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Top 15 Hottest Male Manhwa Characters Of All Time (Ultimate Husbando List) | 2023

Manhwa and webtoons consist of some of the hottest male characters. This is due to the beautiful art, and the creative nature of the author. But, there are too many hottest male manhwa characters, considering the sheer number of manhwa and webtoons that are present.

That’s why we are here, to rank the hottest male manhwa characters of all time. All of these characters have that handsome and hot aura and are also considered the hottest characters in their respective series too.

Without further ado, let us dive into this list of the top 15 hottest male manhwa characters of all time. There might be slight spoilers for a couple of series, and with that out of the way, let’s continue with our list.

Top 15 Hottest Male Manhwa Characters

15) Urek Mazino

Urek Mazino

ManhwaTower of God
Relationship StatusN/A

Urek Mazino was one of the strongest characters in Tower of God, and he is among the Top 5 rankers of the Tower. This shows his power level, but that is not all of what he has.

Along with Brawns, he is also one of the hottest characters in the series. Having a tall and well-built physique shows us why he is present in this list of hottest male manhwa characters.

14) Kang Taemu

Kang Taemu

ManhwaA Business Proposal
Relationship StatusShin Ha-Ri(Wife)

Kang Taemu is handsome as well as the hot CEO of Sungwoon Group Enterprise. One look at his character design, and we can understand why he is among the hottest characters of the series.

He is also a very serious and hard-working individual. Kang Taemu has many moments throughout the series, where we see his brilliance and charm both as an individual and as a hot male character too.

13) Jin Mori

Jin Mori

ManhwaGod of Highschool
Relationship StatusDan Ahan(Lover)

Jin Mori is the protagonist of the critically acclaimed Manhwa God of High School. It had also received an anime adaptation, but the manhwa was still considered to be better.

He is the definition of a tall and slender hot character and is also pretty athletic. Despite his playful behavior, we also get to see his serious moments. Jin Mori also has different appearances throughout the series, but he is still hot and handsome in all of them.

12) Christopher Reed

Christopher Reed

Name크리스토퍼 리드
ManhwaSolo Leveling
Relationship StatusN/A

Christopher Reed was the 3rd Strongest Hunter in the world and was also the Strongest Hunter in America. Despite having lesser screen time, he was a memorable character, due to his hit-hot looks.

Christopher Reed has the most simple looks in the series, yet he is one of the hottest characters in the series due to his build and physique. Another best part about him is that his eyes glow light blue whenever he uses his powers.

11) Yohan Seo

Yohan Seo

ManhwaUnholy Blood
Relationship StatusN/A

Yohan Seo was a minor side character as well as an antagonist in the series Unholy Blood. Right since his debut, he was loved by the fandom for his innocent, cute, and hot looks.

But only in his Vampire nature, do we understand his true nature and get to learn that he is even hotter than he normally is. His whole vibe and appearance change, as he becomes a different person entirely. Yohan’s vampire looks make him one of the hottest male manhwa characters.

10) Park Hyung Seok

Park Hyung Seok


Relationship StatusN/A

Park Hyung Seok is the main character of Manhwa Lookism. Initially introduced to us as a short and obese character, he understood that he can switch between two bodies when he sleeps.

His second body is tall, slender, and very hot and handsome. His classmates thought that he was an idol or a movie star, due to his hot looks. Park Hyung Suk even attracted all the women in his school, with his new looks.

9) Maximillian Kasin Ashet

Maximillian Kasin Ashet

ManhwaFather, I Don’t Want to Get Married
Relationship StatusN/A

A character who looks very serious at first, he also has a soft side to him. Despite possessing strong convictions, Maximilian still starts mellowing down due to Jubelian Eloy Floyen.

As we can see, he is a very tall and handsome man. He can also be called the hottest male character in this series so far. Maximilian’s black hair and red irises, make him even more attractive.

8) Sung Jin Woo

Sung Jin Woo

ManhwaSolo Leveling
Relationship StatusCha Hae-In(Wife)

Sung Jin Woo is the protagonist of the manga Solo Leveling, and he is the most powerful character in the whole series. Initially, we only get to see him as a weak and scrawny individual.

But later on, when he starts leveling up, he keeps getting more attractive and hot. And just like that, he became one of the coolest and also the hottest male character in the series.

7) Lee Young Joon

Lee Young Joon

ManhwaWhat’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?
Relationship StatusKim Mi-So(Lover)

Lee Young Joon is an example of a dreamy and hot male character. On top of possessing extremely good looks, he also has a selfish and cold personality, which makes us want to learn about him all the more.

Even having a tall and slender physique, he was the reason why most people started reading this manhwa. Even though we can see the flaws in his personality, he makes up for those with this charm and looks.

6) Callisto Regulus

Callisto Regulus

Name칼리스토 레굴루스
ManhwaVillains are Destined to Die
Relationship StatusPenelope Eckhart(Love Interest)

Although there are a lot of hot and handsome male characters in this manhwa, Callisto Regulus stands miles above all of them. He has one of the most unique character designs on this list too.

Since this manhwa is based on ancient times, he always has that royal vibe, along with his hot looks. Callisto’s blonde hair, his ruby eyes, and his military attire only increase his charm and his hot looks.

5) Yoo Joonghyuk 

Yoo Joonghyuk 

ManhwaOmniscient Reader’s Viewpoint
Relationship StatusLee Seolhwa(Wife)

Whenever there is a conversation or discussion about the Manhwa Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint, Yoo Joonghyuk always finds his way. It is no doubt that he is the hottest character in his series.

In the manhwa, he is also used as an example, to compare the handsome traits of other characters. This shows the impact he had on the series. Yoo Joonghyuk also has a pretty good muscular build, which makes them the 5th hottest male manhwa character on this list.

4) Deon Agrece

Deon Agrece

Relationship StatusN/A

It would be a disgrace to talk about the hottest male manhwa characters, and not include Deon Agrece in this list. Although he only has a short appearance in the Manhwa series, he still managed to captivate most of the audience.

Along with having hot and handsome looks, his also very intelligent. Apart from this, we also know that he is very ruthless and sadistic, which further increases his hotness. Although he doesn’t look muscular, his outfit conceals all of his masculine charm.

3) Kayden Break

Kayden Break

Name카이든 브레이크
Relationship StatusSingle

Despite only being the deuteragonist of the series, Kayden Break still manages to steal the show with his power and looks. On top of being one of the most powerful individuals in the series, he also looks pretty hot, compared to the other characters.

This was also accepted by other characters, who said he looks hotter in person. His ponytail hairstyle along with his tall, and slim but muscular physique, only work towards elevating his hot looks.

2) Raffaello Kidrey

Raffaello Kidrey

ManhwaThe Villainess is a Marionette
Relationship StatusKayena Hill(Wife)

It would be a shame to talk about the hottest male manhwa characters, and not include Raffaello Kidrey. He is undoubtedly the most handsome, charming, and hot male character in the entire series.

He was also the highly sought bachelor, in the Eldyme Empire. On top of slaying his look with his royal attire, Raffaello is a tall, and attractive person, who just captivates the heart of the audience. He also has a good muscular body, which makes him even more hot.

1) Cadis Etrama Di Raizel

Cadis Etrama Di Raizel

Name카디스 에트라마 디 라이제르
Relationship StatusN/A

Also known as Raizel, he is undoubtedly the hottest male manhwa character. He fulfills his Noble role with ease, due to his extremely elegant, handsome, and hot looks. Raizel was also liked by many of the other side characters in the series for his looks.

Even though he is pretty handsome and hot normally, he becomes a different person entirely, when he uses his powers. His abilities and his personality further enhance his hot looks to the highest level.

This marks the end of our article on the hottest male manhwa characters of all time. There are still many handsome characters out there, but these specific characters stood out the most. For similar content, make sure to check our articles here.

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