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Is Sukuna in Megumi Powerful Than Gojo, After Prison Realm? (Sukuna vs Gojo)

Spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 221 only just dropped, and fans can’t keep in their excitement. Satoru Gojo finally comes out of the Prison Realm in this chapter, making a long-overdue appearance.

Not only that, Gojo will be having an encounter with both Ryomen Sukuna, who’s now in Megumi Fushiguro’s body, and Kenjaku. With that information out, we’re left wondering: is Sukuna in Megumi more powerful than Gojo after the Prison Realm? Here’s us answering what’d happen in a Sukuna vs Gojo fight.

Sukuna takes over Megumi’s body in Chapter 212, taking advantage of the loophole in his binding vow with Yuji Itadori, his previous vessel.

After that, he fought and seriously injured Hana Kurusu, Maki Zen’in and Yuji, as well as killed Yorozu in Tsumiki Fushiguro’s body. This last action completely broke Megumi’s resistance to Sukuna, driving him deep into depression and hopelessness.

But now that Satoru Gojo is back, things can go either way from here. Gojo confronts Sukuna and Kenjaku on November 19, the day he’s released from the Prison Realm by Angel’s Cursed Technique.

Before Sukuna can fight Gojo, he’s stopped by Kenjaku, who reminds him of his Binding Vow to him. Thus, Gojo settles December 24 to be the day that they ultimately fight, the day being the one on which Suguru Geto died. 

With the ultimate Sukuna vs Gojo fight looming over, we’ll take a look at who’s stronger.

Is Sukuna in Megumi Powerful Than Gojo, After Prison Realm?

Is Sukuna in Megumi Powerful Than Gojo, After Prison Realm?
Sukuna vs Gojo

Sukuna and Gojo are two of the most powerful characters in the series. No one in the story can top their power. That begs the question of who’s stronger.

Satoru Gojo is the strongest Sorcerer and even the irrefutable strongest character in the series. And it appears his time in the Prison Realm hasn’t changed a bit.

This could be justified by Angel’s explanation: time moves differently in the Prison Realm, so Gojo could spend one moment or several years in the Prison Realm. But as it seems in Chapter 221, Gojo is, as usual, at the top of his game.

It’s comparatively harder to determine Sukuna’s powers, however. He’s the strongest Cursed Spirit there is, and it has been stated multiple times that he isn’t in his full power in the current timeline.

Not only that, but his powers also vary on his vessels. Sukuna, in Yuji’s body, was a formidable opponent, but in Megumi’s body, he’s even a larger threat.

Megumi is more well-versed in jujutsu sorcery, and his Cursed Technique is one of the strongest and has the most potential in the story. That makes Sukuna in Megumi’s body a worse adversary.

But before we decide who’s stronger between Sukuna in Megumi’s body and Gojo after Prison Realm, it’d be prudent to delve deeper into their powers and Cursed Techniques. So, let’s take a look at their individual strengths.

Sukuna in Megumi’s Body: Power & Cursed Techniques

Sukuna in Megumi’s Body: Power & Cursed Techniques

The true formidability of Sukuna lies in the fact that while his powers are affected by his vessels, his true power and Cursed Techniques don’t disappear. In fact, he’s able to use his own Cursed Energy and Cursed Technique along with those of his hosts.

Sukuna possesses a huge amount of Cursed Energy and is also able to use Megumi’s significant Cursed Energy too. Though Megumi has been initially resistant to channelling his Cursed Energy, after Tsumiki’s death, his resistance is all gone.

Apart from that, there are three main offences that Sukuna can use in his fight against Gojo. They are as follows:

Cursed Technique: Ten Shadows Technique

Ten Shadows Technique is the hereditary Cursed Technique of the Zen’in family, passing through generations, currently belonging to Megumi. In this technique, Megumi summons ten powerful Shikigami through his own shadow by performing certain hand signs.

Every Shikagami has a different ability that makes this technique so strong. According to Gojo, this technique has a huge potential and if used properly, could be nearly as powerful as Gojo’s Limitless.

Megumi has used eight of his Shikigami and one by fusing two. During his fight against Yorozu, Sukuna used the last two Shikigami. The ten Shikigami in this technique are: 

  • Divine Dogs
  • Nue
  • Rabbit Escape
  • Great Serpent
  • Toad
  • The Well’s Unknown Abyss
  • Max Elephant
  • Round Deer
  • Piercing Ox
  • Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga

Megumi’s Incomplete Domain Expansion: Chimera Shadow Garden

Domain Expansions are the greatest offensive powers for Jujutsu Sorcerers and Curses. Very few powerful individuals are able to master it.

Megumi has managed to master an incomplete Domain, Chimera Shadow Garden, that allows him to trap someone in his restricted area where his Shikigami is at 110%. He can even make clones of himself in his Domain.

Sukuna’s Innate Techniques

The actual Cursed Technique of Sukuna is unknown, but he uses various slicing techniques to deal with his enemies without resorting to his Domain Expansion. These slicing techniques are quick and efficient, capable of slicing multiple cuts at once without the user doing anything. 

Sukuna’s default innate technique is Dismantle which is capable of cutting anything in its path: from inanimate objects to Cursed Spirits. Cleave is another one of Sukuna’s Innate Techniques, which is more concentrated and works on tougher material.

Along with his slicing techniques, Sukuna also seems to possess unnamed fire powers, which he uses against Jogo during the Shibuya Arc.

Sukuna’s Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine

Like everything regarding Sukuna, his Domain Expansion is also among the strongest in the series. His Domain, Malevolent Shrine, conjures up an intricate Buddhist shrine decorated with skulls when activated.

But unlike other Domain Expansions, Sukuna’s Domain doesn’t trap the target in an enclosed space but rather offers them a means of escape by a Binding Vow.

This, in turn, increases the radius of the area up to 200 meters, in which his attacks are guaranteed to hit the mark. It makes Malevolent Shrine one of the deadliest Domains, where everything can be sliced within a 200-meter radius at Sukuna’s will.

Satoru Gojo: Power & Cursed Techniques (After Prison Realm)

Satoru Gojo: Power & Cursed Techniques

Gojo is a Special Grade Sorcerer and the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer in the world. Every character in the series has accepted him as the strongest, even the King of Curses Sukuna, acknowledging his power.

Gojo’s immense powers are thanks to the inherited techniques of his clan, which we will discuss in detail later. Other than that, he possesses immense Cursed Energy and the natural affinity to master anything he sets his mind to. This has helped him reach the pinnacle of power.

Gojo’s undefeatability has caused Kenjaku and his allies to plan to seal Gojo inside the Prison Realm. He’s spent months in there, though it’s unknown how much time has passed in the Prison Realm.

In Chapter 221, Gojo is finally released from the Realm. But it seems nothing has changed in his power, evident by how Uraume flew away, bleeding with only one punch from Gojo. 

Gojo is also very confident in his abilities, facing Sukuna and Kenjaku fearlessly, knowing his own strength. These all prove that Gojo remains as powerful after the Prison Realm as he was before.

Six Eyes

Six Eyes is an Innate Technique of the Gojo family that Satoru Gojo has inherited. Though the technique has always been in the family, it isn’t all that common, even among them.

But what makes Satoru truly special and wondrous is that he’s inherited both Six Eyes and Limitless at the same time, increasing their efficiency through one another and, in turn, making Satoru the strongest Sorcerer in the world.

Not much is known about Six Eyes, except that it reduces Gojo’s Cursed Energy consumption for a Cursed Technique activation to nearly nothing. This means unlike other Sorcerers, Gojo will never run out of Cursed Energy to perform a Cursed Technique.


Limitless is another one of the Innate Techniques of the Gojo family. It allows Gojo to manipulate Cursed Energy on an atomic level, giving him infinite choices of high-potential techniques that are impossible for anyone else.

Gojo is very versatile in using his Limitless. Thanks to that, he’s one of the very few Jujutsu Sorcerers able to perform Reverse Cursed Energy to heal himself. Other than that, he performs two high-intensity Cursed Techniques: Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue and Cursed Technique Reversal: Red, as well as their other versions.

Combining these two techniques, Gojo performs an ultra-powerful technique called Purple Hollow that destroys everything in its path.


Infinity is the neutral state of Limitless, and it’s also what makes Gojo untouchable and arguably indestructible. This Innate Cursed Technique always stays activated and acts as a barrier to Gojo.

At first, it seems like Infinity is an invisible physical barrier around Gojo that makes it impossible to touch him.

On a second glance, it then appears as if Infinity slows a touch or attack to the infinite level, making it impossible for the touch or attack to hit the target. But that is a misconception.

The true power of Infinity is that it supplies an infinite amount of space between Gojo and the outside world that renders it impossible to physically reach him. Gojo can manipulate Infinity to decide what touches him and what doesn’t. 

Domain Expansion: Unlimited Void

Like all things regarding Gojo, his Domain Expansion is also the strongest Domain that appears in the series as of yet. Unlimited Void is a very complex and intricate Domain that could only be conjured up by someone as strong as Gojo.

Unlimited Void, when activated, captures the opponent in a metaphysical space where their minds are fed with infinite information and stimuli, rendering them catatonic.

Gojo only activates his Domain Expansion for 0.2 seconds to limit its effect on his opponent. It is unknown what a prolonged period in that Domain will cost someone, but judging by the 0.2 seconds effect, it’s not hard to imagine how that could destroy anyone.

Sukuna vs Gojo: According to Jujutsu Kaisen Manga

Sukuna vs Gojo: According to Jujutsu Kaisen Manga
Sukuna vs Gojo

As mentioned before, a Sukuna vs Gojo fight is soon coming up. On December 24, these two strongest characters will finally get into an intense battle with no holds barred.

This gives each of them more than a month to sort everything; Gojo with his students and other Sorcerers, and Sukuna, for whatever reason, he’s entered into a Binding Vow with Kenjaku. 

It will be an interesting battle, not only because these two are the strongest characters in the series but also because they both have their own reason to tear the other apart now more than ever.

For Sukuna, Gojo is the ultimate obstacle to his plan, the only one who can stop him. After coming so far with his plan, it’s pretty clear that Sukuna is just itching to push Gojo out of his way.

Gojo, on the other hand, now has a more personal reason to hate Sukuna. Not only has the King of Curses taken over Megumi’s body, but he’s also killed Tsumiki.

Gojo has known the Fushiguro siblings since childhood, and despite his flippant nature, he deeply cares about them. He’s already mourning Suguru Geto’s death and how Kenjaku has taken over his dead friend’s body.

Now with Sukuna doing almost the same, it’s easy to imagine Gojo getting angry over it. And doesn’t an angry Gojo sound frightening?


After looking into their individual strengths and circumstances, we believe that in a Sukuna vs Gojo battle, where Sukuna in Megumi fights a Gojo after the Prison Realm, Gojo would ultimately turn out to be the winner despite it being a very close battle.

There are reasons for that: while Sukuna is now more powerful in Megumi’s body and is able to channel his Cursed Techniques, Gojo is well-versed in those techniques, having trained with Megumi multiple times.

Not only that, Gojo’s powers are overwhelming and though Sukuna is the only one who could probably counter him, the strongest Sorcerer is not without a few tricks up his sleeves.

His Domain Expansion would most possibly turn out to be superior to Malevolent Shrine, given their nature. This would make Sukuna’s strongest technique unusable. Gojo’s Limitless is also, at this stage, far superior to Megumi’s Ten Shadows Technique and even Sukuna’s slicing techniques.

But what makes us certain that Gojo will win the Sukuna vs Gojo fight is the sheer confidence of the strongest Sorcerer as he very simply claims that when he does fight Sukuna and Kenjaku, he’ll win both times. 

Gojo’s winning is not in question; that seems entirely possible, but whether Gojo does end up fighting Sukuna is the actual doubt.

A lot could happen in the 34 days between the declaration of the fight and the actual fight, and there might not be a Sukuna vs Gojo fight, the manga focusing on the new generation of heroes. But if it does happen, we know what wins that one.

We’ll end our Sukuna vs Gojo discussion here. Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 221 spoilers are out, and the official chapter will be released on Sunday, April 23, 2023. Fans can find the official translations of the chapter on Viz Media and Manga Plus. Until then, stay tuned with Otakus’ Notes for exciting content on your favorite anime.

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