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(All For One) Shigaraki vs. Star and Stripe in MHA | Explained & Power Comparison

Last updated on February 22nd, 2022 at 12:24 pm

A few chapters earlier, the MHA series focused on the face-off between Star and Stripe and Shigaraki Tomura. At one point, we were unsure of what the outcome would be. To our surprise, it was wrapped up with Cathleen Bate‘s death and All For One’s failure to steal the New Order quirk.

The two opponents, who appeared to have been the perfectly fated adversaries of each other, did not disappoint the readers. If Shigaraki hadn’t outsmarted her in countering attacks, Cathleen undauntedly trod on his will.

Even so, lingering questions did occupy our minds, such as – Was the result fair and square? If the two had met each other following different circumstances, would everything have played out in a similar manner? Let us try to create an orderly anatomization of their quirk capacity and abilities and compare them.

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Who is Shigaraki Tomura?

Shigaraki Tomura
Image Source: myheroacademia.fandom

Shigaraki Tomura is the secondary antagonist of the series after All For One. Amusingly enough, the two now share the same body. Tomura’s real name is Shimura Tenko and is Shimura Nana’s grandchild, who was All Might’s hero mentor.

Since he had a destructive quirk (Decay), his whole family was disintegrated by it, after which he was raised by All For One as a pawn against the Hero Society.

What is Shigarki’s Quirk? Awakening, Advantages & Current Level-

Decay Quirk and All For One
Image Source: Viz

Presently, All For One has possessed Shigaraki’s body. So in order to perceive his quirk, we need to differentiate between what quirk he possesses and what he acquires from the former. Shigaraki Tomura’s naturally developed quirk is called Decay, using which with just a slight touch of his five fingers, he can disintegrate or decay any form of matter – living or non-living.

After getting Dr. Kyudai Garaki’s quirk modification experimentations, his powers were tremendously amplified, negating the limited requirement of five fingers. His current level has increased his range of attacks, and by inflicting decay upon any land, he can destroy any human or property in contact with that land.

All For One can steal other people’s quirks, turn them into his own and even share with whoever he wants to. So he owns multiple quirks collected throughout the years. His quirk itself has diabolical advantages which any evil character would ask for. He is apparently immortal because his quirk Life Force (from Kyudai Garaki) allows him to increase his life span and age slowly.

For now, the two are exemplarily prepared to take over the entire world. All For One has taken the lead over Shigaraki’s body and can use all the quirks flawlessly. With All For One, Tomura owns quirks like – Super RegenerationSearchRivet StabRadio WavesHeavy PayloadScatterWingSpringlike Limbs, and Air Cannon. He had also acquired Reflect and New Order which were destroyed by the latter.

Abilities of Shigaraki Tomura-

  • 1) Physical Strength-

Shigaraki considerably has pretty creditable strength when it comes to his arms or grips. He can move midair with his arms too. And All For One added his own to him, making him unbelievably powerful. As an anime antagonist, he has a considerable amount of strength.

  • 2) Durability-

His modified body can take hits and come back unscathed. Now, he even possesses Regeneration ability. He has enhanced durability, making him a fearsome opponent.

Not only this, All for One has also modified his body by adding more quirks to increase his durability. When Cathleen had used State-of-the-Art Hypersonic Intercontinental Cruise Punch on Shigaraki, its destructive capacity was so massive that just by hiding underground, the impact taken had left him unscathed.

  • 3) Speed-

He is agile with his movements, quickly changing the angle of his attacks and dodging them. During the Paranormal Liberation Arc, he continued to outmaneuver and attack Pro Heroes like Endeavor and outpace Gran Torino, who is known for his speed.

  • 4) Quick reasoning and Strategic-

All for One/Shigaraki is absolutely skilled in analyzing their opponents’ quirks and making counterattacks with fast reaction speed and strategies. We have witnessed him deducing the quirks of heroes like Eraser Head, Star and Stripe, and more in the least amount of time.

  • 5) Multiple Quirks-

Shigaraki quirk
Image Source: Viz

Shigaraki possesses and can use multiple quirks at the same time. Only in a few minutes, Shigaraki had established an upper hand over the top heroes of Japan using these quirks – Decay, Super Regeneration, Search, Rivet Stab, Radio Waves, Heavy Payload, Scatter, Wing, Springlike Limbs, and Air Cannon. Moreover, just like Decay, they are also amplified.

What is Shigaraki’s Quirk Weakness?

  • 1) Overuse-

Shigaraki Tomura’s quirk’s weakness can be reckoned as its overuse. He still hasn’t attained absolute defense. Although minor, his quirk can strain his own body when used incessantly, leaving tear marks.

  • 2) Incomplete Body Modification-

Shigaraki Tomura’s body is still open to damages as it is yet not completed the body modification process. This was probably the reason he had to withdraw from fights with the Heroes during the Paranormal Liberation Arc and with Star and Stripe in the aftermath.

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Who is Star and Stripe?

Cathleen Bate
Image Source: Viz

Cathleen Bate (Hero Name: Star and Stripe) was US’ No. 1 Hero who was considered the strongest woman on the planet. She was one of the adherents of All Might’s ideals.

Since the time All Might had rescued her family from a villain, she had decided to walk on the path of justice. Sadly enough, her character was a part of the series for only a few chapters, and she lost her life fighting All For One.

What is Star and Stripe’s Quirk? Awakening, Advantages & Current Level

New Order
Image Source: Viz

Star and Stripe’s quirk is known as New Order. Using this, she can impose any rule (two at a time) upon any inanimate and animate (limitations inclusive) material.

Her quirk requires her to touch the target and pronounce its name in order to activate. Then she can impose any command over it. In her last fight, her power level was assessed to be the strongest after All Might.

Abilities of Star and Stripe-

  • 1) Super Physical Strength-

Cathleen Strength
Image Source: Viz

Cathleen was physically well-trained, but besides that, she could amplify it using New Order. This would give her strength as close to All Might. Also, even without New Order, her physical strength is incredible.

  • 2) Durability and Strong Will-

Fighting All For One, her every planned move kept turning futile, yet she didn’t give up. Even when her body continued to disintegrate, she didn’t fail to outsmart All For One by resisting her New Order to get stolen.

  • 3) Quick thinking and Intellect-

By only spending a few minutes into her battle with Shigaraki, she had assessed his level of threat. Although being at a disadvantage, she quickly used her quirk to protect New Order before dying.

What is Star and Stripe’s Quirk Weakness?

New Order asserts command and dominance over its targets. As fantastic as its characteristics sound, it has its own sets of limitations.

  • 1) Two at a time-

Cathleen could create only two orders at a time. This means that she used to have only two chances to plan the best strategy.

In order to implement more than this number, she had to cancel one or both of the previous commands. Hence, it was required that she make her decisions wisely in order to prioritize maximum impact with minimum plays.

This drawback was targeted by All For One as he succeeded in creating an opening and inflicting damage upon her body.

  • 2) Limit on the Animate-

Although touching anything and calling out its name with the command would activate the order, for living beings, its influence is trickier to take effect. In order for the quirk to take effect, it was upon Cathleen to identify the target correctly. Command upon incorrect identity only responded with its withdrawal.

  • 3) Name-

The name of the person should be right. There was a high chance of Cathleen losing her footing in a fight if she guessed the wrong name. For instance, Star and Stripe, as informed by the Japanese Heroes, recognized Shigaraki as the true possessor of the body during the fight.

She was oblivious to the possibility of All For One as the correct wielder. As a result, her command didn’t function, and instead, AFO assessed the working of New Order, which was treated as a top-secret by the US government. Then he began to use it against her, gaining the upper hand.

  • 4) No Effect on the Irreversible-

Her quirk cannot work on irreversible phenomenon or quirks like Decay. There is a limit to its resistance. This was probably the reason, her quirk had failed to stop the action of disintegration. Further, she continued to crumble and deteriorate into the atmosphere.

Shigaraki Tomura vs Star and Stripe-

  • 1) Based on Strength-

Cathleen had more physical control over her body than Shigaraki. She specialized in hand-to-hand combat, no matter if it was close range or using the humongous air body formed from New Order.

  • 2) Based on Speed-

Shigaraki’s reaction speed has increased tremendously such that it can be compared with Star and Stripe. With his quick thinking and response, he survived the State-of-the-Art Hypersonic Intercontinental Cruise Punch and closed the distance between him and Cathleen, and created an opening.

  • 3) Based on Durability-

Shigaraki’s Regenerative ability makes his endurance slightly greater than Cathleen’s. The latter can avoid drastic injuries using New Order but it has its limits. Meanwhile, Shigaraki has survived her Fist Bump to the Earth and Cruise Punch, healing himself again and again.

  • 4) Based on Experience-

While Cathleen’s experience comes from her years of service working with the US Army to eradicate villains, Shigaraki’s experience is sufficed by All For One residing in his body. Certainly, this made the two of them pretty good adversaries of each other.

  • 5) Based on Quirks-

Although New Order may appear to have the higher ground, its limits were the entire reason, that it was overpowered by Decay. Besides, All For One wields multiple quirks and has more than just two options.

Not to mention, Shigaraki had undergone body modification which has amplified his Decay quirk to a threatening extent. This, combined with All For One’s cunning intellect and improvised abilities, has exposed the antagonist to maximum attack power.

  • 6) Based on Intelligence-

All For One is more intellectual as an opportunist. In contrast, we can also consider Cathleen to be witty in making quick responses. The only difference we could spot between the two in their battle was that All For One was noticeably more perceptive and quick in deciphering his opponent’s least weak aspects.

  • 7) Based on Advantages-

Carrying multiple quirks and regenerative ability, All For One has collected numerous advantages to suffice his powers. Just by commanding, Cathleen could gain dominance during her battles, but failing to identify the true enemy would put her at a disadvantage.

While she may have mandate vacancy for only two forms of attacks, All For One wields quirks like Air Cannon and Decay to attack, Springlike Limbs to jump or launch his body, Super Regeneration to heal, and so on.

Shigaraki Tomura vs Star and Stripe: Who will win

Analyzing their abilities and performativity, we can conclude how All For One with Shigaraki’s body has more chances of winning. Even though Cathleen Bate is a strong opponent by a small margin, All for One is more skilled in perceptive thinking.

Taking reference from the actual fight, we also need to note that All For One is capable of using anything at his disposal. Meanwhile, Cathleen as a Hero of justice, respects and prioritizes responsibility and human life. Using her comrades as her weakness, All For One had created an opening to approach her.

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Shigaraki vs. Star and Stripe in MHA | Explained (full fight)

A few chapters earlier, the series had covered the fight between Cathleen and Shigaraki Tomura, and the outcome had come out to be a loss on both sides. All For One who wanted to steal New Order had failed in his attempt, and Star and Stripe lost her life trying to defend her squad.

Even if he couldn’t accomplish his evil intentions, he did win and disintegrated the No. 1 American Hero: Star and Stripe. Cathleen and Shigaraki went toe-to-toe against each other. But with his quick-thinking ability and substantial use of information, he took Cathleen’s life.

Our American Hero, on the other hand, had not allowed New Order to get stolen and placed a command to resist upon New Order. All For One/ Shigaraki Tomura had to go through enormous pain as they fled the battlefield from the fighter jets. We need to appreciate Cathleen Bate as we also conclude that she possessed the capacity to drive our primary antagonist into a corner repeatedly.

The result is that his body was so close to destruction that he now needs one more week to complete the modification. His plans have slowed down, and now Heroes have one more chance to use this to their advantage.

Cathleen Bate has been eliminated by All For One, while the latter is still preparing to progress with his evil plans. He was last seen escaping into Kashi Kashiko’s hideout, who is an escaped prisoner.

The Heroes are searching for him while the entire 1-A is preparing for the upcoming battle. We can comprehend and predict the arrival of a long battle. Keep reading My Hero Academia manga on Viz and stay updated.

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