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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 99 Spoilers & Release Date(Beast Gohan Awakens)

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 99 should give us the most interesting fights of the series so far. This chapter continues with the Cell Max fight, and we see that Android 18 has joined in the fray, too. 

Gamma 2 asks for everyone else to buy some more time for his special move. Meanwhile, everyone else is busy shooting energy attacks towards Cell Max. After some time, Gamma 2 lands a direct hit on Cell Max, and his left arm is broken. 

Cell Max tries killing Gamma 2, but Orange Piccolo comes to his rescue. Piccolo also turns into a giant to face off against Cell Max. Even though they fight on equal terms for a bit, everyone knows that Piccolo is clearly outmatched. 

Just when Piccolos tosses a Senzu bean towards Gohan, Cell Max attacks, and the bean nearly falls into the crevice. However, Pan learns how to fly and catches the Senzu bean to give it to Gohan. 

Meanwhile, Cell Max vs Orange Piccolo continues, and Piccolo is getting dominated in this fight. Gohan also now enters the fight and pushes Cell Max away to let his allies regroup. 

Piccolo has a plan for now, and Gohan believes that it can work. The chapter ends here after we see a shot of enraged Cell Max. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 99 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 99 Spoilers

We might be able to see Beast Gohan in the next chapter, based on the pace of this chapter. It means that we can see a tiny portion of the Beast Gohan vs Cell Max in the upcoming chapter. 

  • According to Piccolo’s plan, he would buy enough time for Gohan to charge up his energy attack. 
  • While the rest are fighting against Cell Max, Gohan is charging up his attack. 
  • Gohan tries to aim this charge attack directly at Cell Max’s weak point. 
  • But Cell Max unleashes an attack, which makes it look like he has killed Piccolo
  • Gohan is fully enraged after seeing this, and he awakens past his Potential Unleashed form. 
  • His whole aura and appearance are changed in this form.
  • In this form, he easily tanks Cell Max’s attack. 
  • Furthermore, Gohan keeps on attacking Cell Max and also overpowers him with his power. 
  • After this, Cell Max uses his Explosive scream technique to charge up a massive ball of energy. 
  • On top of this, he concentrates the blast location of this move on Gohan’s location. 
  • How will Gohan deal with this move with his special form?
  • Will the others be able to escape from the blast radius of this move safely?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 99 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 99 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 99 is slated for a release on November 19th. As of now, the manga is still following the events of the movie, so we do know what happens next in the manga series. 

Since it’s a long wait for the next month’s chapter, you could watch the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie to know what’s in store for the next few chapters in this specific arc. 

These are some of the major spoilers and plot points regarding Dragon Ball Super Chapter 99, which we have as of now. Check out some of our other exciting and similar content articles over here in your free time. 

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