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10 Mature Anime Guys With Blue Hair (2023)

Last updated on August 24th, 2023 at 06:05 pm

In anime, we have people with many different personalities, origins, and hair colors. Although there is much diversity in hair colors, red, blue, and black are the most popular.

The cast’s hair color is selected from these as they tend to suit more of their facial structure, give it a unique look, and elevate their personality and aura for the viewers.

In this list, we have put together the top 10 guys who are mature—not just teenagers in their rebellious phase but mature people who think and act in a particular manner rather than on impulse.

10 Mature Anime Guys With Blue Hair

10) Jellal Fernandes

Jellal Fernandes

Anime: Fairy Tale

Jellal was a very kind and loving child and one of the series’s purest souls. He did not want to hurt anyone and wished everyone happy.

Even though he was a slave, he never complained about anything. As he was growing up, he kept getting manipulated.

It turned out to be a very opposite version, where he only sees people as objects in a game and discards them as soon as they are not helpful to him or do not serve his grand purpose.

9) Ban


Anime: Seven Deadly Sins

Ban is the father of Lancelot, the king of Benwick, and the husband of Elaine. He is an extraordinary phenomenon and does things based on emotions rather than logical thinking.

He will quit the task without thinking twice if he feels the task is tedious. The scar on his face was given to him by Meliodas when they fought years ago.

8) Reisi Munakata

Reisi Munakata

Anime: K Side

As the King of Scepter 4, he is a very mannered man who believes in solving problems through negotiations rather than fighting and using violence.

However, if the enemy does not go down through it, he certainly overwhelms them with his power and, in the end, destroys them single-handedly.

He is a diligent worker, does not skip work, and puts in extra effort compared to everyone else.

7) Future Trunks


Anime: Dragon Ball 

Future Trunks is an alternate version of the original trunks responsible for saving the universe. If he had not given Goku the antidote to the virus, Goku would have died, and the cell would have killed everyone on planet Earth and might have been a severe threat to Universe 7.

He is the son of Bulma and Vegeta and the oldest son in the family. He was the second Saiyan to get SSJ and was the one who killed Frieza in the alternate timeline.

6) Jonathan Joestar


Anime: JOJO

Jonathan was the main character of the very first season of JoJo and has a massive fanbase around the world today.

He is also used as a meme character, and due to his unique personality, his son is now the protagonist, but in every franchise that existed after him, he played a pivotal role even though he died long ago.

He was not the strongest due to needing a stand.

5) Grimmjow Jagger


Anime: Bleach

Bleach has created an era, and some of its characters are such fan favorites that they will always be remembered. One of them is Grimmjow, arguably the fan’s favorite Espada.

He is also solid, and he even managed to defeat Ichigo once before ultimately losing to him. He is the type that gets excited as soon as they see a fight.

4) Mayuri


Anime: Bleach

Although he keeps his face hidden under heavy makeup, he is seemingly handsome but prefers not to show his natural face for some reason. As an audience, we rarely got to see his natural face.

He revealed his face for the first time in the Soul Society Arc. He plays a vital, likely the most important, role in the upcoming TYBW and will be a fundamental part of the upcoming fights.



Anime: Akame Ga Kill

Susanoo was one of the members of the Night Raid that Akame trusted; he was also quite firm and a prolific fighter.

His ability to take damage was among the best in the entire series. He also took time to train Tatsumi. He also helps the members in their day-to-day activities and is an irreplaceable part of the Night Raid.

2) Cú Chulainn


Anime: Fate

He is also known as “Hikari no Miko,” the child of light. He is one of the most well-known characters in the franchise and appears in almost every major fight.

He also played a very vital role in the Holy Fifth Grail War and the latest Moon Holy Grail War, where he served under Rin and was second in command in the army.

1) Sakata Gintoki


Anime: Gintama

The list comprises very well-written characters, each with a critical role in the story. They are perfect characters and have a lot of fans. However, Gintoki is only as good as they are; he is easily one of the most significant characters in anime.

He has a very jolly and funny personality, but it doesn’t take long to switch back to his old self, also known as Shiroyasha,” who is often regarded as one of the strongest in Edo.


In this list, we have added characters who are primarily mature and have a good sense of things, as well as those who play a significant role in the story of their respective series. Blue-haired characters usually appear in almost every anime, and it is one of the most commonly used hair colors in the current anime industry.

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