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Gojo vs. Sukuna: Who Will Win in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Updated at 12:00 PM on September 20, 2023.

As of Chapter 223, the battle between Gojo and Sukuna has finally begun. Before they get into the thick of the fighting, let us make an assessment of their individual strengths and weaknesses as well as the situation surrounding them to predict who will win in the Gojo vs. Sukuna match.

For this assessment, we’ll be looking at every time these two clashed and how their powers can work against each other. There are special circumstances in play, so let’s see who wins Gojo vs. Sukuna.


Gojo vs Sukuna

Round 1: Gojo vs Sukuna (Episode 1)

Gojo and Sukuna fight briefly in Episode 1 after Yuji Itadori consumes Sukuna’s finger. Against 1 finger Sukuna, Gojo absolutely dominated the fight.

Round 2: Gojo vs Sukuna (Shinjuku Showdown)

After being freed from the Prison Realm, Gojo announces a battle against Sukuna on Christmas Eve, where he plans to kill both Sukuna and Kenjaku. Sukuna is equally looking forward to killing his biggest obstacle. 

Their battle finally begins in Chapter 223, with Gojo initiating an attack and Sukuna taking the brunt of it. Things will only get more serious from now on.

On December 24, the decisive battle between the strongest jujutsu sorcerers of the present and the past begins in Shinjuku. Both sides are prepared to give their all. Whoever wins is automatically proven to be the strongest of all. Their fight is being broadcast by Mei Mei’s cursed technique.

I. The Beginning

The Beginning

The Gojo vs. Sukuna fight begins with a bang. With the aid of Utahime’s cursed technique, Solo Forbidden Area, Gojo increases the power and intensity of his cursed technique and fires his Hollow Purple at its 200% potency toward Sukuna. The attack is so deadly that even Sukuna can’t come out unscathed.

Sukuna loses both of his hands trying to stop the technique. But he quickly recovers them with his Reverse Cursed Technique before beginning the hand-to-hand combat.

II. Hand-to-hand Combat

Hand-to-hand Combat

Gojo and Sukuna are both proficient in hand-to-hand combat. Their melee battle is so intense that buildings begin to crash around them. During their hand-to-hand fights, one thing Sukuna initially struggles with is Gojo’s Infinity which makes it impossible to physically touch him. To bypass this problem, Sukuna uses Domain Amplification to cancel Infinity and land physical blows on Gojo.

III. Domain Battles

Domain Battles

Among all the domain expansions revealed in the story, Gojo and Sukuna’s domain expansions are by far the strongest ones. Gojo’s Unlimited Void is lethal to anyone caught within as there is an infinitesimal chance of anyone beating the domain from within. 

Domain battles are usually decided by whichever domain is more well-made and how much cursed technique is infused within it. So, it’s safe to assume that theoretically, there is almost no chance to beat Unlimited Void with conventional methods.

However, Sukuna and his domain are anything but conventional. Malevolent Shrine is a unique domain that doesn’t have a barrier. Instead, it is created with a Heavenly Restriction that expands the area it covers to around 200 meters. Anyone within these 200 meters will be affected by the sure-hit effect of the domain.

The barrierless nature of Malevolent Shrine ultimately proves to be the downfall of Unlimited Void. In an move unprecedented, Sukuna takes advantage of his domain not having a barrier and uses its greater cover area to attack Unlimited Void from the outside. As everyone knows, while domains are invulnerable from the inside, they are considerably weaker from the outside.

The sure-hit clause of Malevolent Shrine strikes Unlimited Void from the outside and shatters it to pieces. This happens three times before Gojo thinks of another plan.

IV. Appearance of Mahoraga

Appearance of Mahoraga

It becomes clear in the middle of the Gojo vs. Sukuna fight that Sukuna needs to use Megumi’s Ten Shadows Technique if he wants to defeat Gojo. He very cleverly hides Mahoraga within the shadows as he gets into back-to-back Domain battles with Gojo and lets the Shikigami adapt to Unlimited Void while making sure that Megumi is the one taking the burden of Mahoraga’s adaptability.

Thanks to this clever trick, he can completely overcome Unlimited Void. Gojo, on the other hand, knows what Mahoraga is capable of and decides to destroy the Shikigami with one hit. However, Sukuna makes sure to back Mahoraga up as he gets it to adapt to Gojo’s Infinity. It will take Mahoraga’s wheel to spin four times before it can completely adapt to Infinity.

V. Appearance of Merged Beast Agito

Appearance of Merged Beast Agito

To help Mahoraga on this endeavor, Sukuna summons Merged Beast Agito which is a combination of Nue, Great Serpent, Mourning Tiger, and Round Deer.

When Mahoraga finally adapts to Infinity, it slices Gojo’s arm right off. But Gojo heals himself with the Reverse Cursed Technique before destroying Agito with his Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue. He then plans to converge it with his Cursed Technique Reversal: Red to create Hollow Purple.

VI. Hollow Purple

Hollow Purple

Sukuna orders Mahoraga to destroy Blue as the Shikigami has already adapted to it while he tries to destroy Red. However, Gojo uses the attractive force of Blue to reach it before Mahoraga lands a powerful physical blow on it. He then strengthens the force of Red to protect it from Sukuna’s Piercing Blood.

The Red and Blue techniques finally collide, creating an aimless gigantic singularity that blows everything away, including Mahoraga, Sukuna, and even Gojo himself.

However, since Purple Hollow is made up of his own Cursed Energy, Gojo is less damaged and heals himself. Sukuna, on the other hand, is too injured to attempt any Cursed Technique at all.

New Appearance

Gojo vs Sukuna

  • Sukuna has taken over Megumi Fushiguro’s body and has crushed his soul by killing Tsumiki.
  • He also has total control over the Ten Shadows Technique.
  • Gojo has hidden Sukuna’s last finger to delay Yuji’s execution indefinitely.
  • Sukuna has killed Nanami, Gojo’s junior, and Tsumiki, the girl he’s known since she was a child. He is also responsible for cutting Inumaki’s arm in Shibuya.

Character Profiles

Satoru Gojo

Satoru Gojo

Satoru Gojo is the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer in the world, and the teacher of Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara as well as the second and third years.

Cursed Energy

  • Immense Cursed Energy. On top of that, thanks to the Six Eyes, his Cursed Techniques consume minimum Cursed Energy.

Cursed Techniques

  • Limitless: One of his inherited Innate Cursed Techniques. Thanks to Limitless, he can manipulate Cursed Energy on an atomic level.
  • Infinity: The neutral state of Limitless. Infinity creates infinite numbers of virtual checkposts between Gojo and his surroundings, and operating on the principle of Achilles and the Tortoise, makes Gojo untouchable.
  • Convergence Cursed Technique: Blue: This is one of Gojo’s Cursed Technique’s implemented by Limitless. This technique allows Gojo to attract the atoms of his surroundings to him similar to a black hole.
  • Divergence Cursed Technique: Red: This is the direct opposite of Blue technique and it grants Gojo the ability to repel the atoms around him in a violently powerful fashion similar to the Big Bang.
  • Hollow Purple: This technique is created by the amalgamation of the Red and Blue techniques. Hollow Purple creates a high-powered singularity that demolishes everything in its path. Aided by Utahime‘s Solo Solo Kinku, Gojo can increase his Cursed Energy output and launch Hollow Purple at its 200%.
  • Reverse Cursed Technique: Gojo can also use Reverse Cursed Technique to heal. But unlike Shoko Ieiri whose Reverse Curse Technique can heal anybody, Gojo can only heal himself. By using this technique, Gojo can also replenish his lost cursed energy and can even heal parts of his brain. Not only that, but he can also regrow amputated limbs.
  • Black Flash: Black Flash is a technique where a curse user lands a physical blow on the target and infuses the attack with Cursed Energy within 0.000001 seconds of the physical hit. This technique needs the user to understand the very essence of Cursed Energy and after the user uses it, their knowledge of Cursed Energy grows broader. Gojo can not only use Black Flash but he can use it consecutively four times and can use it to replenish his lost Cursed Energy.
  • Falling Blossom Emotion: This is a secret technique of the Gojo family that they teach to every member of the family. Gojo learned it as a kid but never had to use it until his fight against Sukuna. This technique allows the user to nullify the effects of their opponent. However, against a Domain as strong as Malevolent Shrine, this technique can only lessen the damage rather than nullify it completely.
  • New Shadow Style: Simple Domain: This is an anti-domain technique that allows the user to resist the sure-hit effect of their opponent’s domain.
  • Domain Expansion: Unlimited Void: Gojo’s domain manifests a contained space in which the victims are trapped and forced to take an infinite amount of knowledge and information, which renders them catatonic with the force and abundance of it.


  • Gojo is the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer in the world.
  • He’s practically untouchable, meaning no attack can harm him.
  • Gojo’s Six Eyes allows him to use minimum Cursed Energy for super strong Cursed Techniques, making sure that he never runs out of Cursed Energy.
  • His domain expansion is one of the strongest and most intricately made, which means there’s little to no chance that any other domain could cancel Unlimited Void.
  • He can heal himself very fast with the Reverse Cursed Technique.


  • Gojo’s Infinity doesn’t work inside his domain, which makes him touchable and receptive to attacks.
  • While Unlimited Void is at its strongest inside the domain, it is vulnerable from the outside and can be broken with enough outside force.
  • Domain Amplification cancels his Infinity and while using the technique, he can be physically harmed.

Ryomen Sukuna

Ryomen Sukuna

Ryomen Sukuna is the strongest Cursed Spirit to ever exist. He’s known as the King of Curses. Sukuna currently possesses Megumi’s body and has a mysterious binding vow with Kenjaku.

Cursed Energy

  • Not only does Sukuna have a vast amount of Cursed Energy, but he also has precise control over their usage.

Cursed Techniques

  • Slashing Techniques: Sukuna primarily uses two separate slashing techniques as his Cursed Technique. One is Dismantle and the other is Cleave. With these slashing techniques, he can cut through anything repeatedly.
  • Reverse Cursed Technique: He’s very proficient in Reverse Cursed Technique and can regenerate extremely fast. His healing prowess is greater than anyone in the series.
  • Domain Amplification: Domain Amplification is an anti-domain technique in which a barrier envelops the user in a way that neutralizes every Cursed Technique it comes in contact with, including Infinity. Sukuna uses this technique multiple times to get a physical hit on Gojo.
  • Piercing Blood: It’s unknown how Sukuna does it but he can use the inherited Cursed Technique of the Kamo family, Piercing Blood. In this technique, the user condenses their blood and infuses it with Cursed Energy by using the Convergence technique. Then the user shoots the Cursed Energy-infused blood toward the target. The blood is able to travel at the speed of sound.
  • Unnamed Fire-based Cursed Technique: Another example of Sukuna using a technique that is clearly not his innate Cursed Technique is a fire-based attack in which he shoots a flaming arrow toward his target. The flames and the power behind the shot are intense enough to burn a Special Grade Cursed Spirit like Jogo.
  • Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine: Sukana’s domain expansion is Malevolent Shrine and it is the most unique domain in the series. That’s because Malevolent Shrine doesn’t manifest a restricted space, instead increasing the diameter of the attack area to 200 meters. Sukuna can use his Cursed Technique on anyone within these 200 meters.
  • Ten Shadows Technique: Sukuna can also use the Cursed Technique of his host. After taking control over Megumi, he can use Megumi’s Ten Shadows Technique and summon all the Shikigami. After exorcizing Divine General Mahoraga in Shinjuku, Sukuna becomes the only curse user to be able to summon Mahoraga. Sukuna not only uses Mahoraga’s physical strength and adaptability but can also use its abilities for himself. He can also create new and more powerful Shikigami by merging multiple Shikigami, like how he creates Merged Beast Agito by combining Nue, Great Serpent, Mourning Tiger, and Round Deer.


  • Sukuna was the strongest jujutsu sorcerer a thousand years ago and is currently the strongest Cursed Spirit in the world.
  • He is almost back to his full strength with 19 fingers.
  • Thanks to the Reverse Cursed Technique, he can heal any injury on himself.
  • His Domain Expansion, Malevolent Shrine, has no barrier but a sure-hit effect. This allows him to attack the outside barrier of his opponent’s Domain as Domains are usually vulnerable to outside attacks.
  • He can use his host’s Cursed Techniques and Cursed Energy. After possessing the body of Megumi Fushiguro, Sukuna uses his Ten Shadows Technique against Gojo.
  • He can merge various Shikigami together to create a stronger Shikigami.
  • Sukuna can also use the Cursed Techniques of certain other curse users. For example, he can use Piercing Blood which is the inherited Cursed Technique of the Kamo family.


  • If the host is strong enough in power and spirit, they can take their bodies back from Sukuna’s control.
  • Outside attacks on his opponent’s Domain won’t work if his opponent particularly strengthens the strength of the barrier.
  • In the case of a Domain as strong as Unlimited Void, if Gojo opens his Domain even a millisecond earlier than Sukuna opens Malevolent Shrine, then Sukuna is susceptible to being affected by the sure-hit effect of Unlimited Void.

Gojo vs. Sukuna: Who Will Win in Jujutsu Kaisen?

When it comes to Gojo or Sukuna, they are each other’s most equal match in a battle. They dominate the fight against anyone else. At first glance, their fight seems pretty even, with Gojo using his Limitless and Infinity, and Sukuna countering his attacks with his skilled hand-to-hand combat and his cleaving techniques.

But as the fight goes on, it becomes pretty apparent that both have plenty of hidden skills and innovative ideas up their sleeves that can completely change the tide of winning. As of yet, there have been numerous occasions where it felt like the fight was over, only to be revealed another ace to counter that conclusion.

But as we see, it’s ultimately Gojo who conquers the fight with his climactic Hollow Purple. Sukuna is in no condition to fight anymore while Gojo is completely healed now. So, unless Sukuna ends up doing something very shocking to turn the tide, which is very likely, Gojo is the winner of the decisive Shinjuku showdown.


To conclude this Gojo vs. Sukuna discussion, we’ll confirm that Gojo indeed wins the fight and becomes the true holder of the strongest jujutsu sorcerer in the world title. However, Sukuna can very possibly have something secret up his sleeve that can change the direction of this fight at the last moment.

But then again, Sukuna had to rely on Megumi’s Cursed Technique alongside his own to match Gojo who fought the battle completely on his own. So, whether Sukuna uses some last-minute surprise to defeat Gojo or not, it remains true that Gojo is stronger in the Gojo vs. Sukuna fight.

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