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Black Clover Chapter 368 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date (Asta’s Special Move)

Black Clover Chapter 338 should be even more interesting after all the reveals in this chapter. Damnatio is already defeated, and he never thought the Black Bulls members would save him.

Asta says that he will save Damnatio now and asks him to sleep. Witch Queen is helping the other Black Bulls members now. She is healing all of them at once.

She further says that they barely survived, thanks to Secre’s magic. Witch Queen says that no one has died, but she has lost most of her power. So, she asks Vanessa to become the next Witch Queen.

However, Dorothy volunteers for it and asks Witch Queen if she can take that place instead of Vanessa. She also talks about many other dangerous threats around the Clover Kingdom.

Asta also has a plan for this after his Black Bulls members are healed. A flashback of Ryuya and Asta starts when they are in the Land of the Sun. Ryuya says that Asta had already given Anti-magic to objects, such as Yami’s sword.

So, he says that Asta could also technically give people Anti-magic. Ryuya thinks it’s worth testing now since Asta also has better control of Anti-Magic. Fast forward to now, Asta takes out his Demon Dweller sword and uses it.

Now, he has given his Anti-Magic to all of the Black Bulls members. We get to see a new and powerful Black Bulls squad, now ready to take on any opponent.

Black Clover Chapter 368 Spoilers & Predictions

Black Clover Chapter 368 Spoilers & Predictions

Finally, we see that things are taking an interesting turn. It might be Asta’s special move, which he was discussing with Ryuya about. This specific spell’s effects may also work differently based on the time he spent with them.

But, throughout all this time, we haven’t seen the situation of the Clover Kingdom. They were fighting against a lot more powerful and dangerous Paladins when compared to Damnatio.

Lucius and his several clones also take care of everything in the Clover Kingdom. But it’s easier for Asta to go to Clover Kingdom with the help of Finral. So, we might see some of the Black Bulls members assisting some of the other Magic Knights.

Legless angels are also a problem, and they are targeting the residents of the Kingdom now. But Lucius’s plans will soon be thwarted by Asta, who will reach the battle area soon.

Black Clover Chapter 368 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 368 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 368 should release on 20th August. The magazine will be on break for a week, so the release date for the next chapter is also delayed by a week. So, the raw scans and full spoilers will also be delayed now.

They will now release on 16th August. We will update them in this article once they release, so check the article again. The next chapter will most probably be about the remaining fights of Black Bulls members.

With this, we shall end our spoiler and prediction article on Black Clover Chapter 368. We will return with more new and exciting content, so check out our other articles.

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