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Kanbayashi Touko in Zom 100: Past & Motives

Akira’s group is not the only group that went to complete their bucket list in Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead. Similar to Akira’s group, Kanta’s group also makes a list of things to do before becoming a zombie.

However, their wishes are to commit illegal activities and hurt others, unlike Akira’s group, which does only fun and thrilling activities. Kanta’s group consists of four members: Kanta Higurashi, Shigenobu Kurasugi, Touko Kanbayashi, and Naoki Atenbou.

So in this post, you will get to know everything about Kanbayashi Touko, the only female member of Kanta’s Group, such as her past and motives. So let’s get started!

Kanbayashi Touko:

Who is Kanbayashi Touko in Zom 100?

Kanbayashi Touko
Source: Zom 100 Manga

Kanbayashi Touko is one of the major villains in the Hometown of the Dead arc. She debuted in Chapter 16 along with her other three group members. Her attractive curvy figure and beautiful looks with spectacle make her one of the hottest characters in Zom 100.

Kanbayashi is a very stubborn woman who does not like to be criticized by anyone, even if she is wrong in that situation. Even though she herself has done wrong to others, she always sees herself as a victim.

Past of Kanbayashi Touko:

Before the arrival of the Zombie apocalypse, Kanbayashi worked as an ordinary office worker at the municipal corporation. In her company, her fellow office workers always make a fool of her, which she finds very hurtful.

As a result, when she gets the opportunity to take revenge on her fellow office worker, she does not hesitate to set fire to her entire company. It is also Kanbayashi’s first wish, which she adds to Kanta’s Bucket list.

Motives of Kanbayashi Touko:

Kanbayashi Touko
Source: Zom 100 Manga

After joining Kanta’s group, Kanbayashi also began completing Kanta’s Bucket list. This list is filled with plenty of criminal and illegal activities. Her selfish nature is excellently shown when she intentionally releases a group of zombies to enter the village to let the villagers die.

She is not satisfied with just releasing zombies on the villagers; she also begins attacking Beatrix Amerhauser, who tries to save innocent villagers.

Moreover, she is also very merciless, which is why she chose a chainsaw as a weapon to attack Beatrix. However, she is still defeated by Beatrix and has not succeeded in her group’s plan.


That’s it for the post! We hope you find this post useful and get to know everything about Kanbayashi Touko in Zom 100. Even though she played a negative role in the Hometown of the Dead arc, she made the arc very interesting and engaging. Her beautiful look and arrogant nature leave an indelible impression on fans’ hearts.

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