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Iruma-kun Chapter 314 Spoilers-Prediction & Release Date

Onto the much-awaited Thirteen Crowns‘ perspective. The strongest demons of the Netherworld started discussing how to go through the Barbatos Clan’s leader and sincerely apologize to Bachiko. As they discuss, Paimon stands up to tell them that she will do it as she believes she will be the only one who CAN do so at the moment.

However, they don’t need to rack their brains for long as the leader and Robin make a grand entry right inside the 665th floor. Everyone is surprised, to say the least. Sullivan is rendered even more speechless as he notices Iruma with him.

The clan leader announces that he will be stepping down from his position as the President, appointing Bachiko as the leader. He also gives everyone his word that if Bachiko decides to join the Crowns, she will have his support. This touches everyone.

Henri, the ever-keen Security Chief, is stunned that Iruma was basically able to prevent the outbreak of a huge war. Exactly what power does he possess to be able to achieve so many exceptional feats?

Belial decides that everyone should at least take accountability and apologize to the Barbatos household. Meanwhile, they send Sullivan with his grandson.

It seems that the pleasant surprises just keep on piling for Sullivan as Iruma hits him with an unexpected question. “Why can’t the Thirteen Crowns turn into the Fourteen Crowns?”

After all, Iruma could tell how much Sullivan hated the idea of giving Derkila‘s seat to anyone at the Deviculum. So won’t increasing a seat solve all their problems?

Iruma’s question is so daring yet innocent that Sullivan can’t help but pick him up in the air in joy. Looks like Sullivan’s worries are finally laid to rest.

Sullivan assures Iruma that he is fine now and will stop thinking too hard about the whole situation, prompting a big smile from Iruma.

Let’s discuss some future predictions and plot points.

Iruma kun Chapter 314 Spoilers-Prediction

Leave it to Iruma not to think twice about changing the iron-clad laws. Although it may seem like an outrageous option, it can actually be worth thinking about. Perhaps the Crowns will raise the Demon King’s seat over the other crowns, thereby adding an extra.

Sullivan and Iruma

For now, it seems like only Henri is questioning Iruma’s power of persuasion. He is one of the few people who knows about Iruma being a human, so it is no doubt even more baffling to him. Perhaps it’s a sign that he will give his support to Iruma when the time comes.

It seems that the next chapter will include a long overdue official announcement of the newly appointed crowns. Will Sullivan put Iruma’s proposal in front of the others? It seems a bit early to do so, but he may give it serious consideration.

On the other hand, Baal is definitely seething right now. He wanted conflict and chaos, but Iruma has thwarted his schemes once again. Once he gets wind of what is happening, he may prepare to speed up his plans.

Even after thinking about that, Baal is prepared for this to be a long game. He has spent most of his life for this one purpose. So it’s highly unlikely that he will try to harm Iruma for now directly. Maybe this will even amuse him.

Narnia may also be making an appearance, as this arc seems to be ending soon. This means we may be getting to know what Kalego has been up to. We are really excited for the next chapter!

Iruma Kun Chapter 313 Release Date

Weekly Shounen Champion will release the new chapter of Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun on Friday, September 1, 2023. 

Since the only way to read Iruma-Kun officially is via the Kodansha website or by purchasing official physical copies (which is much behind its Japanese counterpart), we will have to wait until the chapter gets translated by a scanlation group.

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