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Updated | (No. 4 & No. 5) My Hero Academia Chapter 365 Spoilers & Raw Scans

Last updated on September 5th, 2022 at 01:11 pm

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My Hero Academia Chapter 364 gives us hope for Bakugou’s condition. Finally, the pro heroes have decided to sacrifice for the future generation. No one ever thought that Edgeshot would sacrifice himself in this way to save Bakugou’s life. Even his last words were the command to all pro heroes to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the world. But will his sacrifice be enough to take down Shigaraki? Let’s discuss this in the My Hero Academia Chapter 365 Spoilers article.

The last chapter began with the panel about Eri’s quirk. All For One used her blood to rejuvenate himself to his prime form. However, presently he does not have enough quirks as he used to have in his prime form.

So, the first thing he did was start absorbing the quirks of the other heroes. As AFO justified, his dream has already passed on to Tomura Shigaraki, and now all he does is eliminate as many heroes as he can. So, how will Hawks and Endeavor destroy him?

On the other hand, everyone is creating pressure on the US higher officials to send a team of the strongest heroes to eliminate Shigaraki. But after the loss of the World’s No. 1 Hero Star and Stripes, the US officials are not in the mood to carry any further losses. Back to the fight, Edgeshot finally decided to sacrifice himself for Bakugou. His quirk, Foldability, allows him to transform into a human organ.

My Hero Academia Chapter 365 Spoilers

So, he determined to transform himself into Bakugou’s damaged heart. In this way, Bakugou will become more powerful, but after this, Edgeshot will never return because he is the replacement for his heart.

Even in his final minutes, he commanded Miriko to fight till death and gave Jeanist all the responsibility. Now, Jeanist must do something because he is the only top hero who has not taken any severe damage. So now what will happen?

My Hero Academia Chapter 365 Spoilers

Finally, the spoilers and raw scans of My Hero Academia Chapter 365 are out. According to the spoilers, the next chapter’s title is: No.4 and No.5 heroes. It means the chapter will concentrate on No. 4 Hero, Edgeshot and No. 5 Hero, Miriko.

  • The chapter will start with a narration talking about Edgeshot’s quirk, saying that his ultimate move allows his body to become as thin as a spider’s web. He will dissolve and go inside Bakugou’s chest and use one of the bubbles Wash gave him to sanitize his body.
  • He will say that Jeanist has sewn up some parts, but others have escaped his grasp. And the lung was also damaged, so Edgeshot will make sure that all the wounds are sutured and then make sure that the heart starts beating again from the inside.
  • He hopes that Jeanist and Mirko will find a way to hold TomurAFO because if Bakugou takes any more damage, there will be nothing they can do. The narration will say that, besides being very difficult to control, this technique consumes the user’s lifetime considerably.
  • TomurAFO will ask what they are doing because he has already broken that toy. In mid-sentence, his pronoun changes from Boku (AFO) to ore (Shigaraki) as he remembers the time he told the doctor that he would destroy everything at the beginning of My Villain Academia.
  • Veins will start popping out on his forehead, and he will jump towards Bakugou, enraged. But before he can do anything, Miruko jumps in front of him and hits him with a kick! He bites her leg with one of his hand-mouths and asks if she wants to be crushed that badly but this makes Miruko even angrier and causes her to rip off her own right arm and kick Shigaraki again.
  • That kick did real damage to Shigaraki, and he doesn’t understand why since he should be in a perfect state. Then he remembers the hits Bakugou landed earlier and thinks, “No. It can’t be…”
  • Jeanist will catch Miruko in mid-air with his cables, placing her closer to Shigaraki and helping her to run on all fours without both arms and with only one leg. She screams, “how nice you are, king of demons!!”
  • Shigaraki is about to land a blow on her, but Mirio suddenly appears through the sea of hands and puts his hands on Shiggy’s face, blocking his vision. Shigaraki changes the direction of the hands to hit Mirio, but it’s useless. Miruko asks where he’s looking at and says that people only die when their time comes for good, the same line she said to the noumus in the lab.
  • TomurAFO still can’t understand why Bakugou’s attacks did lasting damage. That’s when it finally dawns on him: that uneasiness he was feeling while facing the boy was fear. He was feeling threatened. Miruko remembers Edgeshot telling her to struggle and saying that if she is asked to do something, she will do it flawlessly so that in the end, she can die without any regrets. She then hits Shigaraki with several blows in a row, a move she calls Luna Rush!
  • Shigaraki looks at everyone, and memories begin to flood his mind. He doesn’t understand why they are trying so hard to save someone who is already broken when, as a child, he was alive, and no one reached out a hand to him. We see panels showing all the members of his family, and on the last page they all begin to rise from the sea of hands as if they were meat puppets. End of chapter.
  • The next chapter will begin with one of three significant fights. On one side, Endeavor and Hawks will try their best to oppose AFO, but in our opinion, he is now too powerful for them. Also, they must put Fumikage Tokoyami away; if AFO takes his quirk, it will be impossible to defeat him.

Below we have attached the raw scans of My Hero Academia Chapter 365.


My Hero Academia Chapter 365

After Bakugou, now everyone is thinking about Shoto. Dabi’s new form is so overpowered that even Shoto cannot defeat him now. And the strongest hero present there is only Shoto. The next chapter will show the continuation of the fight between them, where Dabi will unveil the true nature of his quirk, which surpasses even Endeavor’s flame.

In addition, we will see Bakugou’s condition in the next chapter. There is a high probability that Shigaraki/AFO will take down Miriko this time. But now, Bakugou can use the awakening of his quirk with his new heart.

It will lead to the second OFA user’s story, which is still yet to unveil. Therefore, we may witness a glimpse of the Second OFA user’s past. In the end, many fans predicted that Deku would arrive in the next chapter. So, let’s see what happens.

My Hero Academia Chapter 365 Release Date

According to the officials, there will be no break this week. Therefore My Hero Academia Chapter 365 will release next month on September 4, 2022. Also, the next chapter’s information will surface in next 3-4 days. There is a high possibility that we will see Dabi and Deku in the next chapter.

Where to Read My Hero Academia Chapter 365

Mangaplus Shueisha and Viz Media are the best platforms to officially read Boku no Hero Academia manga. My Hero Academia Chapter 365 will release next month, so you need to wait. Also, to read My Hero Academia unofficially, you can advance to TCB scans or other private sites. We will be back once we get the confirmed spoilers and raw scans. Stay tuned with us and follow this post to get the latest updates.

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