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Mahoraga vs. Gojo: How Powerful Is Divine General Compared To Gojo In Jujutsu Kaisen

Megumi Fushiguro is not only one of the main characters of Jujutsu Kaisen but also one of the most promising jujutsu sorcerers of his generation. Even Satoru Gojo believes him to be able to become as strong as himself and the main reason behind that is Mahoraga, the strongest Shikigami of the Ten Shadows Technique. Here, we’ll discuss Mahoraga vs. Gojo and how strong the Shikigami is compared to Gojo.

In this article, we’ll be looking into who Mahoraga is and its powers and abilities along with how strong it is against Gojo. Before we do that, we’ll issue a spoiler alert for those who are not caught up with the manga yet.  

Divine General Mahoraga: Appearance

Divine General Mahoraga: Appearance

Before we talk about who Mahoraga is, we have to talk about the Ten Shadows Technique. This technique is an inherited cursed technique of the Zenin family and is considered to be the most powerful cursed technique of the clan. 

In fact, according to Gojo, in ancient times, the heads of the Gojo and Zenin families were enemies and fought against each other armed with Limitless along with Six Eyes and the Ten Shadows Technique respectively. He also reveals that the Ten Shadows Technique has the potential to become as deadly as Limitless and make the user as strong as Gojo himself.

But among the many Shikigami of the technique, none is as strong and fearsome as Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga. It’s the strongest Shikigami whom no Ten Shadows Technique user has ever been able to exorcize in history. Because of this, it’s still a wild card and capable of killing the user when summoned for an exorcism. 

During the Shibuya Incident Arc, Megumi summons Mahoraga for an exorcism ritual as a last resort to kill Haruta Shigemo, knowing that the Shikigami will kill him first. He is saved only thanks to the intervention of Sukuna.

Unlike other Shikigami which only take certain hand signs for Megumi to summon them, Mahoraga needs him to chant an incantations along with the hand sign. To summon Mahoraga, Megumi makes two fists facing each other before reciting “With this treasure, I summon Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga.”

Mahoraga appears as a humanoid figure with a fearsome appearance. It is pretty muscular with four wings protruding out of its eye sockets. There is another long protrusion from the back of its head. The Shikigami has a blade attached to the wrist of its right arm. The most prominent and important feature of Mahoraga is the eight-pointed wheel floating above its head. 

Power And Abilities

Power And Abilities

As stated before, Mahoraga is the strongest Shikigami and if used properly, it can act as the biggest weapon against the likes of Gojo and Sukuna. The humanoid form of the Shikigami already gives it an edge over ordinary curse users. Since it’s huge in size, it’s difficult to harm him physically. The fact that no Ten Shadows Technique user in history has been able to exorcize Mahoraga even with external help is proof enough of the Shikigami’s powers.

However, the deadliest ability Mahoraga possesses that makes it so lethal is its adaptability. Mahoraga can adapt to anything it experiences, no matter how unique or powerful the cursed technique is. When the wheel above Mahoraga’s head spins, it completely adapts to any cursed technique it directly experiences. 

This is first seen when Mahoraga faces Sukuna during the Shibuya Incident Arc. At first, it suffers heavy damage from Sukuna’s Dismantle technique, but once the wheel spins, it adapts to Dismantle and can counter it perfectly. However, different cursed techniques take different numbers of spins for Mahoraga to completely adapt.

For example, while Mahoraga adapts to Dismantle with only one spin of its wheel, it takes the Shikigami four spins to adapt to Gojo’s Infinity. But no matter how many spins it takes, Mahoraga will be able to adapt to every phenomenon happening to him.



Truthfully, the only weakness Mahoraga has is that it has a take a hit first for it to adapt to the attack. If the opponent can end it with only one hit, which is very unlikely, then Mahoraga is completely useless in a fight.

Against an opponent like Gojo whose innate cursed techniques are more complicated and powerful than anyone around, Mahoraga takes a significantly long time to be able to adapt. Gojo has four chances to destroy Mahoraga before it can adapt to Infinity. Four chances are quite a lot for someone as strong as Gojo and the only reason Gojo can’t end Mahoraga with those chances is because of Sukuna’s intervention.

How Powerful Is Mahoraga With Sukuna?

How Powerful Is Mahoraga With Sukuna?

A Shikigami’s full potential is only realized at the hands of its user. In the case of Mahoraga, Sukuna is the only jujutsu sorcerer in history who exorcizes the fearsome Shikigami and uses it in battle. Despite the Ten Shadows Technique not being his innate cursed technique, Sukuna uses it to its utmost potential.

While fighting against Yorozu, Sukuna uses Mahoraga for the first time as the Ten Shadows Technique user and already shows surprising proficiency in using it. He bears Mahoraga’s wheel over his own head and uses its adaptation power to get used to Yorozu’s Construction.

During his battle against Gojo, Sukuna uses Mahoraga towards the end when Gojo is considerably weakened. He hides Mahoraga inside the shadows for a long time, bidding his time for the perfect opportunity. He gets the Shikigami to adapt to Gojo’s Infinity and prevents Gojo from it as it takes the take to adapt.

In short, Mahoraga is at the peak of its power when used by Sukuna.

Mahoraga vs. Gojo

Mahoraga vs. Gojo

During the battle against Gojo in Shinjuku, Sukuna hides Mahoraga inside the shadows to secretly get it to adapt to Gojo’s Unlimited Void. However, he makes sure that he doesn’t bear the burden of the adaptation and it falls to Megumi. So, when Sukuna finally lets Mahoraga out of the shadows, the Shikigami has already been adapted to Unlimited Void which makes Gojo’s Domain Expansion completely useless.

Mahoraga then clashes against Gojo to adapt to his Infinity. Gojo tries to destroy it multiple times but with Sukuna’s intervention, it’s a tough job to do. Mahoraga adapts to Infinity after four spins of his wheel and even adapts to Cursed Energy Lapse: Blue

After adapting to Infinity, Mahoraga slashes off Gojo’s arm but he quickly heals himself with Reverse Cursed Technique. At the end of the fight, as Gojo plans to converge the Red and Blue techniques together to create Hollow Purple, Mahoraga flies up into the air to destroy the Blue Technique.

However, it’s its adaptation to the Blue technique that causes it to lose as Gojo uses the attraction force of Blue to rush in front of Mahoraga in the air and land a hit on the Shikigami. When the Red and Blue techniques finally converge, the insanely destructive Hollow Purple destroys everything around it, including Mahoraga.


We conclude this article by pointing out that in the battle of Mahoraga vs. Gojo, Gojo is the clear winner. Mahoraga may be the most powerful weapon of the Zenin clan but as seen in the story, it has still a long way to go to defeat Satoru Gojo.

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