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Top 10 Strongest Kings in Black Clover From Every Kingdom (2023)

With the most recent additions of the previous Wizard Kings, we know now more about the Clover Kingdom and its history. There are many strongest Kings in Black Clover, who got their respective showcases, in the arcs till now.

We only don’t know much about the Diamond Kingdom’s King, since Moris had been controlling. It was said that Moris had been controlling the weak King of Diamond Kingdom, from the shadows.

Apart from this, we know about the kings and queens of the other Kingdoms. So, let us just get ourselves ahead to ranking all of the strongest Kings in Black Clover introduced to us so far.

Top 10 Strongest Kings in Black Clover

10) Loyce Grinberryall

Loyce Grinberryall

Loyce Grinberryall was the King of the Spade Kingdom, as well as the father of Yuno. However, the Zogratis Siblings killed him and took over the throne of the Spade Kingdom.

Still, Loyce was a Sun-magic user, which sounds like pretty cool magic. Although we haven’t seen him in action much, he should have had a good amount of skill, to become the king of Spade Kingdom.

9) Ryudo Ryuya

Ryudo Ryuya

Ryudo Ryuya is the Shogun of the Land of Sun, the place where Yami initially lived. Even though we do know, that he lost all of his magic power, he still has many other tricks saved up.

He is a user of Tengentsu, which lets him perceive the mind and the true strength of anything. Despite losing his magic power, he has monstrous raw strength, which was shown when he stopped Asta and Ichika from fighting.

8) Lolopechka


Lolopechka was the princess of the Heart Kingdom and was also bound by contract to the water spirit Undine. She was a very strong water-magic user, and she had already been cursed by Megicula.

She has a lot of knowledge about magic and has immense magic strength. Lolopechka was also able to use Mana Zone, which covers the whole area of the Heart Kingdom.

7) Yuno Grinberryall 

Yuno Grinberryall

Yuno Grinberryall is the rightful King of the Spade Kingdom and is a very unique character. He has two different grimoires, and he has already mastered both the Wind and Star magic.

Yuno also managed to increase the power and strength of his Mana Zone, by including both of his magic attributes. He even went on par with Lucius in their fight and managed to kill one of Lucius’s clones.

6) Jester Garandros

Jester Garandros

Jester Garandros was the 16th Wizard King of Black Clover and was a very powerful and fierce fighter. He was the youngest Wizard King, and also one of the strongest fighters among all of them.

His barrier magic can either be utilized for offense or defense. This makes him a very versatile fighter. We also saw how he was dominating his fights against other characters, in the Black Clover movie.

He was fighting against Yuno, and the other Squad Captains, and was still dominating their fight. Jester was also doing all of this, whilst protecting a whole area with his spell.

5) Lemiel Silvamillion Clover

Lemiel Silvamillion Clover

Lemiel Silvamillion Clover was the first-ever Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom. He was also among the strongest Wizard Kings ever, in the whole history of the Clover Kingdom.

Lemiel uses Light-magic, which is pretty effective on its own. He was also responsible for creating most of the magic tools, one which saved Julius’s life, and another, the Imperial Sword: Elsdocia, which was used by Conrad.

He also has a four-leaf grimoire, which also further signifies his strength.

4) Princia Funnybunny

Princia Funnybunny

Princia Funnybunny was the 11th Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom and was probably the most capable fighter out of all of them. She was also the most useful pawn, which Conrad had resurrected.

Her legion magic had easily led Conrad to capture the whole of Clover Kingdom in one night. This is not even her true power, as she is someone who always loves to fight against powerful people.

Princia has some of the best raw power and strength when compared to the other Wizard Kings. She can also move in the blink of an eye, and with all of this, she easily manages to overpower her opponent.

3) Witch Queen 

Witch Queen 

There are more than a few things, which are terrifying about the Witch Queen of the Witches’ forest. First and foremost, her blood magic is one of the strongest magic powers, in Black Clover.

On top of this, she can easily cast area-wide spells to the whole Witches’ forest. She has a tremendous amount of magic power, which also covers the area of the whole forest.

Witch Queen also used her healing spell across the whole forest and healed everyone without losing a lot of mana. It is also said that her healing magic can even dispel ancient curses, as well as mend broken bones.

2) Julius Novachrono  

Julius Novachrono  

Now, talking about the top 2 remaining strongest Kings in Black Clover, we have Julius Novachrono and Conrad Leto, who more or less possess the same amount of power.

Julius Novachrono is the 28th Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom and is very stronger than he looks. Although most of the time he looks and acts childishly, he is the most powerful mage in the Clover Kingdom as of now.

His time magic has a lot of uses, and can even be used for healing purposes. Even light magic is not a match for his speed and usage of his time-magic spells.

1) Conrad Leto

Conrad Leto

Finally talking about the strongest king in Black Clover, we have Conrad Leto, who was the predecessor of Julius. He had great goals and aspirations, but all of those were swept away by his rage for the discrimination in the Clover Kingdom.

This was also the reason he had resurrected the previous Wizard Kings so that he can destroy the Clover Kingdom and rebuild it. Talking about his key magic, it is a very versatile magic, as it can open rifts.

These so-called rifts can store almost anything, which Conrad can use later. Also, it was shown that the Imperial Sword: Elsdocius also worked in his favor, as it was highly compatible with his magic.

This marks the end of our article on the strongest kings in Black Clover. There are still a lot more kings and queens we don’t know about, which might get featured at a later date. Till then, read some of our other interesting works here.

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