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All Information On Italy Ubers In Blue Lock (Best European Team)

Italy Ubers, the most feared and the best European League team had debuted in the recent Neo-Egoist League. The team also brilliantly and easily managed to defeat FC Barcha too.

We also know that they have one of the best tacticians and strategists Snuffy, on their team. Now, what else do we know about the team, other than the playing squad?

Nothing much except for a couple of their stars on the field. We have got that covered for you. If Italy Ubers is your favorite team in this ongoing arc, make sure to read this article which is filled to the brim with all kinds of information on their team. Without saying much, let’s just jump into this article on Italy Ubers.

I. Background on Italy Ubers

Background on Italy Ubers

At the start of the Neo-Egoist League, Jinpachi Ego told that he rounded the best teams in each League to train the players in the ways of the professional soccer world.

This automatically means that Ubers is the top team in the European League, out of many others. This is also evident in its playstyle and the talent of its members.

Snuffy scouted on his own and selected players for this team, to win a trophy with this team and retire. He is known to never give up on anything, and that is visible in the amount of hard work he put into training his team and devising strategies.

Snuffy had also picked Don Lorenzo from the streets and made him the best CB of this new generation. Don Lorenzo is another player alongside Kaiser and Sae, to be introduced as the CB of the New Generation World 11 Players.

We can also understand that Ubers was a very dominating team in the Europe League. And having a New Gen World 11 Player as well as Snuffy, the team will surely keep winning trophies, which will fulfill Snuffy’s goals too.

II. Tactics and Strategy

Tactics and Strategy

Based on their game so far, they have only shown us two strategies. Both of them proved to be highly effective against BM, and one of those led to Barou scoring a goal too.

The first strategy they employed, was to keep Lorenzo on CB and wait till he gets possession of the ball. Then they start to launch a counter, and Lorenzo moves on the offense, making a position switch with Niko.

Niko also changes his position from MF to CB at that moment. Along with Lorenzo’s inhuman dribbling and technique, Ubers completely throw the field in a chaotic state, as all of them attack at once.

After he reaches the penalty area, Lorenzo will be marked as the priority target by the other team. But, this is all bait just to let Barou give the finishing touch.

Barou would be silently creeping up to the penalty area all this time to receive Lorenzo’s pass. This would not be a problem to do, since Lorenzo had already attracted the attention of all other players.

But, due to Isagi using his Meta Vision and reading all the information on the field, he was able to stop this attack. If not, the game would have been finished for BM as soon as it started.

Their second strategy, again completely changed their game. This time, Lorenzo did not move up but stayed on defense. Other players also were moving up slowly and efficiently, to maintain possession of the ball.

Just as the ball came to Barou and Isagi intercepted the pass, Isagi was immediately surrounded by three players in a High Press. This was Uber’s plan all along, and the switch to changing the pace of the game.

Now after regaining possession of the ball again, Ubers will launch a highly coordinated counter. This isn’t the end, as then Barou starts utilizing his Predator Eye to throw the field into chaos and then score a goal.

This plan was initiated successfully, as Barou managed to score the goal, trick Gagamaru, and tie the game for Italy Ubers. Although we will see more of their strategies in the upcoming matches, these are all their tactics for now.

III. Key Players

Key Players

The Key Players in this team should be Snuffy, Don Lorenzo, and Barou. Snuffy is the mastermind behind all of these strategies and one of the biggest reasons why Ubers is so feared as a team.

If not for his hard work and strategies, we would have never seen Ubers being a dominating team. Next up, is Don Lorenzo who completely changed the game for them after becoming a New Gen World 11 Player.

Lorenzo is also the core defense of the team, and might also be stronger than Kaiser and Sae. This gives Ubers a big advantage during their games, as they now just need a good striker.

Barou exactly fills in that spot for Ubers. After understanding Snuffy and his ways of thinking, Barou asked Snuffy to make him the King of the Football World.

We can also see how much he developed after joining Ubers. He was completely utilizing all his specs to dominate the whole field and score goals as he wishes.

IV. Teamwork and Dedication

Teamwork and Dedication

If there is any team in Blue Lock with a high amount of dedication and teamwork, it has to be Italy Ubers. During their match with BM, none of their strategies would have worked out, if they did not have perfect teamwork.

Their dedication to learning all of Snuffy’s strategies and implementing them is also a big factor in their success. As soon as they saw Isagi taking advantage of Lorenzo being on the attack to launch a high counter, they switched their strategy.

Isagi also understood that all of Uber’s plays could be considered as a single organism, due to their teamwork. It’s all thanks to Snuffy, to make this work out for Ubers.

Since he gathered all the data on his players as well as opponents, he can always devise a surefire strategy to win. We can also say that this might be the reason for Ubers’ domination in Europe.

It is near impossible to break their teamwork and take advantage of individual players’ flaws. Even Jinpachi Ego also mentioned that Ubers is best known for its strategies, dedication, and teamwork.

V. Impact on Blue Lock

Impact on Blue Lock

Italy Ubers not only had a huge impact in the European League but in Blue Lock too. Niko seems like he also comes up with a better usage of his vision and unlocked Meta Vision.

Barou had turned into a silent goal-scoring predator, with his Predator Vision and training. He also scored a beautiful hat trick against FC Barcha, which shows the impact of Ubers in his plays.

Even if he was an already aggressive striker, Barou still kept upgrading his specs to defeat Isagi. This shows how Ubers and Snuffy managed to affect some of the most important players in Blue Lock.

On top of this, Aiku and Aryu would have also upgraded their skills, after training with the best CB in Blue Lock, Don Lorenzo. We saw how the latter completely shut down Kaiser’s offense and strategies.

Niko, Aiku, and Aryu should also be able to easily upgrade their abilities, after spending a considerable amount of time with Ubers. This also shows off in their current match against BM.


From Italy Uber’s history to its strategies and impacts, we have looked at all of them in this article. We have covered all of the information on Italy Ubers, which is present in the Blue Lock manga as of now.

Their dedication and teamwork are truly something that other teams aspire to become, but each team has its vivid perspectives. Although still not matured enough as a team, due to their new additions, we can see Ubers getting stronger as the series progresses.

With this, we can end our article with all the information we have on Italy Ubers. We also come up with interesting and fresh articles for Blue Lock as well as other series, so make sure to check them out here.

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