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Saitama vs Goku: Can Goku Beat Saitama Based on Manga?

Goku and Saitama are so strong as characters that they break the scale each time they power up. Their sheer existence defines power and instills fear into any opponent that’s ever dared to cross them. But what would happen if they were to fight each other? Can the universe survive a Saitama vs. Goku fight?

If you are looking for an easy answer to a question that has puzzled your brain for years. Saitama would win. But nothing in life is so easy, is it? Saitama’s infinite potential will help him grow through the fight. Each punch he throws and receives will help him get the upper hand. 

But as we said before, the answer isn’t as easy because Goku isn’t a pushover either. The long answer is much more complex and much more fun. Hang in there with us to the end of the article to quench your curiosity. 

Who is Saitama? Power Level and Abilities

Saitama One Punch Man

Saitama is a gag character that parodies characters like Goku. He is the protagonist from One Punch man and serves as the unrecognized hero from the series. Saitama might not have a wide range of abilities, but he’s perfect at what he does. 

Who needs a bunch of abilities when you can shatter planets with a simple sneeze? What makes him so overpowered is his lack of limiter and his ability to mimic his opponents’ moves. This shoots him to the top of the list of powerful characters. 

Saitama’s power level can’t be checked because it would always stay in a state of flux. He has limitless strength, so his power levels would fluctuate with his increasing strength. We can surely say that he would break any instrument that tries to measure his power. 


  • Inhuman Strength: His superhuman strength allows him to defeat his enemies with a single punch. 
  • Shockwaves: Saitama can direct the shockwaves created by the strength of his punches. 
  • Unparalleled speed and reflexes: Saitama can move at unmeasurable speed, allowing him to react to attacks in a split second. 
  • Invulnerability and infinite stamina: Saitama’s body has survived the vacuum of space, a collision with the moon, and even cosmic powers. This renders him invincible.
  • Spatial Interaction: Saitama can breach into different dimensions and handle portals like playthings. 
  • Copy: Saitama can copy the moves of his enemies and use them as he wishes. An example of this was his copying Gyarou’s ability to time travel. 

Who is Goku? Power Level and Abilities

Goku (Dragon Ball Super)

Goku is a Saiyan from planet earth. He is the protagonist of the Dragon Ball series and is placed among the strongest in the series. He isn’t the strongest yet because he still hasn’t defeated the Grand Minister or Zeno-Sama.

Goku crashed into planet earth as a baby and was raised by his adoptive grandfather. The dragon ball series covers his growth into a fine martial artist who goes on to fight for his universe. He has fought multiple enemies throughout the franchise, including the god of destruction. 

Goku loves to fight and has the uncanny ability to adapt to his opponents and strengthen himself. This allows him to grow with every fight and every loss. Goku isn’t undefeated. But he doesn’t stay defeated, either. He will train, and he will grow till he can conquer his enemies.

Goku’s power levels in his mastered Ultra Instinct state would be in the quadrillions. The power rating in dragon ball broke long back and hasn’t been fixed yet.  


  • Flight: Goku can manipulate ki to fly through space. His Saiyan body gives him the freedom to fight in space
  • Instant Transmission: This is the signature technique of the planet Yardrat. It allows him to teleport to anyone by sensing their ki.
  • Ki attacks:
    • Kamehameha: This is Goku’s signature attack. It unleashes a long blue energy blast.
    • Spirit Bomb: This is a last-ditch effort. The spirit bomb is a big ball of collected energy that erupts on contact. 
  • Transformation: Goku can boost his power by transforming into various forms: Super Saiyan , Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue, Ultra-Instinct Sign, Mastered Ultra Instinct 
  • Kioken: Goku learned this from King Kai, along with the spirit bomb. This ability boosts his stat every time it is manifested.  

Who is stronger Goku or Saitama? Comparison

Saitama vs Goku
Saitama vs Goku

Saitama vs Goku would be a universe-shattering fight that can’t be easily resolved. Fans in both camps would argue that their favorite hero would win. But the answer to that question isn’t as easy as we want it to be. 

Goku is a Saiyan who has fought differing opponents ever since he was a young boy. He has defeated the likes of the Red Ribbon army as a young boy, Frieza as a young adult, a hitman who can stop time, and a god who became immortal. The list keeps going on.

Saitama, on the other hand, has barely seen any interplanetary enemies. The only reason Boros lasted for more than a punch was because Saitama held back. He has indeed defeated a lot of strong enemies with his fist, but there’s never been someone from another universe. 

Goku, as a Saiyan, started stronger than Saitama, who only received his power after removing his limiter. Saitama has not had to struggle or train like Goku. Goku has been training ever since he was a child and has accumulated experiences over a lifetime. 

Saitama vs Goku
Saitama vs Goku

Saitama has seen enemies that have been injected with divine power and faced punches that have cosmic power. Gyarou’s punches were equivalent to nuclear bombs, and Saitama took them head-on. He fought in space and handled spatial portals like they were his playthings. 

1) Based on Strength:

Goku would stand out when it comes to base strength. He is far stronger than Saitama in terms of strength. But the fight won’t begin as soon as it begins. Saitama will get overwhelmed by Goku’s heavy punches, but he will soon begin to counter. 

Saitama’s strength is no joke, and his ability to grow is infinite. This means that as the fight progresses, Saitama will grow stronger and stronger, much stronger than Goku can ever imagine.  

2) Based on Abilities:

Goku again would outrank Saitama based on abilities. His ability to transform with the number of transformations would outshine Saitama. Saitama only has a base form. But as we said before, who needs so many abilities when you are the best at what you do? 

Saitama might not have flashy moves like Goku or even have the ability to make an energy blast. But his serious move set has so much raw power that he can break through whatever Goku throws at him. 

3) Based on Speed:

Saitama has unimaginable speed. He hasn’t yet shown the true extent of his speed in the series. Saitama is even faster than the fastest hero on earth. He can move in the blink of an eye. This speed allows him to create afterimages to confuse his enemies. 

What will Goku hit if he can’t touch it? But Goku can counter this with ultra-instinct. This would allow him to move quicker than before and match Saitama’s speed. Hence we might have to slow down a Saitama vs Goku fight.

4) Based on Durability:

Saitama is much more durable than Goku. You can throw him into the sun, and he would probably walk away, barely harmed. Goku, on the other hand, has had to rely on senzu beans multiple times to heal himself. 

Goku will not be able to match Saitama in a contest of durability. This gives Saitama a clear advantage.

5) Based on Reflexes:

Goku’s reflexes, honed by his mastered ultra-instinct, allow him to react without thinking. His body is on a sort of autopilot. This allows him to dodge almost any attack. His peaceful, tranquil state of mind helps him make decisions at unimaginable speeds. 

Saitama will have a hard time with Goku in this state because he will be able to move at higher speeds and react instantly. 

Can Goku Beat Saitama or Is Saitama Stronger than Goku?

Saitama vs. Goku will be a fight for the legends. If this ends up happening, none of them will be able to come out unscathed. Goku’s lifetime of experience, along with his heightened base stats, gives him a clear edge. 

Goku will be able to react to whatever Saitama throws at him. But Saitama is a gag character; his strength knows no bounds. Goku might be extremely strong, but he still has a limit. Saitama, on the other hand, has no limiter. He can grow exponentially when he faces a strong enemy.

Who better than Goku to bring out the true potential in Saitama? Goku has already breached the domain of the gods with his control of divine ki. He can use ultra-instinct that a few gods have mastered. This would allow Saitama to truly blossom. 

Both of them will fight in space, destroying whatever stands in their way. Saitama will finally give it his all because he will have found an enemy who can keep up with him. Goku would enjoy the fight as he is always looking for the next challenger. 

Saitama will face problems with Goku’s long-distance chi blasts and his signature Kamehameha. But Saitama would do something as funny as sneeze at it to deflect it. What would be worth watching is how Saitama would survive the Spirit Bomb. 

But Saitama would win the fight for sure as he would keep growing throughout the fight and finally defeat Goku after a long, drawn-out fight. But don’t think it would end there. Goku wouldn’t accept defeat that easily. He will train till he can fight Saitama again. Thus Saitama vs. Goku would be a  never-ending fight.

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