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Power Of Megumi Fushiguro in Jujutsu Kaisen Explained (2023) | Updated

Last updated on April 24th, 2023 at 06:03 pm

Megumi Fushiguro is one of the main characters of Jujutsu Kaisen, and the first Jujutsu Sorcerer the protagonist, Yuji Itadori, meets. He plays a central role in the plot that thickens with time.

As one of the main characters, it’s expected that he’ll have well-defined and intriguing powers, and his powers certainly don’t disappoint. Therefore, in this post, we will discuss the powers and abilities of Megumi Fushiguro in Jujutsu Kaisen.

The manga series has already revealed the powers of Megumi quite early on. It has shown his potential as an exceptionally powerful Jujutsu Sorcerer, acknowledged by both Satoru Gojo and even the King of Curses, Ryomen Sukuna.

Gojo has even commented that Megumi has the potential to surpass even him, though he has a long way to go before he can accomplish that. 

Megumi is a tall, dark-haired boy with green eyes. He is 15 and a student at Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu High School. He uses the Ten Shadows Technique of the Zenin clan, one of the three prominent sorcerer families.

Megumi’s father, Toji Fushiguro, left the famous clan and gained notoriety because of his heightened senses and supernatural physical prowess and later came to be known as the Sorcerer Killer.

Conversely, Megumi has inherited the famous Zenin family technique. Megumi is currently a Grade 2 Sorcerer and also the deuteragonist of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Hand to Hand Combat

While many Jujutsu Sorcerers mainly focus on channeling their Cursed Energy into their Techniques in a battle in Jujutsu Kaisen, Megumi makes sure to be as physically active as needed. He’s skilled in hand-to-hand combats, often practicing with his cousin Maki Zenin, though her skills in this are far superior to his.

Megumi also practices with several weapons and Cursed Objects and puts his skills to good use in battles. Not only that, but he’s also very perceptive and is quick to recognize the weak spot in opponents.

During their struggle against the Special Grade Curse Hanami, he’s the only person to quickly grasp her weak spot, and his information is invaluable to Yuji and Aoi Todo, who ultimately fight her.

He also fought on par with Noritoshi Kamo and showed his impressive fighting abilities in his Domain Expansion. Megumi’s tendency to actively participate in physical battles, coupled with his strong Cursed Technique, makes him such a great Jujutsu Sorcerer with a lot of potentials.

Cursed Energy of Megumi Fushiguro

Megumi weaves specific hand signs and manifests Shikigami from the shadows that serve him. As the technique’s name suggests, the user can control and communicate with up to ten Shikigami, each having its unique qualities.

He summons Divine Dogs that can track and devour curses, an owl-like Shikigami that can fly, serpents, toads, elephants, and rabbits. However, Sukuna has already mentioned that his willingness to hand-to-hand combat makes him different from other Shikigami users.

Recyclable Cursed Energy

One of the Ten Shadows Technique’s interesting qualities is that even though a Shikigami is destroyed and can no longer be summoned, its cursed energy is inherited by the other Shikigami.

In other words,  a decimated Shikigami’s cursed energy gets recycled. After Hanami (a special grade curse) crushed Megumi’s white Divine Dog, its cursed energy was absorbed into Megumi’s black Divine Dog, forming Kon, a totally upgraded combination of both.

It is powerful enough to fight with Special Grade Cursed Spirits.

Cursed Technique of Megumi Fushiguro: Ten Shadows Technique

The Zenin clan being one of the strongest and most famous clans in the series, had an incredibly powerful technique known as the Ten Shadows Technique. It was inherited by Megumi and is one of his go-to moves.

This technique helps Megumi to create Shikigami, which helps him in battles against opponents and curses. He can process up to 10 Shikigami at a time, but it also uses a lot of his Cursed Energy.

1) Divine Dogs

Divine Dogs

This is the ability of Megumi whereby he can summon two hunting dogs of black and white color. They are ferocious beasts that will instinctively chase after curses and eat them up.

This was one of the most commonly used techniques by Megumi in the series.

Divine Dogs is not only Megumi’s most used but also his first Shikigami. In Hana Kurursu’s flashback, it is shown that the Divine Dogs have been with Megumi since childhood.

The dogs have their own personalities, as seen when the White Divine Dog went to Hana without Megumi’s knowledge but came back when he called for it. They are fiercely loyal to their master.

Everything was well until Finger Bearer destroyed the White Divine Dog. And this is where the true brilliance of the Ten Shadows Technique is.

Because instead of the Shikigami just vanishing, the traits of the White Divine Dog were passed down to the Black Divine Dog, creating a more ferocious Divine Dog: Totality.

2) Divine Dog: Totality

Divine Dog: Totality

If the Divine Dogs duo were ferocious, Divine Dog: Totality is an absolute monster. It is much larger than them and significantly more powerful. This is because it was formed after the powers of White Divine Dog merged with Black Divine Dog.

As a result, it can go one step further and even deal with Special Grade Cursed Spirits that are hard to defeat. We also saw in the fight against Kirara how it was able to pin him down after Megumi figured out his cursed technique.

3) Nue


It is a flying type of Shikigami that has a keen resemblance to an owl. Nue is a mythological bird in Japanese culture, and its appearance is fittingly grand. The bird is huge with dark orange feathers and a white face without a beak. 

This Shikigami is very versatile and can be used in a range of ways. It is a great tool for scouting an area to be aware of hidden enemies.

Nue can also be used for transportation, as Megumi is seen flying on its back. It can also be used for offensive purposes by commanding Nue to launch a dive attack straight from the sky.

Apart from this, Nue can also launch a high-intensity electric attack that Sukuna uses after taking control of Megumi’s body.

An aerial attack is always a bonus since the enemy will find it difficult to concentrate against two targets. On top of that, Nue can also use lightning-based attacks.

4) Great Serpent

Great Serpent

If Nue can attack from the sky, the Great Serpent can attack from below the ground. Similar to Nue, it can also ambush the enemy suddenly and give Megumi a huge advantage in Jujutsu Kaisen.

On using this Shadow Technique, a giant white snake with black markings will crawl up from the ground and can bind the target completely, preventing its escape.

5) Toad 


Toad allows Megumi to summon a lot of toads. In turn, they can pin their enemies using their tongues and keep them in one place.

The toads are huge and green, with the mark of the Shikigami embedded on their stomachs. Megumi has used them previously to rescue Nobara Kugisaki.

6) The Well’s Unknown Abyss

The Well's Unknown Abyss

The Well’s Unknown Abyss is a combination shadow technique whereby Megumi can combine the powers of the Toads with the Nue. As a result, the toads gain the ability to fly with their wings and launch aerial attacks as a group.

The Well’s Unknown Abyss is also one of the two Shikigami of Megumi in Jujutsu Kaisenwhere he summons a horde instead of a singular or two (in the case of Divine Dogs) Shikigami, the other one being Rabbit Escape.

7) Max Elephant

Max Elephant

Using this technique Megumi can summon a huge pink elephant that also uses up a lot of his Cursed Energy. This prevents Megumi from summoning other Shikigami, and at the moment, he is only limited to using its base form.

The elephant can charge at enemies with brute force while also using its trunk to release a lot of water. During his fight against Yorozu, Sukuna summons Max Elephant from the sky and uses its weight to crush his enemy.

8) Rabbit Escape

Rabbit Escape

This is a distraction shadow technique that summons a huge number of rabbits. The rabbits are small and white and look like ordinary bunnies.

They are not meant for offensive purposes, as they can be crushed easily. Rabbit Escape is meant as an escape path for Megumi since the enemy will be caught in the chaos of such a large number of rabbits.

9) Round Deer

Sukuna in Megumi’s Body: Power & Cursed Techniques

This Shikigami is one of the two Shikigami not used by Megumi in the series. Sukuna used it during his fight against Yorozu. Round Deer appears as a huge stag with two pairs of eyes with swirling pupils and a pair of large antlers. The stag is well-muscled and towers over Megumi’s height.

Round Deer uses Reverse Curse Energy to heal the user. Through this technique, it can even neutralize other Cursed Techniques like Yorozu’s liquid metal. It has a high potential for versatility, and it is easy to imagine it performing even greater feats.

Though Round Deer can heal the user through its Reverse Curse Energy, it is unknown if the healing can be done on someone other than Megumi or Megumi’s body in this case.

10) Piercing Ox

Piercing Ox

Piercing Ox is another Shikigami that Sukuna used in his fight against Yorozu after taking over Megumi’s body. This Shikigami is a large black ox with thick horns and a powerful body. There is a marking on its forehead as well as which protrusions on either side of its mouth. 

It has high offensive power with its raw strength and aggressive charging. Piercing Ox can only move in straight lines. However, the longer it takes for the Shikigami to charge ahead, the more powerful its attack becomes.

Though it is comparatively easy to dodge its attack since its movement can be predicted, if hit, it can break even the toughest of armors with its power. An example of this is when Piercing Ox shatters Yorozu’s insect armor.

9) Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga

Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga

As a beginner, the user of the Ten Shadows Technique receives two Divine Dogs. Then, they help the user to gain additional Shikigami by exorcizing them.

The norm is that a sorcerer can’t use a Shikigami until they are exorcized; however, Megumi can exploit this by summoning a Shikigami that none of the previous users has ever exorcized.

He summons a Shikigami called Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga, a hazardous tactic that is powerful enough to challenge the Gojo family. It is the most powerful Shikigami, and so far, not a single user of this technique has been able to exorcize it.

Megumi considered this Shikigami to be the ace up his sleeve, even though it is impossible to tame it. However, after Haruto Shigemo dangerously injured him, he summoned Mahoraga as a last resort and was immediately attacked and almost killed by the untamable Shikigami.

Mahoraga appears as a humanoid being with four protrusions on his face and an eight-handed wheel above its head. The Shikigami also wields a sword attached to its right hand. To summon Mahoraga, the user has to chant, “With this treasure, I summon…”

Mahoraga is not only huge and extremely strong but also has a few tremendous advantages. The Shikigami is able to adapt to any situation once the wheel above its head rotates.

This is seen when it adapts to Sukuna’s Dismantle after being hit by it only once. It also has a very fast regeneration ability which makes it harder to exorcize him. Sukuna could only manage to do so with his Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine and a special flaming arrow.

Domain Expansion: Chimera Shadow Garden

Domain Expansion: Chimera Shadow Garden

Megumi can also combine his Shikigami with his Domain Expansion, which allows him to expand his cursed energy into an inescapable dimension.

His technique, called Chimera Shadow Garden, is flooded with a large amount of fluid-like shadows. He can summon multiple Shikigami and even create a double of himself within his domain. However, currently, his Domain Expansion is incomplete.

Megumi literally has one of the best abilities in the manga. He can even use ten of his shadows at once. You can imagine him using all of his shadows together, he can use them as bait or set you up. With abilities like these, he is evidently one of the most talented Jujutsu Sorcerers.

He’s currently in a precarious position with Sukuna taking over his body and killing his beloved sister Tsumiki, but he’ll hopefully make a grand comeback. As the deuteragonist of Jujutsu Kaisen, he’s a huge role to fill in the story. 

Jujutsu Kaisen manga is still ongoing and only getting better. Read the official translations of the manga on Manga Plus and Viz Media. And for Jujutsu Kaisen-related updates and posts, stay tuned with Otakus’ Notes.

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