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Top 10 Choujin X Female Characters, 2024

Currently ongoing manga series Choujin X has everything to capture your attention and hold it there: a captivating storyline, a unique and elegant art style by a genius mangaka, and compelling characters. Choujin X throws readers into a world where the allure of superhuman strength is dangled in front of ordinary folks but at a terrifying cost.

Choujins are humans with superhuman abilities. This transformation gets triggered at the most stressful moment in one’s life. But not everyone has the aptitude to become a choujin.

For the laid-back Tokio, always lagging behind in his genius best friend’s shadow, turning into a choujin is far from what he would have ever expected. But when the duo encounters a choujin out to kill them, they have no choice but to turn themselves into one.

It is unsurprising to see “good” female characters in an Ishida-sensei story. Today, we will be talking about the 10 of the best ladies in the series.

Of course, good here means well-written rather than morally good, as few of these enchantresses would NOT hesitate to bite your head off the first chance they get.

Let’s begin!

Top 10 Choujin X Female Characters

10. Sora Siruha

Sora Siruha

The primary antagonist of the series, Sora Siruha, also known as Holy Mother Zora, was the choujin X of the previous generation. She established Yamato Mori in the past and helped take down Quiem with the help of Antitise. During her heroic days, she was also called the Divine Beast and Hero.

Zora may have started off with good intentions, but she quickly became consumed by her visions of the ‘calamity.’ She killed Antitise, her former comrade, and thousands of people for what she deemed as the greater good. She was exiled from Yamato Mori after people started questioning her cruel ways.

As a villain, she is ruthless but complex.

9. Ririka Umezawa

Ririka Umezawa

An antagonist during the Uncrossed Paths arc, Ririka Umezawa, is the Kirigami choujin. She, along with her partner Ricardo Terror, was amongst the first people to be hired by Noh Mask to capture Tokio.

Ririka’s ability, Papermoon, allows shapes made out of paper to take the property of that shape. Unlike her mercenary friend, she is more serious and rarely shows any emotion on her face. She witnessed Azuma’s first transformation and was decapitated by him in the fight.

She has rejoined Noh Mask post-time skip.

8. Yubiko


Yubiko is another choujn who was hired by Noh Mask and went to apprehend Tokio during the Beast Island arc. She is particularly cruel and bloodthirsty.

Yubiko is the Mandela Body Choujin. She has the ability to manipulate her body and duplicate limbs. Her lax demeanor extends to her battles. She is totally unfazed when Azuma slices off her neck. A sign of her ruthlessness is how casually she views chaos. Instead of fearing it like other choujins, she simply sees it as another set of stronger abilities, willingly activating it during fights.

Yubiko seems to have a soft corner for Chandra, saving him when he exploded after taking XEMBER.

7. Hartley


Since Batista’s past hasn’t been fully revealed yet, not much is known about Hartley. One thing for sure is that she was Batista’s girlfriend when he was still working as a keeper in Yamato Mori and was possibly married to him.

From what little is shown of her, it is not difficult to deduce that she was a kind and bright person, always encouraging Batista whenever he felt lost or inferior.

6. Nari Tsumuji

Nari Tsumuji

Nari Tsumiji was the first choujin hired by Noh Mask to kidnap Tokio. At first, Tokio trusts her enough to go into an abandoned zoo with her, noting how beautiful she is. That mistake cost him since he would have definitely been captured if it hadn’t been for Ely coming in clutch.

Like Tokio, Nari is also a beast choujin. She takes the form of a giant snake. She was apprehended by Yamato Mori and questioned by Sato but was broken out during the post-skip.

5. Roja Hachimaki


Roja HachimakiRoja Hachimaki is a Yamato Mori keeper who was introduced during the beast island arc. She usually works in the Nagamata prefecture but came to the island to tutor Tokio and the group.

Roja is known as the Bramble Choujin. Her touch can turn anything into painful thorns. She has some weird sadistic tendencies, but her mentorship did help Tokio learn partial beastification.

Tokio meets Roja again post-time skip while looking for Zora’s poppy fields.

4. Tsukiko Mado

Tsukiko Mado

Former mentee of Sora Siruha, Tsukiko Mado is the Nightmare Choujin. She is currently the director at Yamato Mori.

Long ago, when she was still a child, Tsukiko was proud of the fact that the great Sora Siruha personally trained her. But as Sora became more and more unhinged, Tsukiko started getting more uneasy. Finally, she also started seeing visions. However, they were vastly different from Sora’s as hers didn’t show the calamity she spoke. This gave the keepers at Yamato Mori the push to exile Sora.

Tsukiko is an earnest and confident woman who just wants the best for the world. She talked to Tokio when he was feeling indecisive to clarify his feelings.

3. Palma Shishinegura

Palma Shishinegura

Palma Shishinegura started off as somewhat of an antagonist as she played a vital role in producing XEMBER for Noh Mask. But when Tokio rescued her, she was more than willing to help Yamato with any details she knew.

It is precisely due to her ingenuity that Noh Mask was able to manipulate her into producing the cursed serum. Palma has a really sad past and basically lost everyone she knew when she was young. She is the receiver of Bill Morth’s powers.

As the zombie maker choujin, she can bring people back to life, though they have to be sustained through her blood. Palma is shy but opened up to Tokio quickly since he saved her.

2. Maiko Momoma

Maiko Momoma

A 19-year-old keeper at Yamato Mori, Maiko Momoma is the super-strength choujin. She was one of the earliest choujins that Ely and Tokio met at Yamato Mori. She often pairs up with Simon for their missions.

Maiko may not look it up, but she is very clever and knows how to work a situation in his favor. She reacts quickly to danger and is amongst the strongest in Yamato. Unlike most of the other choujins, her choujin powers are completely inherited from her father.

Tokio has had kind of a crush on her since they first met.

1. Ely Otta

Ely Otta

The first spot goes to none other than the best girl of the series. Ely Otta was the first main character to be introduced in the series. She was introduced before even Tokio. Technically, Azuma is the deuterogonist of the series, but Ely often takes the spotlight.

Ely came across Chandra Hume on an airplane on her way to Yamato. A twist of fate allowed her to absorb his powers, and she, too, became the Smoke Choujin. Many, including Chandra himself, thought she would have the muted version of his powers, but she is actually much more powerful than him. In fact, she has a second ability and is also called the Thief Choujin, something that hasn’t been heard before.

Ely is upbeat and kind but can be stubborn at times. Since childhood, she has instilled particular moral codes in herself, afraid of ending up like her mother. She is good friends with both Azuma and Tokio but seems to have more of a soft spot for Tokio.

It is not far-fetched to call Ely the light of the series.

That brings us to the end of the list. If you haven’t started Choujin X yet, what are you waiting for?? Dive into the Choujin X saga and witness the thrilling gamble for superhuman power – but be prepared for the monstrous consequences that might await!