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10 Popular Characters in Tenjiku Arc (Tokyo Revengers Season 3)

Tokyo Revengers Season 3 is currently airing during Fall 2023. This season adapts the Tenjiku Arc of the manga where Toman faces a new threat in Izana Kurokawa and his gang Tenjiku. It’s the longest arc of the series and is expected to cover the entire 12 episodes of the third season. In this article, we’ll discuss the 10 popular characters in Tenjiku Arc (Tokyo Revengers Season 3).

Before we start the list, we’ll issue a spoiler alert because we’ll be talking about many things that are yet to appear in the manga. Read further along only if you don’t mind getting spoiled about what’s to come next in the anime. 

With that out of the way, let’s begin our list of the 10 popular characters in Tenjiku Arc:

10 Popular Characters in Tenjiku Arc 

1) Manjiro Sano

Manjiro Sano

Even though Takemichi is the protagonist of the story, it becomes eventually clear that the entire story of Tokyo Revengers is centered around Manjiro Sano, more popularly known as Mikey. He’s the charismatic leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang and possesses incredible power that makes him the strongest character of the series.

In Tenjiku Arc, Mikey receives immeasurable shock and pain when his younger step-sister Emma is killed. Already battling depression and creeping darkness, his mental state sinks even lower when faced with Izana Kurokawa and their respective connections with Shinichiro.

However, Mikey also proves himself to be mentally stronger than he was previously perceived and helps Izana find closure within himself.

2) Izana Kurokawa

Izana Kurokawa

The primary antagonist of Tokyo Revengers Season 3 is also one of the most popular characters in Tenjiku Arc. He’s the older step-brother of Emma and was abandoned by their mother in his childhood. Devoid of parental love and familial connection, Izana found care and empathy when he met Shinichiro Sano as a teenager.

Shinichiro met with Izana regularly and treated him like his own brother. However, when the older man revealed that he created the Black Dragons for Mikey, his real brother, Izana was overcome with jealousy. This jealousy and later the grief over Shinichiro’s untimely death affected Izana’s already disturbed psychology and he became more cold and ruthless with time.

3) Hanagaki Takemichi

Hanagaki Takemichi

Of course, the protagonist of the story will also be one of the most popular characters in Tenjiku Arc. In Tokyo Revengers Season 3, Takemichi is convinced that the only way his multiple attempts at preventing Hina’s death in the future fail is because there is another time traveler like him.

Takemichi also tries his hardest to stop Izana from getting close to Mikey, knowing what it will bring in the future. Tenjiku Arc also shows the conclusion of the connection between Takemichi and Kisaki by showing their shared past and how it affected both of them in very different ways.

4) Ken Ryuguji

Ken Ryuguji

Another of the most popular characters in Tenjiku Arc is none other than the fiercely loyal and dependable Ken Ryuguji, more popularly known as Draken. He’s the vice-captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang as well as Mikey’s best friend. Draken acts as the steady anchor to Mikey’s turbulent emotional strength and protects him from himself.

In Tenjiku Arc, Draken suffers a tragic loss. His love for Emma is finally revealed in this arc. This is the first time that he is more broken than Mikey and it just shows how horrifically hurt he is from the whole ordeal.

5) Tetta Kisaki 

Kisaki Tetta

Ever since the beginning of the story, one character who has been highlighted as the overarching antagonist of the story is Tetta Kisaki. He is a shrewd guy whose aim seems to have been worming his way inside Toman and rising along the ranks to get closer to Mikey and control him.

Kisaki is the instigator of many important events in the story, the most significant being responsible for the death of Hina in the future. In Tenjiku Arc, Takemichi begins to doubt him of being the second time traveler. Both Kisaki’s past and motivation as well as his true potential are revealed in this arc.

6) Chifuyu Mafuno

Chifuyu Mafuno

Tokyo Revengers have many beautiful friendships that serve as the core of their respective characters. Two of the most heartfelt friendships of the series have Chifuyu Mafuno as the common factor. His loyalty towards Baji and his friendship with Takemichi make him one of the best characters of not only Tenjiku Arc but the entire Tokyo Revengers series in general.

Chifuyu is the only second person who knows about Takemichi’s time travel ability. He steadfastly supports his friend and fights alongside him during Toman’s fight against Tenjiku.

7) Souya Kawata

Souya Kawata

Angry whose real name is Souya Kawata is the vice-captain of the Fourth Division of the Tokyo Manji Gang, with his older twin Smiley being the captain. He gets his nickname from the ever-enraged look he carries despite having a gentle and caring personality.

Out of the two of them, Smiley always seems to be stronger, as evident by his position as a division captain. However, Angry shows his true worth in Tenjiku Arc when he begins to cry and unleashes his true strength which quickly makes him one of the strongest characters of Tokyo Revengers. He lives up to his nicknames as the Crying Blue Ogre and Toman’s Dark Horse and becomes one of the most popular characters in Tenjiku Arc.

8) Hajime Kokonoi

Hajime Kokonoi

No gang can run without money and nobody knows money better than Hajime Kokonoi aka Koko. He was introduced in the story as a member of the Tokyo Manji Gang in the future. He used to be the Elite Guard Captain of the 10th Generation Black Dragon before it was disbanded and he joined Toman alongside his best friend Inupi.

In Tenjiku Arc, Koko is forced to be the treasurer of Tenjiku and he later chooses to go along with it, leaving Inupi behind for the first time. This arc also reveals his tragic past and the reason behind his obsession with money. His bond with Inupi is also tested for the first time and thanks to this, he becomes one of the best characters in Tenjiku Arc.

9) Emma Sano

Emma Sano

Tokyo Revengers has a male-dominated cast of characters with only a handful of important female characters. Emma Sano is one of them who acts as the soft spot for both Mikey and Draken. She’s the step-sister of Shinichiro, Mikey and Izana. Because of being separated from Izana at a very young age, she hardly remembers him.

It’s known from the beginning that Emma loves Mikey very much and possesses deep romantic feelings for Draken. Even though Draken acts impassive towards her feelings, he also loves her back. In Tenjiku Arc, Emma meets her end but her death proves to be the key turning point for Mikey and Draken’s characters.

10) Kakucho


At the beginning of Tenjiku Arc when Kakucho is introduced for the first time, he doesn’t seem to be anything more than Izana’s loyal lackey.

But this changes soon when he shows the true extent of his loyalty to Izana. The friendship and bond between the two of them are one of the best things about this arc.

Kakucho is a childhood friend of Takemichi who lost his parents and disfigured his face in a tragic accident. He met Izana in the orphanage and when he lost all interest in living, it was Izana who stopped him and convinced him to keep living as Izana’s “servant.”

Ever since then, his loyalty to Izana has been unwavering, even to the point of agreeing to die for the man.

We conclude our list of the 10 popular characters in Tenjiku Arc (Tokyo Revengers Season 3).

Apart from the characters from this list, there are many other characters who shine in this arc including Seishu Inui, Nahoya Kawata, Yasuhiro Muto, and Takashi Mitsuya among more. Watch Tokyo Revengers Season 3 and keep reading Otakus’ Notes for more content like this.

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