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Zom 100 Chapter 60 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date(Takeru’s Plan)

Zom 100 Chapter 60 will be even more interesting, given how things turned out in this chapter. The group notice that Izuna and Takeru are missing, and the scene shifts to both of them exploring the mansion. 

They go into the underground part of the mansion and find Mercy’s dead body over there. They run away but notice that Kazuki and Selena have also been murdered and turned into zombies. 

Soon, they also notice a mysterious and large man standing behind them. They both run away to escape from the attacks of this person. But, they are soon captured and also meet the owner of this mansion. 

We see an older man and a young guy who are still human. The wife of the older man has turned into a zombie, and the family are hunting humans to feed her. Both Takeru and Izuna are extremely frightened after learning about this serial killer’s family. 

The older man forces Takeru to try hookah, which also completes their bucket list. They somehow escape due to the clumsiness of Takeru. The young man Sugizo is very angry, and Takeru notices that this building is locked. 

Izuna has already given up and thinks that they cannot escape from here. Sugizo comes rushing towards them, and just then, they notice an open door. Taker stepped up, saying that it’s time for his kind of game now.

Zom 100 Chapter 60 Spoilers & Predictions

Zom 100 Chapter 60 Spoilers & Predictions

Takeru seemingly has a solution to escape this mansion along with Izuna. But, this will most likely be a one-time plan that only Takeru can pull off, thanks to his lucky situation, which favours him. 

Izuna seems hopeless in this situation, but she will also likely play a major part in this escape plan. There is also a chance that Akira and the group have noticed this mansion and are trying to come here. 

But, there also seems to be a mysterious person outside this mansion who noticed that this place was suspicious. Maybe this person was responsible for opening the doors to this closed-off mansion.

It could also be a person who knew this mansion and the family prior to the zombie outbreak. It means that there might be more help for Takeru and Izuna on the way. 

But it could also be zombies that have opened the mansion door. It would be easier for Takeru to navigate through a horde of zombies, given his lucky experiences. In this way, even Izuna will understand that they can escape if they divert these zombies to kill the owners of this mansion.

Zom 100 Chapter 60 Release Date

Zom 100 Chapter 60 Release Date

Zom 100 Chapter 60 should be released on 18th November, and it seems that there won’t be any breaks for this manga’s next month’s chapter. This is a monthly manga, so we will have to wait for a whole month to know the state of our favourite characters. 

The raw scans and spoilers might not be released for the next month’s chapter. We will be updating this article if the spoilers are released, so make sure to check out this article at a later date. 

These are the predictions about Zom 100 Chapter 60 we have for now. For more weekly updates and interesting content articles, make sure to check out some of our other articles here. 

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