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Kingdom Chapter 789 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date(Ri Boku vs. Yo Tan Wa’s Army)

Kingdom Chapter 789 keeps getting interesting as we learn that Ri Boku has something more planned for Qin. Kan Saro asks for his men to keep following Shi Ba Shou. 

Meanwhile, he says he will let Shi Ryou succumb to her wounds from Ji Aga. He further adds that he respects her strength and will send Sou’Ou to the same fate as her. 

Meanwhile, Ou Sen gets a report that Sou’Ou and Kanjou’s army are quickly approaching the location of Shi Ba Shou. Ou Sen understands that this situation is crucial for both Qin and Zhao. 

 He thinks the chances of victory and loss are at 50/50. Ou Sen had also yet to expect how the Hi Shin and the Gyoku Hou unit would get sealed up this quickly by Ri Boku’s tactics. 

If Ou Sen loses this battle here, he will have to accept how he got outplayed by Ri Boku. But, this situation is equally dangerous for them as Seika will completely diminish if he kills Shi Ba Shou here. 

Ou Sen understands that Ri Boku would be completely helpless if he kills Shi Ba Shou here. So, he understood that Ri Boku believed in Shi Ba Shou’s strength and that the Ou Sen army could not hold him back. 

Shi Ba Shou is advancing slowly, and A Kou, along with his army, joins the fray. Gaku Shou decides that he will kill A Kou to weaken his army. A Kou cuts into Shi Ba Shou’s army effectively. 

This raises the morale of the Qin soldiers as they fight to protect A Kou. Sou’Ou’s strategy has also been working as he successfully draws some soldiers out of Shi Ba Shou’s formation. 

Den Ri Mi asks him to advance and says he will hold back the enemy soldiers. Ou Sen says that Shi Ba Shou’s strength surprised him, and so did the strength of his army surprise Ri Boku. 

The chapter ends with Ri Boku getting a report that Yo Tan Wa’s army had slipped past Kotsu Minhaku.  

Kingdom Chapter 789 Spoilers & Predictions

Kingdom Chapter 789 Spoilers & Predictions

It has been a back-and-forth for both Qin and Zhao as they try to surprise each other. This time around, Ou Sen is fully in control of the pace of this war. 

Qin is looking at a very good advantage right now. Yo Tan Wa’s army had made it to Hango, and Ri Boku would be forced to deal with her army first. On top of this, A Kou, Sou’Ou, and Kanjou are trying to break down Shi Ba Shou’s army from multiple directions. 

It would only be a matter of time before Ou Sen finds the winning formula to defeat Shi Ba Shou. However, Ri Boku would have considered this possibility before sending Shi Ba Shou. 

He would have some other counter-measures to help Shi Ba Shou effectively retreat if he is in danger. But this might only be needed for a while as Kan Saro rapidly advances to his location. 

Kan Saro is a huge threat to Qin right now. Den Ri Mi is not in good shape to fight him, and Sou’Ou would be in danger if Kan Saro managed to pass Den Ri Mi. 

On top of this, Gaku Shou and his army also support Shi Ba Shou in case of unforeseen circumstances. We still have to wait for Ri Shin to help Ou Hon or Ou Sen. 

The next chapter will discuss how Ri Boku handles Yo Tan Wa’s attack near Hango. 

Kingdom Chapter 789 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 789 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 789 should be released on the 27th or 28th of February if there are no delays. There won’t be any breaks for next week’s chapter, and we will see how Ri Boku will respond to Qin’s attack. 

The chapter’s raw scans and spoiler summary should be released on 26th February. Make sure to check our article later after we have updated the spoilers summary in this article. 

These are all of our predictions for Kingdom Chapter 789. For more interesting and content-based articles, check out some of our other articles related to Kingdom below. 

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