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Top 5 Characters in Black Clover who can Defeat Dante

Black Clover manga has shown us Dante’s real power, the most vital member of the Dark Triad. In the recent chapter, Nacht has informed that the devil of Dante, Lucifero is the most potent in the Spade Kingdom. If he comes out from the Underworld, then no one could defeat him. In the past, during the fight, Dante has easily defeated every Black Bull member. Only Yami had surpassed Dante at that time, but Dante’s “Body Magic” got the upper hand over Yami.

Dante’s devil Lucifero is so powerful that he can create “Gravity Singularity.” No one can stop his Gravity Singularity except Asta. So, in short, if Asta didn’t surpass his limits, Dante would kill everyone in the Black Bulls. Dante has the best combination of Gravity, Magic, and Body Magic.

So, in this post, we will discuss the five powerful characters in the Black Clover, who can give a fight to Dante or maybe can defeat him. These characters are already introduced in the Black Clover anime. It’s all based on my assumption and study on the Black Clover.

Top 5 Characters in Black Clover who can Defeat Dante –

  1. Asta –
Black Clover Asta
Source: Funimation

Asta is the protagonist of the Black Clover anime. He can easily defeat Dante in the future. If Asta uses 100 percent of his Devil’s Anti-magic power, no one will stand against him.  Anti-Magic, the Devil body, and the ability to read Ki make the best combination of resistance, speed, and power. Also, Asta’s raw strength is more than the average Magic Knight. In the upcoming chapters, we will witness the increase in Asta’s resilience after the devil’s booming trade.

  1. Julius Novachrono –

    Black Clover Julius
    Source: Funimation

Julius Novachrono is the 28th Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom. He can manipulate the time and space of any living and non-living creature. With Time, Restraining, and Transformation magic, he can heal anyone’s wound by reversing the flow of time. Even Patri/Patolli, with Light Magic, justified that Julius’ Time Magic is faster than his light.

It is true that Julius had lost the fight with Patri but to save the people of the Clover Kingdom. He has never fought in his peak till now. So, we are pretty sure that he can defeat Dante in his fullest form.

3. Zagred –

Black Clover Zagred
Source: Funimation

Zagred, a high-rank devil who was the mastermind behind the massacre of the Elf Tribe. The devil possessed one of the most potent magic, i.e., Word Magic, with regeneration abilities. Even the team of Elves and the first Wizard king couldn’t stand a chance against him. He, alone, overwhelmed Elves and the Magic Knights.

But thanks to Yami’s Dark magic and Asta’s Anti-Magic, the weakness of devil Zagred was slaughtered. Even Lucifero has confirmed that out of every devil who comes into the human world, Zagred was the most powerful. Therefore, we can assume that Zagred could overpower both Dante and Lucifero.

4. Witch Queen –

Black Clover Queen
Source: Funimation

Witch Queen is the mother of all Witches and the ruler of Witch Forest. She has the power as same as the Spirits and can use the Ancient Blood Magic. Her magic allows her to manipulate anyone’s blood. With the power of the Healing and the Creation, she has become the Queen of Witches.

The Witch forest is the only part of the Clover Kingdom which is not controlled by Julius. Her ancient magic gives her the advantage of using various kinds of magic. In Black Clover’s recent filler episode, Vanessa stated that Witch Queen has some ancient magic that could be used against the devil. Therefore, we can assume that she can manipulate Dante in her way.


  1.  Yuno –
Black Clover Yuno
Source: Funimation

Yuno is the Vice-Captain of the Golden Dawn and the Prince of the Spade Kingdom. He rivals Asta on chasing the same dream, which makes him another protagonist of the Black Clover series. He is the four-leaf Clover owner and has been chosen by Slyph, the Spirit of Wind, to serve him.

It’s true that besides all these powers, he was defeated by Zenon, who is weaker than Dante. But we all know that Asta can defeat Dante in the future once he gets control over his devil. This makes sense that Yuno will also powerup to rival Asta.

So, in the future, Yuno is much powerful than Dante or any other devil. Also, in the recent Black Clover chapter, Yuno stated that he and Slyph have some hidden power to take revenge on Zenon. He doesn’t have the type advantage like Asta, but he has the Spirit advantage. He can control wind, creation, spirit, and reinforcement with his Wind Magic.

These characters are all based on my predictions. Some of you may agree, and some may not. But they will indeed give a hard time to Dante, in the 80% of devil power. You can share your views in the comment section. Also, you can state more characters who may overpower Dante in the present or future.

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