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Record of Ragnarok Chapter 77 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date (Round 9 Starts)

Last updated on April 26th, 2023 at 09:05 pm

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 77 should now mark the start of Round 9. There have been no appearances or announcements regarding the next fight in this chapter.

Tesla is uniting the whole of humanity and raising their hopes again. Hlokk also seems to like Tesla and has started supporting Tesla. Jack understands that breaking Beelzebub’s shield is the most important part of Tesla’s win.

Tesla starts by punching his shield, but it does not even budge an inch. Tesla now unleashes a series of PPP punches, which gives rise to his new move PPP Infinity.

Each strike increases the force and speed of his punches. Beelzebub is held down by this attack as he gets no chance to attack. He also realizes he needs to defend this barrage of punches with both of his hands.

Adamantine seems to think that Beelzebub will win as Tesla cannot keep this forever. Zeus understands that this is his trust in Beelzebub and thinks that Beelzebub is also in the same state as Tesla, as he cannot keep producing vibrations in his state.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 77 Spoilers-Predictions

The cheers for both the participants go on, but the inevitable arrives. The beautiful battle between them creates sparks in the whole arena. Tesla reached his limit first after he took Beelzebub’s special move and Chaos technique head-on.

Beelzebub uses this instant to strike, but this has also been under Tesla’s calculations as he unleashes a new PPPJ move. He attacks Beelzebub with his left arm, and his right arm completely disappears.

While everyone is shocked, Tesla’s right arm teleports from Beelzebub’s back while Tesla attacks from the front. This is another one of Tesla’s inventions and is an unavoidable pincer attack.

But Beelzebub uses his staff to stop Tesla’s left arm and stops his right arm with his other hand. With this, he successfully managed to land the finishing blow on Tesla.

Beelzebub had understood Tesla’s intentions as he would not choose a battle of power in his last move. Tesla keeps crumbling along with Gondul, be he asks Humanity not to lose hope as they have now grown one step closer to defeating the gods.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 77 Spoilers-Prediction

With this, Beelzebub managed to win Round 8 against his fated opponent Tesla. His wish had not yet come true, as Beelzebub still kept on living.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 77 Release Date

Even though it was Tesla’s loss, Humanity had certainly driven the Gods into a corner. Beelzebub had only barely managed to win in this round. One wrong step, and it would have been him on death’s door.

Beelzebub looks like he finally understands the meaning of friends in this fight. From round 9 onwards, we can expect the Gods to be more concerned about Human opponents.

The tournament now stands at 4-4 wins to both Gods and Humanity. Round 9 information was not disclosed in this chapter because this round can be a huge boost to either of the factions.

Judging from the rest of the competitors, we can already expect a few combinations. Simo Hayha vs. Apollo, both combatants are proficient in marksmanship, and it would be a battle to decide the better Archer.

Soji Okita vs. Loki rivalry was already shown after Round 5. Both of them seemed like they hated each other and looked like they were destined to fight one another.

Odin vs. Rasputin is another interesting combination, which would be more probable because the Gods want to crush Humanity. Rasputin is the only combatant who can withstand Odin’s life steal.

The remaining rounds would be left for King Leonidas, Sakata Kintoki, Anubis, Susano’o no Mikoto. Nostradamus and Siegfried are still left for humanity, but they are different cases altogether.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 77 Release Date

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 77 will release on April 20th. The title of the next chapter has not been mentioned as of now in Chapter 77.

Raw scans generally release a week around the official release. We will be updating the full raw scans and spoilers in this article once they get released.

Record of Ragnarok anime is currently in the 6th Round and will be premiering later in 2023. With this, we shall conclude our article on Record of Ragnarok Chapter 77 Spoilers & Predictions; for more ROR and other content, check our posts here.

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