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Kingdom Chapter 788 Spoilers-Predictions & Release date(Sou’Ou vs. Kan Saro)

Last updated on February 25th, 2024 at 07:28 am

Kingdom Chapter 788 keeps improving as the war’s stakes keep increasing. The chapter starts with a flashback of Ji Aga and Kan Saro. We get to see how their combat abilities were feared in battle. 

Eventually, Ji Aga makes a contract with Kan Saro since the latter is a lone wolf. The situation changes to the war, and we see Ji Aga trying to defend Shi Ryou’s strike with his hand. 

Shi Ryou keeps cutting Ji Aga, and Ji Aga also lands an armor-shattering blow on Shi Ryou. Just when Ji Aga is trying to strike again, Shi Ryou finishes her attack on him. 

Shin Kaku Gaku messed up his attack timing, and Kan Saro dealt a huge blow to him. Despite this, Shin Kaku Gaku still manages to land a blow on Kan Saro’s left hand. 

Ji Aga dies after Shi Ryou’s attack, and Kan Saro remembers his past with Ji Aga at this time. Shi Ryou’s situation doesn’t look any better, as she is unconscious now.

Her situation looks very bad, as her left arm and armour are shattered, and she is still trying her best to get up. Kan Saro makes up his resolve and says that he must help his Lord now. 

Kan Saro asks for his army to march along with Shi Ba Shou to take the head of the enemy general.  

Kingdom Chapter 788 Spoilers & Predictions

Kingdom Chapter 788 Spoilers & Predictions

This battle will be more advantageous to Kan Saro since no one is left to stop him now. He and his soldiers focus on supporting Shi Ba Shou, and now Sou’Ou and Den Ri Mi are in danger. 

The Qin soldiers will probably try to stop them, but Kan Saro’s soldiers are fired after Ji Aga’s death. Since Shi Ryou and Shin Kaku Gaku are also on the verge of death, they might choose to protect them instead. 

Sou’Ou would assume that Kan Saro might have killed Shi Ryou to make it here. He will also be more enraged, as he might try to fight against Kan Saro on his own. Den Ri Mi might also join him and kill the soldiers of Kan Saro. 

Meanwhile, A Kou should have caught up with Shi Ba Shou or Den Ri Mi’s army. This would give an advantage to Qin as they could effectively deal with all threats for now. 

But, Gaku Shou will also be pursuing A Kou and might create more chaos on the battlefield elsewhere. The next chapter might also focus on the strategies and locations of Ri Shin, Ri Boku, Ou Hon, and others for some time.  

Kingdom Chapter 788 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 788 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 788 will be released on 19th February since there will be no breaks for the manga in the upcoming weeks. However, this is the release date for the unofficial translations. 

As for the official translations, it is still a few chapters behind. The official translations are still in Chapter 785. The next chapter’s raw scans and spoilers summary can be released as soon as 18th February

These are all the spoilers and predictions we have about Kingdom Chapter 788. Check some of our other posts here for more such content and other interesting article ideas. 

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