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Shibuya Incident Arc: How Gojo Gets Imprisoned In the Prison Realm? All Details

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 is now currently airing and the anime is adapting the Shibuya Incident Arc. This arc is one of the best arcs of the series and features some of the greatest events that will lead to many important turns in the story. But the biggest thing that happens during this arc is the imprisonment of Satoru Gojo inside the Prison Realm

In this article, we’ll be talking about the Prison Realm and how Gojo gets imprisoned in it. We’ll also discuss the consequences of Gojo’s imprisonment and how it affects the future incidents of the story.

Before we begin this discussion, we must issue a spoiler alert for those who are only just beginning the story or aren’t caught up with the recent episodes and manga chapters. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about what the Prison Realm is, to begin with.

What is the Prison Realm?

What is the Prison Realm?

The Prison Realm is a special-grade cursed object that Kenjaku has procured just for the sole purpose of imprisoning Gojo. It contains a barrier that is capable of trapping anything or anyone, even someone as strong as Gojo, inside a pocket dimension. There is no way of escaping the dimension from the inside and the only way to get someone out of the Prison Realm is to nullify the cursed energy of the object.

The Prison Realm is the final remains of Genshin, a Buddhist monk. It appears as a small cube box, wrapped around by talismans. The curse of the Prison Realm is activated when the user incants the words: “gate open.” Once the curse is activated, the cube opens itself as fleshy protrusions towards four sides along with a bleeding eye at the center. 

Once the eye contact is made with the target and the connection is established, the fleshy protrusions extend and take hold of the target. Once caught, the target will no longer be able to use cursed energy.

There are some conditions that must be fulfilled for the Prison Realm to activate. One of them is that the target must be within a 4-meter radius of the cube and the other is that the target must stay within that distance for one whole minute for the curse to work. 

Once the curse is activated, it’ll take the user to chant “gate close” for the imprisonment to be complete and the Prison Realm will revert back to its cube form. 

The Prison Realm can contain only one prisoner at a time. If the prisoner takes their own life within the prison, it can be used again. Since the Prison Realm leads to a pocket dimension, time doesn’t pass there. The inside of it is filled with skeletons and a heavy, ominous ambiance.

What Happens in the Shibuya Incident Arc?

What Happens in the Shibuya Incident Arc?

Being the strongest jujutsu sorcerer of the current era, Gojo is the irrefutable biggest obstacle in the plans of Kenjaku and his allied cursed spirits. That’s why Kenjaku plans to imprison Gojo inside the Prison Realm. But doing that will be extremely difficult because none of them could last in a fight against Gojo.

That’s why on October 31, the cursed spirits put a barrier to trap the non-curse users within Shibuya. The plan is to use the humans to slow things down and prevent Gojo from opening his domain. After sufficiently tiring him out, they then have to keep Gojo within a 4-meter radius of the Prison Realm for one whole minute which is nothing short of impossible. But Kenjaku reassures his allied cursed spirits that they just have to keep Gojo within the radius for the time that amounts to one minute in Gojo’s brain which is lower than the actual sixty seconds.

How Gojo Gets Imprisoned in the Prison Realm

How Gojo Gets Imprisoned in the Prison Realm?

Gojo fights Jogo, Hanami, Choso, and later Mahito while being surrounded by ordinary humans. In the short time that the four manage to keep him occupied, he kills Hanami and tears off one of Jogo’s arms. He even opens his domain expansion: Unlimited Void for only 0.2 seconds because non-curse users can endure its effect only for that period of time before they die.

After killing around 1000 transfigured humans in only 299 seconds, Gojo sees the Prison Realm sitting in front of it. Kenjaku says the incantation for the Prison Realm to activate and the eye contact between it and Gojo is established. It’s then that Kenjaku enters the scene, using his appearance as Suguru Geto to shock Gojo for a few moments. 

As Gojo remembers his memories with Geto and how killed the man last year, he angrily asks the man in front of him who he really is. This is where Kenjaku finally reveals his true identity and opens Geto’s skull to show his true form as the brain. The time it takes is enough for the Prison Realm to complete its activation and Gojo is sealed within it before the gate closes at Kenjaku’s incantation.



Even after Gojo is sealed, he demonstrates his frightening power. Though there is no way to escape the Prison Realm from the inside, the effect of his being there is soon displayed when eyes similar to Gojo’s appear all over the cube form of the Prison Realm. The cube also gets very heavy.

As the Prison Realm needs time to process the sealing of Gojo, they can’t move the cube for some time. Kenjaku makes sure to keep the cube from falling into the hands of Itadori.

Gojo stays inside the Prison Realm for the entirety of the rest of the Shibuya Incident Arc, the Perfect Preparation Arc, and the Culling Game Arc. His being sealed is bad news for the whole jujutsu world. He’s freed from the prison by the end of the Culling Game Arc, thanks to Angel using Jacob’s Ladder on the cube.


Imprisoning Gojo is very important for Kenjaku and his allied cursed spirits. If they hadn’t done so, they wouldn’t be able to cause Sukuna to take over Yuji’s body after feeding him ten fingers at once and Kenjaku wouldn’t be able to go on with his Culling Game plan.

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