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10 Popular Cartoon Characters With Goatees, 2024

Beards is definitely a character design choice we stand by when it’s done right. Every aspect of an animated character is designed while keeping their background in mind. So, facial hair also puts the entire personality of a character on full display.

If you aren’t aware of what a goatee is, think Rober Downey Jr. or Johnny Depp. This classic beard style is characterized as a type of beard incorporating hair mainly on the chin but not on the cheek. People usually consider it to be a timeless, attractive option for facial hair.

Today, we will be discussing about 10 Popular Cartoon Characters With Goatees. Villains or not, we admit that there are more than a few characters on this list that take our breath away, too.

10 Popular Cartoon Characters With Goatees

10. Nick Riviera

Nick Riviera

Cartoon Name: The Simpsons

A recurring character in The Simpsons, Nick Riviera, mostly known as Dr. Nick in the show, is a quack physician. Studying at so many dubious medical schools didn’t deter this man as he went on to make his crazy inventions like the Juice Loosener and Sun & Run.

If nothing, the luck this man holds needs to be praised. Even after providing dangerous medical advice for years, he hasn’t really been sued by anyone yet. He has a black goatee same as his hair.

9. Captain Phoebus

Captain Phoebus

Cartoon Name: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

He may be introduced as someone evil, but he definitely won over us by the end. Phoebus is a war veteran whom Judge Claude summoned to eradicate the gypsies.

He is a brave and kind person who quickly realizes how twisted Claude is and acts like a secret double spy, collecting information and eventually helping the Romanis. When he realizes Quasimodo has feelings for Esmeralda, he gladly takes a step back to help the two get together.

He has shoulder-length blonde hair and a small blonde goatee.

8. Tui Waialiki

Tui Waialiki

Cartoon Name: Moana

Moana’s father and the village head of Motunui, Tui Waialiki is a supporting character in the movie. He is a well-respected leader who deeply cares for his people. Of course, like Moana, he was also an adventurous aspiring voyager in his youth, a fact Moana was shocked to learn later.

Chief Tui has long black hair, usually hidden beneath his headgear. He also has a black goatee. Like many other male members of the island, he has a muscular body covered with tattoos.

7. Dr. Venture

Dr. Venture

Cartoon Name: The Venture Bros

Father of the titular twins, Dr. Thaddeus S. “Rusty” Venture, is one of the main characters of the series. Although he is himself a super scientist, coming from a family of overachievers hasn’t done him any favors, and he has always found himself trapped in the shadow of his famous father, Dr. Jonas Venture Sr.

Dr. Venture is bald and has a red goatee. He also wears square-rimmed glasses.

6. Sir Ballister Boldheart


Cartoon Name: Nimona

Next up is the dashing guardian-cum-victim of our rowdy shapeshifter, Ballister Boldheart. He is loyal, compassionate, determined, and sometimes slightly nervous. All qualities of a perfect boyfriend, but sadly for us, he is already taken and very much in love with his charismatic, sparkly boyfriend.

Ballister is a tall man with dark hair. He keeps a mustache and goatee that perfectly go with his scar. His right arm is a prosthetic.

5. Bruno Madrigal 

Bruno Madrigal 

Cartoon Name: Encanto

We WILL now talk about Bruno. Mirabel’s uncle and one of the main cast of Encanto, Bruno Madrigal, is the youngest of the second generation of the house. He has the gift of precognition, which led him to be estranged from his family members.

Maybe it’s not on purpose, but Bruno has a scruffy goatee with a thin mustache on his face. He has long but unruly, curly hair. You can tell what the poor fella went through just by looking at his 1-inch deep dark circles.

4. Megamind 


Cartoon Name: Megamind

Our first and only non-human character on the list (although he is as human as anyone else). Former supervillain and the titular protagonist of the movie, Megamind is cool, albeit a tiny bit narcissistic, defender of Metro City.

Being an alien, he has a bit of an…unconventional appearance. Although, he totally rocks his black goatee with his huge (mega) blue face.

3. Wasabi


Cartoon Name: Big Hero 6

The lovable, nerdy realist of the group, Wasabi was one of Tadashi’s, and currently Hero’s, friends studying at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, majoring in applied physics. He may be a bit neurotic at times, but he doesn’t hesitate when it comes to helping his friends.

Wasabi is also a gentle giant. while he may be big, his nature is quite soft. He has brown dreadlocks, and darker skin, and keeps a black goatee on his otherwise clean face. Since he is so focused on precision all the time, Hiro gave him plasma blades as his superhero equipment.

2. Jafar


Cartoon Name: Aladdin

Jafar is kind of an outlier on the list. He may be a slimy, wicked villain, but we can’t help but include him in the list. After all, he isn’t one of the most recognizable fictional villains for nothing!

Credit where credit’s due, he is an intelligent psychopath who held on to his position of the Royal Grand Vizier of Agrabah without revealing his intentions of taking over the empire for ages.

Jafar has a twisted black goatee along with a thin mustache. He is a tall and slender man who is ‘supposed’ to be ugly, as told by the genie.

1. Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert


Cartoon Name: Tangled

At the top of the list, we have the man, the myth, the legend, the perfect man, Eugene Fitzherbert. These are not empty praises since this man is basically every 2000 kid’s favorite crush. There are few as charming as him. Not to mention, his character development is something most can only WISH they had.

Of course, being the perfect man, having a small scruffy goatee that goes well with his slicked-back brown hair is only natural. He is loving, loyal, sarcastic, and the first to treat Rapunzel as a human.

With that, we are at the end. Hopefully, this list served to prove how a little chin hair can go a long way for a man!

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