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All Wizard Kings in Black Clover (Ranked) | Strongest Wizard Kings

With the release of the Black Clover movie, we finally got to know more about some of the other Wizard Kings. With the previous Wizard Kings continuously engaging in battles with the present generation of Magic Knights, we also got an idea of their strength.

We also understood how fierce and powerful, some of the other Wizard Kings were. That’s why, now we will be ranking all of the strongest Wizard Kings in the Clover Kingdom.

Now that we know more about some of the other Wizard Kings and their powers, we can rank them. Still, out of the 28 Wizard Kings of Clover Kingdom, we only know about 6 of them.

With all that’s said, let’s straight up get ranking to see the strongest Wizard Kings in Clover Kingdom ranked.

Strongest Wizard Kings Ranked

6) Edward Avalache

Edward Avalache

Edward Avalache is probably the most experienced, and the oldest Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom. He is a very serious man and always has his values, and goals, which we work for. This is why, he only detests nobles and not commoners.

Edward also had the same goals as Conrad and Asta and wanted to abolish the discrimination between nobles and commoners. His magic affinity is for ice-magic, and it can be said that he is most probably the strongest Ice-magic user.

His mana zone also vastly increases his power and range of spells, on top of decreasing the temperature to absolute zero in a specific zone. We also hadn’t seen him fighting fully seriously, because he was only fighting against the Black Bulls members.

5) Jester Garandros

Jester Garandros

Jester Garandros was the 20th Wizard King, and he was a bit different, unlike the other Wizard Kings. He was one of the youngest, as well as the strongest wizard kings, we have seen till now.

He had a goal to conquer all four Kingdoms so that he can unite everyone. But, this ultimately led to him being named the Mad King, which further led to his death, planned by the Royals of the Clover Kingdom.

Jester specializes in Barrier magic, and he is probably the most capable fighter, we have seen in the movie. His barrier is both the perfect offense, as well as defense and gave a hard time Yuno and other magic knights.

On top of this, he was fighting with Yuno, Yami, Fuegoleon, and Nozel, all the while using a whole area-protect spell. Even though we didn’t see his true potential, this enough is frightening enough to showcase his fighting prowess.

4) Lemiel Silvamillion Clover

Lemiel Silvamillion Clover

Lemiel Silvamillion Clover was the first person, to ever receive the title of the Wizard King. He has a four-leaf grimoire, consisting of all of his light spells. Lemiel is also one of the most powerful light-magic users.

Just like Julius, he was also extremely curious about all the different attributes and spells of magic. He also dreamed of creating a just world, where everyone is treated fairly and equally.

He was also responsible for creating most magic tools such as the Imperial Sword: Elsdocius. Lemiel’s light spells are on a different level entirely. He holds some of the most beautiful spells, which are quite powerful too.

3) Princia Funnybunny

Princia Funnybunny

If there is anyone, who can be called a more capable fighter and stronger than Jester, it should be the 11th Wizard King, Princia Funnybunny. She has one of the most broken magic attributes, which was highly feared, during her time.

She had some of the best fighting abilities, which were vastly feared when she was the Wizard King. Princia was also majorly responsible, for Clover Kingdom’s win against the Diamond Kingdom.

She alone held off a majority of the enemy troops, which ultimately led to their win. Her magic is legion magic, which lets her create numerous legions of magical chess soldiers.

This was one of the major reasons, why Conrad was able to quickly complete his raid on the Clover Kingdom. Despite having an array of soldiers, that lets her fight from the sidelines, Princia loves to fight stronger opponents.

She is also a very strong swordsman, as well as a master in hand-to-hand combats. Even though she mostly uses her sword in battle, she was still able to overwhelm Mereoleona, when it came to fighting skill, prowess, and hand-to-hand combat.

2) Julius Novachrono

Julius Novachrono

Moving on to the Top 2 Strongest Wizard Kings, both of them are almost on equal standings, when it comes to their power. Both of them have unique skills and abilities, which grant them an advantage in their battles.

First up, we have the 28th Wizard King, Julius Novachrono. Despite his stature and position, he always likes to disguise himself and move around, while observing the different magic spells present in the Clover Kingdom.

He also has some of the most broken, magic attributes and spells. Julius is primarily a time-magic user and the best there is. He can use his magic to do many things like slow down time, speed up time, trap people forever, and even heal injuries by reversing the flow of time.

As if this isn’t broken enough already, Julius’s true magic is the ability to steal time from his opponents. He can later store this time, and use it when he pleases. This is the reason, he was able to defend Clover Kingdom against Patolli’s attacks.

And, the more time reserves he has the more easily Julius will be able to use highly powerful attack spells.

1) Conrad Leto 

Conrad Leto 

Conrad Leto is probably the strongest wizard king of all time. This is mostly due to his broken magic attributes, and his usage of the Imperial Sword: Elsdocia. It is also said that this magic tool is extremely compatible with his magic too.

Conrad Leto has many similarities with Asta, both in their goals as well as their catchphrase. Both of them want to create a world free from discrimination, where people with or without magic can live happily.

But, the paths they chose very vastly different. Conrad is a very skilled swordsman, who had even kept up with Asta on several occasions. He is also pretty good in hand-to-hand combat too.

Talking about his Key magic, he can open or close magical rifts with the keys he has. He could story any magical tool, whole grimoires, and was even capable of storing magic spells in his rifts.

He can also use these spells at a later time, even combining this with some of his other trapped spells. This makes him a very powerful foe in battle, and along with Elsdocia, he becomes even more powerful.

This marks the end of our article on the Strongest Wizard Kings of all time. We will be coming up with more fresh and interesting topics, so make sure to read our other articles till then.

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