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How Toji Fushiguro Defeated Satoru Gojo In Jujutsu Kaisen?

Toji vs Gojo is a trending fight now, and the recent anime episode of their fight has also dropped. This fight is no doubt, one of the top fights in the series. The main question that arises here is how Toji Fushiguro Defeated Satoru Gojo.

On the surface, Toji is a human, who was blessed with great physical attributes, but has zero cursed energy. So then, how did he even manage to defeat one of the best Jujutsu sorcerers Gojo?

We will be talking about their fight in detail, in our post. So, make sure to read through this post fully, to know the answers to some of your questions.

Toji Fushiguro vs. Satoru Gojo

Toji Fushiguro vs. Satoru Gojo

Comparing both of them, Toji would be stronger than Gojo, if the latter didn’t have his purple hollow technique. However, Toji could find some ways, to also counter it, if he had more time to analyze Gojo and his newfound power.

Without purple, Gojo was getting completely beaten by Toji. Toji even ripped Gojo very brutally, which also lives to his reputation as a Sorcerer Killer. He even went on to fight against Suguru Geto and easily defeated Geto too.

Two of the best Jujutsu sorcerers were of no match to the fighting prowess and strength of Toji Fushigoro.

Fight 1: 

In the first fight, Toji started, by taking Gojo by surprise, after he threw his knife. Since Gojo couldn’t detect his cursed energy, it was an easy surprise attack for Toji. Gojo started going on the offensive, but he was no match for Toji.

Toji had dodged almost all of Gojo’s moves, with his inhuman speed, reflexes, and dodging pattern. However, he did manage to take a blow from Gojo. But, Toji turned the tables on Gojo, after this attack.

Toji used to chance to re-position himself so that Gojo couldn’t detect him. Gojo tried to detect the cursed energy of his cursed spirit, but Toji was already one step ahead. Toji released all of his cursed spirits, to launch another perfect surprise attack.

Just when Gojo was also concerned about Riko Amanai, Tojo took this precise moment to strike him. He sliced up Gojo using his Inverted Spear of Heaven, which is a cursed tool that completely nullifies any cursed techniques.

How Toji Fushiguro Defeated Satoru Gojo?

How Toji Fushiguro Defeated Satoru Gojo?

Toji mostly used his intellect, and his prior knowledge about Gojo, to defeat him. Toji knew that his speed and reflexes would be too fast, for Gojo to follow, and this made the battle easier for Toji.

On top of this, he also has many other powerful cursed tools, to finish the job. The most important of his tools is the Inverted Spear of Heaven. This tool is especially used to cancel out any cursed techniques and was of great help to Toji.

Toji just had to wait for the right moment to strike, and he also created the perfect moment in the battle against Gojo. Especially when he has inhuman movement speed, strength, and reflexes, this was a walk in the park for Toji.

Right after distracting Gojo for a mere moment, Toji used his Inverted Spear of Heaven to attack Gojo. Due to its unique property, it was able to pass through limitless and stopped Gojo’s infinity technique.

After this he slashed Gojo brutally, leaving him on the spot to die. Later, he also went and killed Rika, and gravely wounded Geto, before he met with Gojo for a second time.

Fight 2: 

Gojo reappears with his new reverse cursed techniques in front of Toji, just when he is about to leave. Toji immediately whipped out his Inverted Spear of Heaven to fight against Gojo again.

Gojo uses his new red technique, which blows away Toji, and the latter also takes some damage, even after blocking it. But, he immediately wakes up, and attaches his Chain of a Thousand Miles, to the spear.

He further says that neither of his limitless, red, or blue will be a problem for him now, as he has already devised a countermeasure. Toji started fighting with his new weapon, but Gojo had already understood that Toji was a Zenin clan member by now.

He talks about a secret technique, which is only known to a few people of the Gojo clan, and unleashes his new purple form. This hits the entire left side of Toji, which breaks his weapon and also his attack. Toji also died in this fight, after revealing a few things about him to Gojo.

This is the summary of how Toji Fushiguro Defeated Satoru Gojo in their first encounter and the result and situation of both their fights. For more interesting and fresh content, check out our other articles here.

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