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Top 10 Best Female Characters in Kaiju #8

Kaiju #8 boasts an interesting premise packed with well-liked characters. There is no shortage of extremely powerful individuals, both male and female, putting themselves on the front line to save others. Today, we will be talking about the Top 10 of the Best Female Characters in Kaiju #8.

A Spoiler Warning is in order, but we will try not to give away too much of the future plot. Let’s begin!

Top 10 Best Female Characters in Kaiju #8

10. Kaiju No. 15

Kaiju No. 15

Kaiju No. 15 is our first and only monster on this list. Considering that only Kafka, who was originally a human, and Kaiju No. 9, who absorbed Isao, can take a human form, Kaiju No. 15 was quite unique.

Her human form is strikingly similar to Kikoru, probably because she was made to defeat her. Unlike Kikoru, though, she had black hair and black sclerae. Her main ability was psychological manipulation, which was quite a frightening ability.

Although she was a monster, it is quite difficult not to somewhat sympathize with Kaiju No. 15. Since she was created, she was different than other Kaijus and had a strong ego. All she ever wanted was love from her father, but Kaiju No. 9 was never capable of giving her that.

After she overpowered her, Kikoru recognized how similar but different their stories were. Both longed for their father’s love, but while Isao genuinely cared for Kikoru, Kaiju No. 9 only saw No. 15 as a pawn.

Kikoru told her that she couldn’t forgive her since she had taken countless lives but promised to beat up No. 9 on her behalf.

09. Toko


Toko is a Fourth Division officer of the Defence Force. So far, she has only made very few appearances but seems to be the second-in-command at the Fourth Division. We will likely see her more in the future.

Toko is a professional and seems to be the one keeping their laid-back captain in check. During the meeting with other captains, she confiscated Ogata’s sake cup, disapproving of his behavior during such a serious time.

08. Hakua Igarashi

Hakua Igarashi

Younger sister of Second Division Captain Jura, Hakua Igarashi is a Defence Officer in Third Division. Despite her imposing looks and height, she is quite lively and easily befriends others. She has a loud but likable personality.

Hakua is good with a blade and has been praised by others for her skills. She was amongst the people who were concerned about Kafka after his identity was revealed and texted him saying her thanks for protecting the Tachikawa Base.

07. Akari Minase

Akari Minase

Akari Minase is an officer in the Third Division and seems to be friends with Kikoru and Hakua. She is calmer than her more hot-headed peers yet determined always to fulfill her duties and keep up with everyone else.

Akari has the usual combat knowledge befitting an officer and also knows first aid. She was saved by Kafka during the raid by the Wyverns and checked up on him later to ensure he was fine.

06. Konomi Okonogi

Konomi Okonogi

A petite young woman with short black hair, Konomi Okonogi is the Operations Leader of the Third Division. She doesn’t engage in battle directly but is a skilled analyst. Her help is indispensable as she helps the officers on the field by analyzing the situation and relaying important details.

Konomi is determined and serious. She is usually the one who comments on Hoshina’s unserious remarks. Nonetheless, she cares deeply for him and everyone in the Division. In return, Hoshina also holds her skills in high regard.

05. Tae Nakanoshima

Tae Nakanoshima

One of the platoon leaders of the Third Division, Tae Nakanoshima, is a tall young woman with an athletic physique. As one of the high-ranking officers, she is capable of taking on several monsters at once and confidently leading her men into battle.

Nakanoshima is well-known in the division to be a “man-eater”. She is a sucker for good looks. When the newbies carried out their first mission, she was impressed by Izumo and Kaguragi’s looks and abilities.

04. Rin Shinonome

Rin Shinonome

Rin Shinonome is a platoon leader in the First Division. A short young woman working under Captain Narumi, Rin is calm, and serious, and carries out her orders perfectly. Her calm exterior sometimes hides her excitement.

Rin has always greatly admired Narumi since their first mission and does everything in her power to gain his attention. Narumi recognizes her strength and believes she is strong enough to be a captain in the future. She uses a huge machine gun during battle.

Kafka was under her command during the cataclysm by No. 9 but had to go against her orders to stop Kaiju No. 13.

03. Hikari Shinomiya

Hikari Shinomiya

Director Isao’s wife and Kikoru’s mother, Hikari Shinomiya, was a former Second Division Captain and First Division Vice-Captain. She was considered one of the strongest officers in history, capable of wielding a Numbers weapon, and admired by many in the past.

Hikari was determined and caring. She was more jovial than her husband and a lot of Kikoru’s personality seems to come from her. Sadly, she was one of the officers who died in the attack by Kaiju No. 6 in the past. But, her presence is still felt through Kikoru in the story.

02. Kikoru Shinomiya

Kikoru Shinomiya

Part of the main cast, Kikoru Shinomiya is one of the members of the Third Division. She joined the Force in the same exam that Kafka and Leno took. Initially, the two butt heads were due to Kikoru’s competitive and over-the-top personality, but she came to deeply care about him after he saved her during the exam.

Kikoru may appear as arrogant in the beginning, and she IS very confident in her abilities, but she is also very caring. She has shown overwhelming talent since the beginning and is always constantly pushing herself to get better so that she can save more people.

Kikoru and Kafka may banter a lot, but they have now become very loyal friends.

01. Mina Ashiro

Mina Ashiro

Mina unsurprisingly took the first position on our list. Kafka’s childhood friend, Mina Ashiro, is the indestructible captain of the Third Division. She enrolled in the Force due to her promise to Kafka.

There is not enough space for us to write why Mina is the best girl in the series. Beneath her tough exterior, she is caring and kind. She is also extremely loyal. Unknown to Kafka, she remembers their friendship very fondly and has a soft spot for him, although she was once upset at him for not fulfilling his promise earlier.

Mina is probably the most loved by the public in the series and is often the face of every newspaper. Her mastery of weapons is second to none, and she always surprises everyone with how good she is.

And that brings us to the end of this list. We hope that everyone gives this amazing manga a try before the anime adaptation drops in April!

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