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Hades in Record of Ragnarok: Past, & Power Level Compared To Other Gods

As well know, Hades in Record of Ragnarok is one of the most powerful gods in the series. From killing the entire Titan army on his own to controlling the whole of Hell, we saw how powerful he was.

His fighting capability is also one of the best in the series, as he gave a very hard time to the human fighter Qin Shi Huang. However, in the end, Qin Shi Huang did manage to kill Hades and finally win the round.

But, there is much related to Hades that we do not know, and his true power wasn’t also accurately shown. That’s why, we will be talking about the power level and past of Hades in Record of Ragnarok, in this article.

Who is Hades in Record of Ragnarok?

Who is Hades in Record of Ragnarok?

Japanese Nameハデス
Hair ColorSilver
Eye ColorBlack
AliasesKing of Netherworld, The Gods Whom other Gods Rely on the Most
AbilitiesIntellect, Bident Proficiency, Matter Manipulation, Divine Blood

Hades is the elder brother of Zeus, Poseidon, and Adamas, and greatly cares about all of his brothers. He participated in Ragnarok so that he could take revenge for his brother Poseidon’s death.

On top of being the oldest brother, he is also the second strongest out of all of them. Commonly known as the King of the Netherworld, he is a God that is greatly feared as well as revered.

He fought against Qin Shi Huang in the 7th round, following Buddha’s betrayal of the Gods. Hades also has many similar moves to his younger brother Poseidon but is way better at using his abilities and skills.

Past of Hades in Record of Ragnarok

Past of Hades in Record of Ragnarok

Coming to the past of Hades, we do know that he is the eldest sibling of Zeus, Poseidon, and Adamas. He swore that he wouldn’t lose to anyone, and would continue to keep watching over his brothers.

During the Titan invasion also, he showed how much he cared for and loved his brothers. As soon as he knew that the Titans were invading from Tartarus too, he sent all of his soldiers to assist Zeus and his other brothers in their battle.

And, he went all alone, to stop the whole Titan army invasion in Tartarus, which he did succeed doing. There were heaps and heaps of dead Titans, scattered all around the place.

Yet still after the destruction, Hades didn’t look like he was at the end of his wits. And also, we know that he was the one who wanted to bring Adamas back. Poseidon had killed Adamas when the latter was revolting against Zeus.

Hades, later informed that he had also wanted to resurrect Adamas. So, Beelzebub had operated on Adamas, and this led birth to the Adamantine we know now. We also know that he was the one who gifted Beelzebub with his special staff.

Hades was the major reason, why Beelzebub still managed to live to this date.

Power & Abilities of Hades in Record of Ragnarok

Power & Abilities of Hades in Record of Ragnarok

  • Hades has Godly strength, speed, and reflexes, due to which, even one hit would be fatal to Qin Shi Huang if landed.
  • He is an extremely intelligent individual, and could always understand the mechanism between Qin Shi Huang’s moves.
  • His Bident proficiency is off the charts, and he always keeps on creating new moves with it.
  • It is said that any move he uses can be called the correct usage for the Bident.
  • He could also manipulate matter, as he was easily able to blend Poseidon’s trident with his bident.
  • Hades also has divine blood called Pluto Ichor, which also had a life of its own.
  • He could use his blood to further strengthen his abilities and the strength of his weapon too.

Power Level of Hades Compared to Other Gods 

Power Level of Hades Compared to Other Gods 

1) Zeus 

It can be said that Zeus is more powerful than him because he can use the fist that surpasses time. This move is the fastest in the series so far, from all the rounds we have seen so far.

Zeus’s physical strength is also out of the park. Hades also has a good amount of strength and weapon proficiency, but it won’t matter if he can’t be able to block Zeus’s deadly punches.

2) Buddha

Coming to Buddha, it would also be the same conclusion. Buddha will be stronger than Hades, due to his Pure Enlightenment Eighth consciousness state. He will be able to predict the future moves of Hades easily.

Since Hades will be coming into the battlefield with emotions of hatred and superiority, Buddha can use that to see the future. Buddha is also proficient in handling many weapons and has a good amount of fighting skills.

3) Thor

Thor might also be stronger than Hades, the main reason being his shield. His shield is called the Strongest in Heaven, and it had only been shattered once by Lu Bu, with his Sky Piercer move.

Even in raw strength, Thor is stronger than Hades. Thor also has the bonus of electrokinesis, which grants him a major advantage in all of his battles.

4) Poseidon

Hades is stronger than Poseidon because he has more skill and proficiency with his weapon. Even after fusing Poseidon’s Trident and his Bident into one, he used this weapon like he was highly skilled.

Also, some of Hades’s moves are deadlier, and especially his blood is the most deadly of all of them. By strengthening the weapon, the power of it vastly increases, and even a single blow would be fatal.

5) Odin

Odin is stronger than Hades. Even if we haven’t been skilled in a real battle, we can call him the Top 2 Strongest Gods in Record of Ragnarok. He gives the vibes of a last-boss character, save for the final round of the Ragnarok tournament.

We also get to know, that he has a Life Decay skill, and this alone shows why he is one of the powerful Gods. It would be deadly if any living being would come in contact with this, as it would instantly perish.

Despite all of this, Hades can be still called of the Top 5 Strongest Gods in the series. He had a very good showcase of his power and abilities, but he was ultimately bested by Qin Shi Huang.

This is about all the information we have on Hades in Record of Ragnarok. For more interesting content about your favorite manga, make sure to check some of our other posts here.

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