what both Goku and Gohan could do. 

It will be a very interesting watch, as even Vegeta is looking forward to this fight. Since the next new villain is nowhere to be seen, we can expect this fight to go on for a few more chapters. 

Also, we can see some potential fights of Vegeta vs. Gohan, Goku vs. Piccolo, and more if things continue at the same pace. Gohan seems even more improved and refined in his Beast form

This sets high expectations for both this match and the result. But we will have to wait for more chapters to see how this fight will end.     

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103 will be released on March 20th. There won’t be any breaks for the next month’s chapter, and we can expect to watch the fight between Gohan and Goku in the next chapter. 

The official storyboards for the chapter should be released around 16th March. We will also get a small spoiler summary for some panels during this time, and we will be updating the summary in the article once they are released. 

These are all of our predictions for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102 so far. For more interesting and newer content, make sure to check out some of our other articles here. 

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