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Top 30 Hottest Demon Slayer Male Characters Ranked | 2024

Last updated on January 22, 2024, at 06:30 PM

Notably of the hot topics in the anime world, Demon Slayer is sure to have topped all charts with all discussions centered on it.

The anime is primarily based on humanity’s struggle against immortal demons by an organization called the Demon Slayer Corps. Among the various queries that have emerged, fans have always demanded a ranked list of the top 30 hottest Demon Slayer male characters. 

So we have come again, this time with a detailed list for the ones who were awestruck by the exceptional physique of the characters.

Top 30 Hottest Demon Slayer Male Characters

30) Kamanue


Japanese Name釜鵺
Hair ColorDark brown to orange
Eye ColorPale blue

At number 30 in this ranking of hottest Demon Slayer male characters, we have Kamanue. He is one of the Twelve Kizuki, ranked Lower Number Six. He is killed by Muzan at the end of the Rehabilitation Training Arc.

Kamanue is a demon with pale skin and dark brown hair that turns into orange at the tips. His eyes are large and pale blue. He has teal paint on his face; running from under his eyes upwards to his forehead, and a single teal spot on his chin.

29) Kaigaku


Japanese Name獪岳
PowersThunder Breathing
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorTurquoise (human)

Turquoise irises with black sclera (demon)

Kaigaku shares a history with Zenitsu as they both learned Thunder Breathing together under Jigoro Kuwajima. He is the Upper Moon Six demon after the death of Gyutaro and Daki.

As a human, Kaigaku was a young man with dark hair and turquoise eyes. After he turns into a demon, the color of his sclera changes to black. He also has six black markings on his face and prominent fangs.

28) Rokuro


Japanese Name轆轤
Hair ColorDark purple
Eye ColorGold

Rokuro is another demon who appears in the Rehabilitation Training Arc and is killed by Muzan. He was the Lower Rank Two of the Twelve Kizuki, weaker than Enmu.

Rokuro had a more mature look than his fellow Twelve Kizuki. He had dark purple hair with a similar colored beard and golden eyes. There were several dark veins prominent on the upper portion of his face.

27) Keizo


Japanese Name慶蔵
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorNA

Akaza’s backstory is one of the most heartfelt in the series, and Keizo is a big part of it. He was the master of a dojo who took in the rowdy Keizo and trained him in martial arts. Keizo loved him like a son and was the father of Koyuki, the love of Akaza’s life.

Keizo had a kind face with soft features. He had black hair and slight stubble around his jaw. Keizo smiled often, with his eyes closed, and had dark bushy eyebrows.

26) Tanjuro Kamado

Tanjuro Kamado

Japanese Name竈門 炭十郎
Hair ColorBlack to red
Eye ColorDark red

Tanjuro Kamado is the father of Tanjiro and Nezuko. He was a very kind and loving man who suffered from bad health. His early death made Tanjiro into a more responsible boy.

Tanjuro and his son share a lot of physical traits. Tanjiro inherited more of his father’s features than his mother’s. Like his son, Tanjuro had black hair with red edges and dark red eyes. His poor health had made his cheeks sunken and gave him a sickly pallor. Tanjuro also had a distinct marking at the top-left of his face.

25) Yahaba


Japanese Name矢琶羽
PowersKoketsu Arrow
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorRed 

Orange irises with green sclera (hand eyes)

Yahaba is the antagonist of the Asakusa Arc along with fellow demon, Susamaru. They both had strong aspirations to join Muzan’s Twelve Kizuki.

Yahaba is a demon with the appearance of a young man. He had dark hair cropped short and always kept his eyes shut. Yahaba wore a green kimono under a dark haori and a necklace of purple beads around his neck. There were two eyes at the palm of each of his hands.

24) Kazumi


Japanese Name和巳
Hair ColorDark brown
Eye ColorBrown

Kazumi is a young man from a village whose fiancee, Satoko was kidnapped by the Swamp Demon in the Kidnapper’s Bog Arc. The Kamado Siblings defeated the demon and reunited Kazumi with Satoko.

Kazumi is a good-looking young man with dark brown hair and amber-brown eyes. He wears a simple navy blue kimono under a red haori. The simplicity in Kazumi’s looks makes him one of the hottest Demon Slayer male characters.

23) Genya Shinazugawa

Genya Shinazugawa

Japanese Name不死川 玄弥
PowersDemon Consumption and Empowerment
Hair ColorBlack

Black to Yellow (After consuming demons)

Eye ColorDark Purple

Gold with black sclera (After consuming demons)

Like his brother, Genya Shinazugawa also comes off as deeply unlikeable at his first appearance. He is one of the demon slayer candidates alongside Tanjiro and Kanao and gets physically violent with Kanata Ubuyashiki, an innocent little girl. But he goes through incredible character development and becomes a better person with the help of Tanjiro’s kindness.

Genya is pretty tall for his age, standing at 180 cm. He has some gnarly scars across his face which he got in his childhood. Genya usually has a black mohawk but after ingesting demons, his hair color and eye color change.

22) Hantengu (Sekido/Aizetsu/Urogi/Karaku)


Japanese Name半天狗
AgeMore than 200
PowersEmotion Manifestation
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorRed sclera (Hantengu)

Red (Sekido)

Blue (Aizetsu)

Yellow (Urogi)

Green (Karaku)

The true form of Upper Moon Four: Hantengu is very ugly and doesn’t deserve a spot in this list of the hottest Demon Slayer male characters at all. But when he splits into his four forms, he takes the appearances of strong young men who are not bad to look at. 

Thanks to his Blood Demon Art: Emotional Manipulation, Hantengu can split his emotions into four demons: Sekido, Aizetsu, Urogi, and Karaku. Each of these demons represents a different emotion of Hantengu: anger, sorrow, joy, and pleasure respectively.

21) Shinjuro Rengoku

Shinjuro Rengoku

Japanese Name煉獄 槇寿郎
PowersFlame Breathing
Hair ColorBlond with red tips
Eye ColorGold and red

When Shinjuro Rengoku debuted in the story, he was a highly disliked character because of his terrible personality. He’s the father of Kyujuro and Senjuro and the former Flame Hashira.

Shinjuro very closely resembles his sons and shares the same physical features apart from the stubble around his jaw. He became a pessimistic and bitter person after the death of his wife, Ruka.

20) Yushiro


Japanese Name愈史郎
AgeMore than 35 (chronological)
Hair ColorPale green to black
Eye ColorLavender

Yushiro was a young man whom Tamayo turned into a demon to save his life. From then on, Yushiro has been a travel companion for Tamayo and loved her secretly. He later becomes an ally for the Kamado Siblings.

Yushiro might be scowling most of the time but there’s no denying his good looks. He has pale green hair that is lighter at the top and turns into black at the tips. His eyes are lavender with slit pupils.

19) Gyomei Himejima

Gyomei Himejima

Japanese Name悲鳴嶼 行冥
PowersStone Breathing
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorWhite

Finally, it’s time for the Hulk of the Demon Slayer Corps. Yes, as you have guessed it right, the Stone Hashira, Gyomei Himejima.

He is undoubtedly the tallest in the Demon Slayer and also the strongest of them all. His powerful built and extremely muscular body, with spiky hairs and a scar that runs across his forehead, makes it difficult for anyone to take their eyes off him. 

Gyomei’s role in defeating Muzan and the Upper-Rank One, Kokushibo is formidable, and had it not been for him, the Demon Slayer Corps would have received a massive setback.

18) Sumiyoshi


Japanese Name炭吉
Hair ColorBlack to red
Eye ColorDark red

After Tanjuro, we have his ancestor, Sumiyoshi, from whom they inherited a lot of things, from appearances to customs. Sumiyoshi was also the first man to learn Hinokami Kagura from Yoriichi Tsugikuni which was passed on in his family through generations.

Sumiyoshi greatly resembled Tanjiro and had the same physical features. Even the pattern of their haori is the same. That’s why Sumiyoshi is one of the most attractive Demon Slayer male characters.

17) Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu Agatsuma

Japanese Name我妻 善逸
PowersThunder Breathing
Hair ColorBrown and gold

Black (former)

Eye ColorBrown and gold

When Zenitsu Agatsuma is introduced in the story, he quickly becomes a very unlikeable character with his shrilly whining, cowardice, and obsession with women. But when he falls asleep, it’s another thing altogether, making him a hero from a zero within a moment.

Zenitsu’s true skills are only revealed when he’s asleep. He’s only managed to master one form of Thunder Breathing but he’s mastered it to such a point that it is awe-inspiring. And though he never really stops whining, his obsession with women is soon changed into his devotion towards Nezuko, making him a fan-favorite character soon enough.

16) Obanai Iguro

Obanai Iguro

Japanese Name伊黒 小芭内
PowersSerpent Breathing
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorTurquoise (left)

Yellow (right)

The next sexy Demon Slayer male character on this list is the Serpent Hashira. Obanai Iguro is a man with a mean attitude but a strong sense of duty and deep love for his fellow Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji.

Obanai is a relatively short man with dark hair and heterochromatic eyes. His left eye is turquoise and his right eye is yellow. Obanai wears bandages around his mouth to hide his disfigurement. But that doesn’t make Obanai any less handsome.

15) Enmu


Japanese Name魘夢
PowersSleep and Dream Manipulation
Hair ColorBlack to pink and blue
Eye ColorBlue

Enmu is one of Muzan’s Twelve Kizuki and the Lower Rank One. He acts as the primary antagonist in the Mugen Train Arc. 

Enmu is pale-skinned and has black hair with blunt edges of pink and blue. He has blue eyes, engraved with his rank, and prominent lower eyelashes. Enmu wears an extravagant suit and has two mouths on the back of each of his hands.

14) Sanemi Shinazugawa

Sanemi Shinazugawa

Japanese Name不死川 実弥
PowersWind Breathing
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorLilac

Sanemi’s tall and muscular build with his spiky hair and scars make him one of the hottest characters. However, his major drawback is his abrasive, impulsive nature and tendency to lash out, which has earned him the 14th position.

The hot-blooded, abrasive Wind Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa, is the number 14 on this list.

He is an extremely skilled and powerful combatant and has proven himself on several grounds. He took down several demons during the Infinity Castle Arc and even held his ground against the Upper-Rank One, Kokushibo.

13) Kyojuro Rengoku

Kyojuro Rengoku

Japanese Name煉獄 杏寿郎
PowersFlame Breathing
Hair ColorBlond with red tips
Eye ColorGold and red

Here comes the Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku, to raise the temperature beyond the charts. Notably one of the strongest Demon Slayers, he has left a long, loved legacy of his own.

Kyojuro’s young athletic body with an optimistic aura, decorated by his all-time plastered enthusiastic smile and golden hair with red tips, undoubtedly distinguishes him from the general mass.

His always flashy attitude and enthusiastic voice are the most cherished of all. He is a fierce fighter with immense skills and willpower. His fight with the Upper-Rank Three is by far one of the finest action scenes in the anime world.

12) Akaza / Hakuji


Japanese Name猗窩座
Age18 (human)

More than 133 (chronological)

PowersDestructive Death
Hair ColorPink (demon)

Black/blue (human)

Eye ColorYellow irises with blue sclera (demon)

Blue (human)

One of the primary antagonists in Demon Slayer, Akaza is undoubtedly one of the hottest Demon Slayer male characters. The Upper-Rank Three’s tall stature with an intense muscular build brings him to the 10th position on this list.

Despite being the demon who has taken down several Demon Slayers, including the Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku, one cannot simply take their eye off Akaza’s body.

His carved muscular body, indomitable will, and battle spirit are astounding enough to bring him to this list.

11) Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro Kamado

Japanese Name竈門 炭治郎
PowersWater Breathing

Sun Breathing

Hair ColorBlack and red
Eye ColorDark red

The protagonist of the story is Tanjiro Kamado, a kind-hearted boy whose life crashes around him when he finds his entire family slaughtered by Muzan and the only survivor, Nezuko, turned into a demon. The whole story is centered around Tanjiro looking for Muzan to exact vengeance for his family and revert his sister to human.

Tanjiro greatly resembles his father, Tanjuro, and their ancestor, Sumiyoshi. He also wears Yoiichi’s Hanafuda earrings which have been passed on to their family for generations.

10) Aoba Hashibira

Aoba hashibira

Japanese Name嘴平 青葉
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorGreen

Aoba Hashibira appears in the last chapter i.e., the epilogue of the series. He’s the descendent of Inosuke and Aoi and is a researcher.

Aoba inherited the handsome looks of his ancestors. He has shoulder-length black hair with bangs falling over his forehead charmingly. Like Inosuke, he too has big green eyes that make him one of the hottest Demon Slayer male characters.

9) Doma


Japanese Name童磨
Age20 (human)

More than 133 (chronological)

Hair ColorSilver
Eye ColorRainbow

Doma, Upper Moon Two is indeed one of the hottest demons out there. His tall young figure with a moderately toned, muscular body gives us a glimpse of his fitness. 

Doma’s apathetic face and casual nature are indeed one of the deadliest. The opponent gets no hint or idea as to what he is about to do next, thus making it intensively difficult to predict his attacks.

His Blood Demon Art: Cryokinesis is said to be one of the deadliest as is one of the major assets of the demons.

8) Inosuke Hashibira

Inosuke Hashibira

Japanese Name嘴平 伊之助
PowersBeast Breathing
Hair ColorBlack and blue
Eye ColorEmerald green

There is no doubt that Inosuke Hashibira is one of the most good-looking characters in Demon Slayer, be it male or female. It’s funny how his pretty face doesn’t match his brash personality at all. Sadly, he hides his gorgeous face by wearing a boar head over it. His good looks are all thanks to his beautiful mother whom he resembles greatly.

Inosuke not only has a lovely character design but his backstory is also interesting. Initially, all we know about his past is that he’s been abandoned in a forest and raised by boars. Later, the full truth of his past is revealed and it makes him all the more interesting.

7) Hotaru Haganezuka

Hotaru Haganezuka

Japanese Name鋼鐵塚 螢
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorNA

Remember the man with a weird mask, always chasing Tanjiro for breaking his sword? Wondering how that artificial is up on this list, right?

Well, Hotaru Haganezuka’s face reveals the entire Demon Slayer fan base by surprise. His beautiful, charismatic face behind his weird ugly mask was the most unexpected and has gained him the 7th position on this list.

Hotaru was born in the swordsmith village and has been assigned the task of making Nichirin Swords for the Demon Slayer Corps.

6) Michikatsu Tsugikuni / Kokushibo


Japanese Name継国 巌勝
Age17-24 (human)

More than 480 (chronological)

PowersMoon Breathing
Hair ColorBlack to red
Eye ColorDark purple (human)

Yellow irises with red sclera (demon)

It’s time for the Upper-Rank One to be on this list of the hottest Demon Slayer male characters. Kokushibo, who as a human went by the name Michikatsu Tsugikuni, is the current second strongest demon after Muzan himself.

His human appearance was the one that made him look more attractive. He was a very tall and muscular man with black and red hair. He was the elder brother to Yorichii, the strongest demon slayer to have ever existed.

To justify his position on the list, his hotness falls a bit short in correlation to the upcoming characters, thereby getting the 6th position.

5) Kagaya Ubuyashiki

Kagaya Ubuyashiki

Japanese Name産屋敷 耀哉
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorLavender

Kagaya Ubuyashiki is the head of the Ubuyashiki family and the Demon Slayer Corps. He is called Oyakata-sama by the demon slayers.

Before the curse took hold of his body, he was a very beautiful man with fair skin and a soft smile. He has shoulder-length black hair and lavender eyes that become blind because of the curse. His serene beauty is why he’s at number 5 on the hottest Demon Slayer male characters ranking.

4) Giyu Tomioka

Giyu Tomioka

Japanese Name冨岡 義勇
PowersWater Breathing
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark blue

Giyu Tomioka is one of the hottest Demon Slayer male characters. For some of the fans, he is the most handsome male. One of the most skilled combatants in the Demon Slayer Corps, Giyu is indeed one of the Strongest and Hottest Demon Slayer Male Characters.

His physical looks portray a tall man with a muscular yet slender stature, with an almost emotionless face. His hair of uneven lengths with a small messy ponytail behind coupled with his sharp eyes with deep iris all together bring him to the 4th position in this list.

3) Muzan Kibutsuji


Japanese Name鬼舞辻 無惨
Age20 (human)

10,000 (biological)

Hair ColorBlack

White (from aging drug)

Eye ColorPlum red

Muzan Kibutsuji, the King of Demons and the strongest of them all deserves the 3rd spot on our list. Even as a demon, he is one of the most handsome characters with fairly muscular stature.

Muzan’s extravagant outfit with the white hat, as seen by Tanjiro when he confronted him for the first time, can make anyone fall for him.

2) Yoriichi Tsugikuni

Yorichii Tsugikuni

Japanese Name継国 縁壱
Age17-24 (young)

Over 80 (old)

PowersSun Breathing
Hair ColorBlack to red (young)

White (old)

Eye ColorMaroon

With the legendary Demon Slayer on this list, temperatures have already increased. Known as the strongest demon slayer, who took down Muzan Kibutsuji in the blink of an eye, Yoriichi Tsugikuni was the first developer of the breathing technique.

He’s tall, muscular yet slender, with wavy long black-red hairs tied to a ponytail, radiating immense strength and conviction, thereby making his position no. 2 on this list of the hottest Demon Slayer male characters.

1) Tengen Uzui

Tengen Uzui

Japanese Name宇髄 天元
PowersSound Breathing
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorFuschia

Finally, it’s time for the most awaited member on this list, the flamboyant, flashy, epitome of hotness Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui. Anyone who has watched or read Demon Slayer will agree with his position as the Hottest Male Character in one go.

Tengen’s tall, broad-shouldered, toned muscular body easily catches the attention of many women, resting aside his flashy talks. His set of gold rings around his biceps and his sleeveless dress highlight every muscle tone to its core.

Tengen Uzui is one of the major supporting characters in the Entertainment District Arc, who fought head-on with the Lower Rank Six Gyutaro, where the latter’s defeat shook the pillars of the Demon world, adding a golden feather to the Demon Slayer Corps’s crown.

Here we conclude this article. We intend to bring such exciting articles about several other anime, just for you guys. You can watch Demon Slayer anime on Netflix. Stay tuned.

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