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All Valkyries in Record of Ragnarok Ranked (Weakest to Strongest)

We all know that there are 13 Valkyries in Record of Ragnarok, who oppose the idea of decimating Humanity. They have now partnered with the Human contestants, to fight against Gods in this tournament.

A common question that arises, is the power level of all these Valkyries. Out of the 13 Valkyries in Record of Ragnarok, 10 of them have already been introduced to us. And out of the 10, we know the abilities and powers of 7 of them.

So, today we will be ranking all of the Valkyries in Record of Ragnarok from the weakest to the strongest. Without further ado, let us learn about the strongest Valkyrie, out of everyone we know so far.

All Valkyries in Record of Ragnarok Ranked by Strength 

7) Reginleif


Reginleif was the 7th of the 13 Valkyrie sisters, and performed Volundr with Adam, for his battle in the second round. She is one of the most loyal Valkyries, who wholeheartedly support Brundhilde’s idea of Ragnarok.

Even though she was the volundr of Adam, we do not see any of her special abilities in Adam’s fight against Zeus. Her unique ability has not been specified nor mentioned anywhere.

All we know about Reginleif is that her name means Daughter of the Gods and that she can transform into any weapon the user pleases. She did help Adam a little, by making his punches stronger with the knuckleduster.

6) Gondul


Gondul was the 9th of the 13 Valkyrie sisters, who partnered with Nikola Tesla in Round 8. She appeared to be a very calm and collected person and was someone who loved science.

This was the reason, she was easily able to perform Volundr with Tesla and aid him in his research as well as battle. Her name means Magic-Wielder, and this further proves, that she was a perfect fit for Tesla.

Unfortunately, so, Tesla lost the battle against Beelzebub, and Gondul was also severely damaged by Beelzebub’s attacks. This led to Gondul’s death, without us having a clear understanding of her special abilities.

5) Thrud


Thrud was the 3rd of the Valkyrie sisters, who merged with Raiden Tameemon, in the 5th round. She was a very tall and muscular woman, who possessed an even better physique than Raiden himself.

Thrud was also very tall when compared to the Giant like Raiden’s height. Due to her appearance, she has little confidence in herself and her abilities and keeps calling herself a monster.

Her name translates to the Strong One, and she was strong enough to control Raiden’s muscles so that they won’t go out of control. Due to this, Raiden was able to unleash his 100% potential, and have full control of his body.

Raiden also came very close to beating Shiva, thanks to Thrud’s special ability. He was even able to utilize his forbidden moves, and he managed to rip off three of Shiva’s arms.

4) Hrist


Hrist is the 2nd of the Valkyrie sisters, who did a Volundr with Sasaki Kojiro in Round 3, for his match against Poseidon. She was also one of the major reasons, for the victory of Sasaki and Humanity in the 3rd round.

She has a dual personality, and her eye color also changes according to her moods. When she is calm and polite, she has emerald green eyes, and has golden eyes, when she is aggressive and rude.

Hrist is the unique Valkyrie, said to have two entities, residing in the same body. The meaning of her name, The Trembling One also refers to her dual personality. Her personality even led to her special ability, as she was able to split into two swords when the original weapon was broken.

3) Randgriz


Randgriz was the 4th of the Valkyrie Sisters, who bonded with Lu Bu in the first round of his fight against Thor. She was a very beautiful woman, along with possessing a kind-hearted and understanding nature.

She was also loyal to Brunhilde’s cause and even stayed with Lu Bu till both of them died. Although nothing much is known about her, we do know that her special ability is powerful enough to shatter Thor’s Jarngreipr.

This was not an easy feat, as Thor’s Jarngreipr was also stated to be the strongest armor in Heaven. Her name also translates to Shield Breaker, and she owns the ability to destroy any shield in existence.

This explains how Lu Bu was able to break Thor’s Jarngreipr with his Sky Piercer move. Although this move did include the power of Lu Bu too, Randgriz’s ability was the deciding factor for this feat.

2) Hlokk


Hlokk is the 11th of the Valkyrie Sisters, and unlike others, she didn’t want to perform Volundr with Jack the Ripper. She was forced by Brunhilde and Jack, to perform the Volundr, so that they could finally gain a second win.

She has a very cute demeanor, but she is very arrogant and spoiled. Hlokk cares more about her appearance than anything. This was also one of the reasons why she refused to become Jack’s Volundr.

Despite this, she was a very powerful Volundr and presented Humanity with its second win against the mighty Hercules. Her name holds the meaning of The Unsettled One, which is a perfect representation of her personality.

Her special ability helped Jack a lot in his fight. Hlokk’s special ability led Jack’s gloves to change any object he touches into a Divine Weapon. This shows that her power is very versatile, and isn’t fixed to just one Divine weapon.

1) Alvitr


Alvitr is the 10th of the Valkyrie sisters, and formed a Volundr with Qin Shi Huang, during the most crucial 7th round. If not for her, Humanity would have never gained the upper hand on Gods, or even Hades for that matter.

She is a pretty strong Volundr, and this is solely due to her special ability. She looks and behaves very similarly to one of her other sisters, Hlokk. Although she wasn’t pleased to become Qin Shi Huang’s Volundr, she got used to it in their battle.

Her name means Host-Guard, and this shows her special ability of of providing defensive strength to aid Qin Shi Huang. This also means that the greatest defense is in fact offense, as she even provided him with offense capabilities.

The reason why Alvitr is the strongest Valkyrie is due to this. She can maneuver between offense and defense, depending on the user’s requirement. She can be both the strongest shield as well as the strongest weapon.

Apart from them, we also know about three other Valkyries in Record of Ragnarok. Brunhilde is the 1st of the Valkyries and was majorly responsible for this tournament to happen. She had already decided this with her sisters, before presenting this option to the Gods.

Goll is the youngest of the Valkyrie sisters, and she was always a spectator along with Brunhilde, for all the matches that happened so far. Next, we have the most recently introduced 5th of the 13 Valkyrie sisters, Geirolul.

She was seen fighting alongside Leonidas in round 9. Her name translates to The One Who Charges Forth with a Spear. The reason why we didn’t include these 3 Valkyries in the ranking, is because we do not know anything about their special abilities.

This marks the end of our ranking article of all Valkyries in Record of Ragnarok. For more interesting content and comparisons, make sure to check our other posts here.

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