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Kingdom Chapter 779 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date(Shin’s Instinct)

Kingdom Chapter 779 will start on another high note after we understand Ri Boku’s true goals. Ka Ryo Ten and the Hi Shin unit are in chaos since Ri Shin left their unit to follow and kill Ri Boku instead. 

Enkan is capitalizing on this and sending his full force down on Ka Ryo Ten. Just when she thinks that she can’t hold on for more time, Ou Hon arrives to provide support to her. Ou Hon brought 10k men with him and asked Ka Ryo Ten to follow Shin. 

He already feels that something is wrong with this whole situation. Meanwhile, Yo Tan Wa and her mountain troops push Zhao’s forces away. The situation changes back to Hango, and we see that Qin’s soldiers are treated cruelly. 

Heki wonders why their labor work and their daily meals have stopped. Just then, the Zhao soldiers tell them that Qin is fighting with them to control Hango. They keep on treating these prisoners harshly and leave after some time.

We see the miserable situation of all the soldiers, and Heki thinks it will be hard for Qin to win here because of Ri Boku’s trap. Meanwhile, Shin continuously follows Ri Boku and suddenly stops after noticing something. 

Kingdom Chapter 779 Spoilers & Predictions

Kingdom Chapter 779 Spoilers & Predictions

Now, we understand that Ri Boku’s true target wasn’t Akou but Ri Shin. Based on their previous encounters, Ri Boku had perfectly calculated that Ri Shin would be the most risky and unpredictable individual. 

Being an instinctual type of General, Ri Shin might have noticed this when he was trailing Ri Boku. This might be why he stopped chasing Ri Boku abruptly after seeing the state of the battlefield. 

Knowing Shin, we can expect him to damage Ri Boku’s forces and neatly escape the trap. We could expect a confrontation between Shin and Futei or Kaine. With Shin now setting up countermeasures for Ri Boku’s trap, he can also deal massive damage to Ri Boku’s forces. 

A popular prediction here is that Shin will fight with Futei and probably kill him. After this, he could easily escape Ri Boku’s trap since he had already understood Ri Boku’s intentions. 

But this would also mean that Shin is letting Ri Boku go away for now and returns to help Hi Shin’s unit after he surprises Ri Boku with some of his decisions and plans. 

Kingdom Chapter 779 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 779 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 779 will be released on 22nd November since there are no breaks for next week’s chapter. However, these are only the release dates for the unofficial chapter, and the official translations for the Kingdom are still around Chapter 776. 

The raw scans and full spoilers summary should be released on the 17th and 18th of November. We should get a full idea of Shin’s thoughts and his reasoning for how this situation might be a big trap planned for him. 

These are all of the prediction theories we could develop for Kingdom Chapter 779. Check out some of our other articles here for interesting and similar content.  

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