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Power of Known Monarchs in Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling manhwa has unveiled us two more monarchs besides the Shadow Monarch. These rulers have already made their appearance in the manhwa series. Our protagonist, hunter Sung Jin Woo is the sovereign head of the Shadows. It means he can control the dead ones and the shadows of the living ones. Other than the protagonist, there is a total of 9 monarchs in the series. But here, in this post, we will discuss only the power of known monarchs of Solo Leveling.

This post will not spoil you. Fans have already witnessed the Frost and Beast monarch in the manhwa. Therefore, this post only unveils the Frost, the Beast, and the Shadow Monarch’s power. We will discuss the abilities of the remaining monarchs in the other article. So, let’s begin.

Abilities of Monarchs-

  •   The Shadow Monarch-
The Shadow Monarch
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 The Shadow Monarch is also known as the King of Dead. Hunter Sung Jin Woo has possessed the skills of the Shadow Monarch. We know how powerful this ability is. It allows him to create a shadow soldier without life, only full of magic. 

 In the current Manhwa, hunter Sung Jin-Woo can summon more than a thousand shadows. These shadows can generate according to the caster’s magic. The higher the target’s stats, the more powerful shadow will summon. With the skill of the Shadow Monarch, hunter Sung Jin Woo is considered to be a one-person army.

 This skill also allows the advantage of the Reanimation, Shadow Exchange, Ruler’s Authority, and Domain of the Monarch. Shadows within the area of the monarch’s domain can enhance their stats. As the stats increases, the shadows also replace their colors from Blue-Black to Purple-Black.

  •  The Monarch of Frost-
The Frost Monarch
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The Monarch of Frost is also known as the King of Snow Folk. At the beginning of season 2, we witnessed a glimpse of the Frost Monarch’s power. He is also very powerful. His most powerful ability is to put anyone asleep. His sleeping magic is far more potent than the skills of S-Rank hunters. After the Jeju island incident, he appeared along with the Beast Monarch. Rather than fighting and eliminating the Knights Guild hunters, he put them asleep to avoid the necessary problems.                                                                                                 

He is a powerful mage who has a specialization in Ice and Sleep magic. It is said to be in series that his power is beyond even to the National Level Hunters. His ability allows him to travel through dimensions. Also, he can manipulate the Gate creation with his skills.

  •   The Monarch of Beastly Fangs-
The Beast Monarch
Source: u/thatkidrule (Reddit)

 The Monarch of Beastly Fangs is also known as the King of Beasts. He made his appearance on Jeju island with the Frost Monarch. Based on the physical strength, no one can overpower him. He is the most significant individual in the Chaos World. His ability allows him to turn into a White Werewolf, an extremely rare and powerful magic beast.

 In his beast form, his physical power increases. Also, magic spells have no effect on him. He also possesses the same ability as Dimension Travel and Gate Creation. He can travel through dimensions and can create the gates of red color. In contrast, the gate made by the Frost Monarch is Blue in color.

 In the future, hunter Sung Jin Woo will fight with these two monarchs. We don’t know the outcome of the battle, and we don’t want to spoil you. But, all the monarchs that will introduce in the series are dynamic. Therefore, in the upcoming articles, we will discuss the abilities and skills of the remaining rulers. Till then, stay tuned with us. Below we have mentioned the power of the other monarchs also.

Power of All Monarchs

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