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Zerofuku in Record of Ragnarok: Past, Relation With Hajun & Power Level

Zerofuku in the Record of Ragnarok series, was always a complex character, who got a lot of character growth, in his fight against Buddha. He is also one of the only Gods in the series, who does not have a mythological counterpart.

And, we also do not know much about Zerofuku, apart from the fact that he hates Buddha a lot. This was also the major reason, the Round 6 can be called a fated battle, for Zerofuku.

So, today we are here to learn more about Zerofuku in Record of Ragnarok manga. The anime adaptation for this Round is just around the corner, and this article will cover all of the information we have on him currently.

Zerofuku in Record of Ragnarok: Wiki

Zerofuku in Record of Ragnarok: Wiki

Japanese Name零福
Hair ColorDark Purple
Eye ColorPitch Black
AliasesGod of Zerofuku
AbilitiesBiokinesis, Misfortune Manipulation, Hajun’s Seed, Common Destiny

Zerofuku is the fusion of the Seven Fortune Gods and is the strongest fusion of them. All of the Seven Gods’ souls unite as one, giving birth to this supreme and powerful God for Zerofuku.

He was also the warrior who fought against Buddha and lost in the 6th Round. This was also the original form of the Seven Fortune Gods before they were separated into 7 different identities.

Even then, Jack the Ripper noticed that they have the same soul collectively. He also has a hole in the place of his heart, signifying his title of being the God of Misfortune. Coincidentally enough, he also has a lot of connections with Buddha in his past.

I. Past of Zerofuku in Record of Ragnarok

Past of Zerofuku in Record of Ragnarok

Zerofuku had a very miserable past, due to some of the incidents revolving around him. He was a very kind-hearted god, and had a child-like appearance, during his initial days as a God.

After seeing the miserable state of Humans, he started absorbing the misery of all Humans wherever he went. Zerofuku had thought that maybe this would save people from their miserable conditions.

But, after the people were saved, nothing went as Zerofuku wished. The same humans he saved drastically changed, and Zerofuku observed that they were living a lavish and depraved life, harming other people.

Right at that moment, he noticed Buddha there, along with a long line of followers. Buddha had not done anything to remove the misery of humans, but still, all of the humans following him look happier than the people Zerofuku saved.

After talking with Buddha, it was at this moment, Zerofuku understood that he had been doing everything wrong. He ran away, as we have jealous of what Buddha was doing.

Later, he also grew hateful of humanity, wanting to destroy all of them. But, he was still unable to kill a mother and child, and instead split himself into the Seven Fortune Gods we know now.

II. Zerofuku’s Relation with Hajun

Zerofuku's Relation with Hajun

Almost a millennia ago, Beelzebub had implanted the last few remains of Hajun, in Zerofuku. These Hajun remains, were altered, and were implanted on his head as one of his horns.

Slowly, these parasitic cells of Hajun started taking over Zerofuku’s body. This only started happening in Zerofuku’s fight against Buddha. He was defeated by Buddha and was lying on the ground when it suddenly happened.

Beelzebub wanted to resurrect Hajun back, and this was why he had utilized Zerofuku. When the transformation was triggered, both of his horns enter his body from his mouth and chest, taking full control of Zerofuku.

Then, two dragons came out from both places and created an egg-like shell, and shielded him. And, from this egg-like structure, a resurrected Hajun came back, to kill Buddha.

III. Power Level of Zerofuku in Record of Ragnarok

Power Level of Zerofuku in Record of Ragnarok  

Zerofuku is one of the most powerful Gods, and if his opponent wasn’t Buddha, he would’ve had a great chance at winning. Buddha had the ability to Foresight and was easily able to dodge all of Zerofuku’s deadly attacks.

The best part about Zerofuku is that he is more angry, and is in more misery, his weapon also answers likewise. His Misery Cleaver keeps getting deadlier and more powerful if he has misery.

This was also shown in his fight against Buddha. Zerofuku’s weapon had transformed from a simple battle axe to an axe that was 100 times bigger than Zerofuku himself.

Had he faced any Human fighters, it would have probably been pretty easy for him to win the battle. It would have been very difficult for fighters like Jack the Ripper, Lu Bu, and a couple of others to dodge his deadly attacks from the Misery Cleaver.

He could give a hard time to some of the Gods also, with his specific ability. The more his axe grows, the harder it becomes for anyone to get in a close-quarters fight with Zerofuku.

IV. Zerofuku’s Skills and Abilities

Zerofuku's Skills and Abilities

  • First and foremost, Zerofuku has his deadly Misery Cleaver to aid him in battle.
  • The more misery he has, the more deadly and powerful the axe becomes.
  • He was also able to manipulate a part of his backbone and turn it into a deadly sword.
  • Zerofuku can manipulate the misfortune on himself, as well as other people.
  • He can also split his soul into the Seven Fortune Gods, and become a God that people revere.
  • Even if he wasn’t a Valkyrie, he was able to perform Volundr with Buddha and grant him the Great Nirvana Sword-Zero.
  • And most of his other abilities, are his usage of Misery Cleaver, which can turn the axe into a sword or countless blade storms.

V. How did Buddha Help Zerofuku?

How did Buddha Help Zerofuku?

Buddha was the major reason, why Zerofuku had completely changed himself. His jealousy and hate for Buddha turned him into the man he is now. This was also the major reason, he wanted to fight against Buddha in Ragnarok.

However, Buddha understood the true feelings of Zerofuku as well. Buddha started to show the difference in both of their power levels and ended the fight with hand-to-hand combat.

This had knocked sense into Zerofuku, as we see him happily lying down defeated. Although he had been throwing tantrums all along, Buddha had still managed to help him and defeat him at the same time.

Buddha told Zerofuku to have more confidence and love himself more. This message was also clearly understood by Zerofuku, as he started changing back into his original cheerful and kind form.

However, this was when Hajun had resurrected, using his body. Buddha was almost getting defeated by Hajun, till Zerofuku lent his power, to aid Buddha in his battle against Hajun.

Since he had already returned to his kind side, he helped out Buddha too. He had performed a Volundr with Buddha, which granted Buddha a great and powerful sword. With this sword, Buddha finally managed to slay Hajun once and for all.

We can see how Buddha had changed the whole attitude and personality of Zerofuku, in his fight. This is everything we know so far on Zerofuku in Record of Ragnarok. For more interesting and fresh content, make sure to read our other articles here.

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