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Best 25 Romantic Webtoon to Read in 2023 (Completed)

Last updated on February 5th, 2023 at 17:05 pm

Recently, Webtoons are getting quite the buzz for possessing great storylines with praiseworthy art styles. Hence, it is only natural that we will be listing the 25 Best Romantic Webtoon to read in 2023 (Completed) based on our preferences.

Today we have picked some very famous romantic webtoons that even got drama adaptations while some are pure hidden gems. These webtoons span many genres and present a unique yet heart-skipping tale of love.

The best part is all of these are completed, so you don’t have to worry about waiting for updates, and can just binge the entire series. The websites or apps where you can read these and other webtoons like them are Webtoons, Lezhin Comics, Tappytoon, etc.

Best 25 Romantic Webtoon to Read in 2023

1) Age Matters

Age Matters

Does age actually matter when it comes to love? The question of age frequently comes up in this webtoon where we can see Rose, who is recently turning thirty, is not happy with growing up.

Even though at that age everybody is supposed to have a stable job, she is currently jobless. And that is when she meets Daniel Yoon, the young CEO of the company Lime, a social interaction app.

He offers her a temporary job of being his assistant. At first, they do not get along and frequently clash, but they eventually fall in love.

2) Freaking Romance

Freaking Romance

This romance webtoon is a supernatural story about two people finding romance living in two different dimensions. In the webtoon, we see Zylith, a budding artist trying to become an adult.

She has already moved out of her parent’s home, where there is no hope for her to move back. Thus, she must find an apartment as soon as possible.

Luck comes knocking at her door when she gets her hand on a cheap apartment. But there is a catch: it is haunted.

3) My Dear Cold-Blooded King

My Dear Cold-Blooded King

This is one of the best historical romantic webtoons that tells the story of Kihara Mei, who is a merchant living her life as simply as possible.

Her life completely changes when one day soldiers of the king come in search of a young boy and two assassins. It is her bad luck that she encounters them later in the woods and tries to save the young boy.

Only then does she get to know that she has just saved the life of the king’s brother, and now she must go with him to the castle. Her life which has been so normal before slowly gets entangled with the palace and the mysterious cold-blooded king.

4) My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

My Id Is Gangnam Beauty

Mirae has been bullied all her life due to her physical features. She even got rudely dismissed after confessing her feelings to the one she loves.

Even after she managed to reduce her weight, she still got rejected for being not pretty enough. She finally decided to go through plastic surgery, but the problem is, the surgery is now too obvious.

In her new college, she thought she could live a new life without being judged, but she became famous for being the unnatural Gangnam beauty. However, all she wants is to lead a life without being evaluated by her looks, but is it possible for people to leave her be?

5) Miss Abbott And The Doctor

Miss Abbott And The Doctor

This Webtoon is a collection of sweet and wholesome stories between a Victorian couple. Miss Abbott is spontaneous and adventurous, and on the other hand, Andreas Marino is a straight-laced doctor.

When Miss Abbott moved into his village, Andreas realized she was in trouble, but she slowly made a special place in his heart. Her antics and strangeness sets her apart from all the ladies who fawn over him. Thus a special bond starts to form between them.

Even though it is quite obvious that both of them love each other, they are too shy to confess.

6) Siren’s Lament

Siren's Lament

Lyra is a normal girl who runs her flower shop after her grandmother left it in her care. She is not alone though, as her childhood friend Shon helps her out.

The problem is she is in love with him while he already has a girlfriend. One day when she was crying by the cliff, she accidentally fell down and almost drowned.

A mythical creature called Siren helped her and made an agreement where she would turn her into a Siren and he into a human.

7) Devil Number 4

Devil Number 4

The devil number 4 is close to losing his position in the corporate world of Satan. He is not quite successful in extracting souls from his victims and, thus, he desperately needs a soul as soon as possible.

That is when Hanna, a broke 21-year-old student who desperately needs some money, comes into the picture. The devil thus gives her the ultimate deal that she can’t refuse, which is to have everything in exchange for her soul. But she is not willing to let go of her life yet.

8) The Abandoned Empress

The Abandoned Empress

This fantasy romantic webtoon talks about the miserable and sad life of Aristia, the daughter of the House of Monique.

After being married as the second wife to the king, only misery awaited her. Her husband hated and ridiculed her while loving another woman.

When Aristia gets executed, she swears to never fall in love with him ever again if she gets a second chance. Miraculously, she transmigrates to the past and wakes up seven years earlier. Now it is up to her to change her destiny once and for all.

9) DoridosimDoridosim

Dol is in love, and he desperately wants to confess to the sweet and innocent Yang Yang.

Things turn messy when he accidentally confesses his love to Dosim, the beautiful and famous friend of Yang Yang. On top of that, she also accepts his confession, and they start to go out.

Now Dol somehow must do something to let Dosim know of his mistake before they get too involved with each other.

10) Oh! Holy

Oh! Holy

This hilarious webtoon is a tale of two unlikely people coming together and falling in love. Jamie is a shy and reclusive boy, making it difficult for him to talk with others.

On top of that, he can communicate with ghosts which is why the only friends with whom he talks are ghosts. But one day, he is suddenly approached by Holy, the popular new student.

It is only later that he remembers how Holy used to be his friend when they were young. Now Jamie thinks that she hates him while she is actually very much in love with him.

11) Swimming Lessons For A Mermaid

Swimming Lessons For A Mermaid

Choa, who is half mermaid and half-human, can’t swim. And because of that, it is very problematic for her to keep living in the ocean with her mother and sisters.

Thus, she decides to choose human legs and live with her father in the land. Now, she must keep her secret from others, especially in her new high school.

But a boy from her class who happens to be a good swimmer ends up knowing her secret. And rather than disclosing it, he offers to teach her swimming every day.

12) Something About Us

Something About Us

Something About Us masterfully depicts the maturation of love between two friends. Do and Hanwoo have always been friends, and they are happy with that label.

But others always suspected that there must be something between them. Things start to change when Do starts to fall for her friend.

And it is only later that Hanwoo realizes his feelings and reciprocates Do’s feelings himself.

13) Ellin’s Solhwa

Ellin's Solhwa

Ellin’s Solhwa is one of the best historical romantic webtoon out there. When Ellin was taking care of a rude customer in her part-time job, she never thought her life would completely change.

The next thing she remembers is opening her eyes as Solhwa, who is supposed to become the fourth concubine of the king of the Xyaran Empire. Now it is up to her to learn everything from language to eating habits to fit into her new role.

Amidst this, she meets and falls for the charismatic king’s advisor.

14) Cheese In The Trap

Cheese In The Trap

Cheese In The Trap is one of the best romantic webtoons that even got a Korean drama and movie adaptation. It tells the story of Hong Seol, who is a diligent student.

As she’s the eldest daughter, all her life, she had to understand her parent’s situation and settle for whatever was given to her. Even in college, she tries her best to survive while maintaining high grades.

But her life becomes a mess when Jung, a seemingly perfect senior, starts to affect her life for the worst.

15) Winter woods

Winter Woods

Winter Woods is arguably one of the best romantic webtoons ever. It talks about Winter, who is somewhat less of a human. He was created by an alchemist almost hundreds of years ago.

He starts to live with Jane, a writer who wants to know Winter’s story. With Jane, Winter slowly becomes more human and gains a heart that he lacked before.

16) Yumi’s Cell 

Yumi's Cell

Yumi’s Cell has a fun little concept where the story focuses on 32 years old Yumi and her brain cells that make up her personality and control her decisions. A normal office worker, Yumi has a crush on her younger colleague, Wook. When Wook wants to go out with her Yumi is overjoyed, only to find herself on a blind date with Wook’s best friend, Woong.

Though things don’t go as planned between her and Wook, Yumi finds herself falling for Woong. Their sweet relationship and the hardships that come in an adult relationship makes up the rest of this romantic webtoon.

17) Ecstasy Hearts 

Ecstasy Hearts

Daughter of two tennis champions, Anya Shimizu now has to show her worth and become the best tennis player in the world. But it seems like Axel Koizumi, a seemingly dispassionate genius, will be her adversary in this journey.

Now in a one-sided rivalry, Anya is motivated to defeat the genius in tennis and become the best. Ecstasy Hearts is a completed webtoon with 97 episodes and plenty of sports and romance to go along with it.

18) Orange Marmalade 

Orange Marmalade

In a world where vampires are discriminated against and scorned rather than feared, Orange Marmalade tells the story of Baek Ma Ri, a teenage vampire. After suffering discrimination and hatred all her life, Ma Ri wants to live a peaceful life with her family. But when she smells the sweet scent of the blood of Jung Jae Min, her popular classmate, she can’t help but bite the boy.

Fearing the outcome, Ma Ri is nothing short of shocked when Jae Min falls in love with her and is even more shocked when she falls for him back. Filled with romance and charming moments, Orange Marmalade is one romantic webtoon you can’t just miss.

19) Always Human 

Always Human

Always Human is based in a futuristic world where people can use body modifications to change their appearances as they like. But still there are a number of people with sensitive immune systems who can’t use these body modifications. The protagonist of the story is Sunati, a girl who frequently changes her appearances with body modifications.

When Sunati meets Austen, a girl who doesn’t use body modifications, she can’t help but be attracted to her. But even after learning Austen’s condition of not being able to, her feelings don’t go away. This romantic webtoon shows that even when our lives are hugely impacted by technology, we’re always humans at the end of everything.

20) unTouchable


Another romantic webtoon with some nice vampire goodness. The story of unTouchable is centered around vampires who have evolved with time and don’t need to feed on human blood to survive.

Instead, they take Life Energy from humans simply by touching them, a better solution than the bloody affair. The protagonist of the story is Sia, a beautiful vampire who’s moved to the city to become a model and get away from her conservative father.

One day when Sia accidentally touches a guy named Jiha, she becomes enamored with his delicious life energy and becomes obsessed to touch him again. But the problem is that Jiha is a mysophobic and can’t stand touching.

If that wasn’t trouble enough, Sia now finds that her ultimate temptation is also her neighbor!

21) So I Married An Anti-Fan

So I Married An Anti-Fan

Originally written as a novel by Eunjung Kim, So I Married An Anti Fan is adapted into a webtoon by Wan and later remade again by  Jaerim. The story follows Geunyoung Lee, a lowly reporter trying to make ends meet.

Then there’s Joon Hoo, the biggest superstar of the country with massive fan popularity and a super clean image. But when one day Geunyoung accidentally sees Joon Hoo cold-heartedly dumping a girl, she clicks a picture of him. 

Fearing for his image, Joon Hoo makes Geunyoung lose her job, making the young woman also lose her apartment. Now unemployed and homeless, Geunyoung vows to make Joon Ho’s life hell.

But ruining him becomes a lot harder when she gets to meet the real person behind the superstar and finds her falling for him. Filled with dramatic tropes and heart-pounding romance, So I Married the Anti Fan is one of the best romantic webtoons out there.

22) Nice To Meet You

Nice To Meet You

Super cute and super romantic, Nice to Meet You is a story about two strange youngsters, Mew and Daze. Mew is a college student and  a bit of a scatterbrain who one day finds the college ID of an unknown student.

Instead of submitting the ID or returning it to its owner, Mew does a bunch of silly things with it. But when she meets the owner of the ID, she has some answering to do. With tooth-rotting fluff and down-to-earth characters, Nice To Meet You is a fan favorite and one of the best romantic webtoons to read.

23) To Love Your Enemy

To Love Your Enemy

The romance genre is incomplete without at least one story with the enemies-to-lovers trope. To Love Your Enemy works beautifully with the popular trope and turns it into a sweet and heartwarming experience.

Yeonhee Bae is a prolific liar who is now determined to put her bad habit to rest and start afresh at college. But when someone from her past comes into the picture, her past is threatened to be revealed.

Hatred is imminent in this situation but romance is not far away either. This short webtoon has all the bittersweet elements of love and is one of the best romantic webtoons.

24) The First Night With The Duke 

My First Night With The Duke

When Ripley is suddenly reincarnated in her favorite romance game, she finds herself as the side character rather than the heroine. She’s made up her mind to enjoy her time in the game and luxuriate in her nobel status while the main characters fall in love.

But then she somehow falls in bed with none other than the hero, Duke Zeronis himself. What to do now that she’s gotten herself tangled herself with the hero while the villainess is plotting against her?

This webtoon is very funny with a chaotic protagonist and hilarious situations and is one of the best romantic webtoons.

25) Let Me Stay Over Tonight

Let Me Stay Over Tonight

When office-worker Gyuri Gam wakes up in the morning after a wild drunk night, she remembers someone asking her out.

But she isn’t certain who that person is. There are only three people who can be that person: her handsome colleague, her surly boss and a popular actor.

It seems easy for Gyuri to guess who asked her out, but the truth might just surprise her. Consisting of only seven episodes, Let Me Stay Over Tonight is a short yet sweet journey to romance.

With this, we conclude our article on 25 Best Romantic Webtoon to read in 2023 (Completed). We definitely urge you to go ahead and read these webtoons if you like romance. But even if you are not much of a romantic, still go ahead and read them as we guarantee you will love them. Yes, they are that good!

Stay tuned for articles like these on your favorite manga, anime, webtoon, drama, and many more.

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