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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date(Gohan & Goku)

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102 will kickstart the new and final arc of the series. We had received this announcement a little before that this manga series is reaching its last arc soon. 

The chapter starts with a normal conversation between Carmine and Soldier 15, who discuss Magenta’s funeral. Trunks appear in front of Carmine’s car while stopping a bank robbery. 

Goten and Trunks swiftly deal with all the goons, as they aren’t much of a threat. After looking at their strength, Carmine is surprised and thinks that both of them are the solution to his problem now. 

Carmine convinces them that there is a big threat that both of them need to deal with, and they readily get inside Carmine’s car. Meanwhile, we see a few panels of Vegeta and Broly’s fight

Vegeta easily overpowers Broly and keeps taunting him. Despite all of this, he keeps teaching Broly how to control his rage and use that as fuel for his power. Vegeta keeps on trashing Broly as if provoking him. 

Broly gets more serious and can hold off against Vegeta for a while. They take a break, and Cheelai says Black Freiza would be their next strong opponent. 

Beerus talks about how Earth faced a huge threat called Cell Max, which Gohan and Piccolo defeated. Meanwhile, Carmine takes Goten and Trunks to face off against Gohan. 

At the right moment, Goku also returns to visit Gohan and others.  

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102 Spoilers & Predictions

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102 Spoilers & Predictions

The manga’s events are reaching the End of Z events, and the manga series might complete its run sooner than we could expect. This new arc might as well be the last arc of the Super Manga series. 

In the next chapter, we could see a Round 2 fight between Vegeta and Broly. Since Goku also returned to Earth, we can expect more slice-of-life events and good reunions in the next chapter. 

Goku would also want to meet Piccolo and everyone who had been missing him on Earth. Goku would congratulate Gohan and Piccolo for the victory during their absence. 

Carmine wanted to plan something else, but this plan had completely backfired on him. He wanted to pit Saiyaman X-1 and X-2 against Gohan, but little did he know that these caped superheroes were Goten and Trunks. 

Carmine and Soldier 15 will probably get captured due to their little plan. With this, no other threats are left on Earth, and Goku, Vegeta, and Broly can keep on with their training. 

Fans are also eagerly awaiting the arrival of Black Frieza, which had been teased in the series before. Previously, he only showed a fraction of his power and dealt with Goku and Vegeta with one blow. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102 is scheduled to be released on February 20th. The chapter release will be delayed by a few days, and the raw scans might also get delayed. 

The raw scans and spoilers summary for the chapter will be released 4-5 days before the release of the official chapter. Make sure to check our article later after we have updated all of the official storyboards in this article. 

These are all spoilers and predictions we can make about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102. Make sure to check some of our other interesting content down below. 

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