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Record of Ragnarok Chapter 78 Spoilers-Predictions (Round 9 Contestants)

Last updated on May 25th, 2023 at 07:38 pm

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 78 should finally kickstart the long-awaited Round 9. Tesla’s last and gorgeous attack still couldn’t reach Beelzebub, and the Gods emerge victorious in round 8.

The audience supporting the gods is slowly starting to realize the potential of humans. They even started praising Beelzebub for defeating Tesla in this round.

Beelzebub thinks that now there is absolutely zero difference between the gods and humans. Ares thinks that Beelzebub managed to win closely, and asks Hermes about the last technique that Tesla used.

Ares tells that he has no idea what that move was. Hermes then explains in detail that Tesla only teleported his right arm just before hitting Beelzebub’s shield and at the same time used PPP with his left arm.

This was an unavoidable pincer attack, and Zeus says that this move had even surpassed that of god’s imagination. Hermes says that it would have been over for Gods if Beelzebub wasn’t his opponent.

We see all the scientists on the human side as they analyze his last move. They understood that they should move towards securing a bright future for Humanity, just as Tesla wished.

Goll is crying about her sister’s loss, and Heimdall announces that the score is now tied 4-4 for Humanity and Gods. Brunhilde meanwhile is in her secret chamber, praying to all the dead warriors.

Buddha interrupts while she is crying, and she is angry that Buddha just barged in. He talks to her about her ex-boyfriend Siegfried and asks if there is a connection between him and Ragnarok.

Brunhilde disagrees with this angrily and proclaims that Siegfried isn’t her ex-boyfriend and leaves. We get to see Tartarus, the deepest part of the Underworld where Siegfried is imprisoned.

The 72 Demons of Solomon are the guards of this place. Out of them, we see Flauros and Andros, 64th and 63rd Demons of the Solomon respectively.

Both of them discuss the score of Ragnarok till now, and say that the score has tied now. Upon listening to this, Siegfried says that he is surprised and that no one would have expected this turn of events.


They ask which side Siegfried supports since he is Demigod. But, before he can reply, they realize that it’s forbidden to talk with him and leave immediately. Siegfried thinks that she is trying too hard because she is always determined.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 78 Spoilers-Prediction

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 78 Spoilers-Predictions

Round 9 should start from the next chapter, now that we have seen an extra plot point. The author also announced on Twitter that Round 9 is a fated fight, and the contestants will meet each other before the round starts.

From our remaining contestants, we could form several fated battles already. Loki vs Souji Okita, Odin vs Rasputin, and Apollo vs Simo Hayha. There are also the other contestants too, to keep in mind.

Sakata Kintoki is probably out of this fight, as he is on the search for Siegfried after Buddha asked him. Nostradamus also might not be in the next round, as he is supposedly the joker card for the human side.

The last contestant from humanity left is King Leonidas, and his fight with Anubis might be called a fated battle. The last God left is Susano’o no Mikoto, who might be grouped against Sakata Kintoki.

These can be some of the groupings, based on fated battles. Although there also might be the case where Rasputin might fight against Anubis too, that is a case for later. And in that case, Odin might fight against Leonidas.

With Round 9 contestants meeting each other, the next chapter would become even more interesting. We will probably see a difference of opinions between them, which will open immediately to the start of Round 9.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 78 Release Date

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 78 Release Date

The Record of Ragnarok Chapter 78 official chapter should release on 13th June. The unofficial and fan translations might release a week early before the chapter.

The raw scans and full spoilers for the chapter should release a week or two before the chapter release date. We will be updating this article with the full spoilers when the release, so make sure to check this article.

This should be the end of our prediction article on Record of Ragnarok Chapter 78. For more updates for many other series too, make sure to read our other posts here.

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