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Nikola Tesla in Record of Ragnarok: How Powerful is he compared to Other Fighters?

Nikola Tesla in Record of Ragnarok became one of the most popular characters in the series since he was introduced. And, we also got to see him putting up a great fight against Beelzebub.

His match has just been concluded, but we all know that his story isn’t concluded yet. Even if he lost against Beelzebub in Round 8, he still put up a good showcase and ignited the will to win Ragnarok, for humanity.

And precisely today, we will be talking about everything we know about Nikola Tesla in Record of Ragnarok. We can also say that he’s one of the strongest human fighters, due to his sheer intellect alone.

Nikola Tesla in Record of Ragnarok: Introduction 

Nikola Tesla in Record of Ragnarok: Introduction 

Japanese Nameニコラ・テスラ
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorEmerald
AliasesChild of Light, Human History’s One and Only Sorcerer, Humanity’s Greatest Scientist, Ultimate Mad Scientist of His Time
AbilitiesMechanical Armor, Genius Intellect

Nikola Tesla was the greatest inventor and creator, ever known to Humanity. Due to his unexplainable science, he was also called the Sorcerer and had one of the highest intellects in the series.

He also had an enhanced memory power, which lets him memorize any lengthy equation easily. Nikola Tesla was one of the two only fighters, who was able to push Beelzebub to this extent.

Tesla also managed to create an automated suit, which surpasses the expectations of both Humanity as well as Gods. Some of his special moves and abilities, also surprised Zeus, due to his tenacity.

Past of Nikola Tesla in Record of Ragnarok

Past of Nikola Tesla in Record of Ragnarok

Coming to Nikola Tesla’s Past, we know that he was a great inventor, but there are secrets unknown to us too. Nikola Tesla had the blueprints for many gadgets and devices, which would have altered the direction in which Humanity was headed.

Experiments were also conducted, based on his notes, but none of them were successful enough. Going further into his past, we also know that he had a brother named Dane Tesla.

Nikola was 5 years, and his brother was also an inventor at that time, who was trying to create a windmill. However, tragedy struck and Dane passed away. Lightning also struck his windmill and destroyed it. This was the start of Nikola’s journey to the world of inventions.

He wanted to complete his brother’s goal of creating a windmill in his village. Finally, at the age of 11, he was able to accomplish this. This was when he understood that if he kept on inventing, his brother’s memories would never perish.

His brother’s will and goals would always be present if science is there. This was when he started to study science and started making all these inventions known to Humanity. Even after his death, he still carried on his brother’s will and kept on doing his research.

And thanks to his research, he was able to fight almost on par with Beelzebub. His intellect combined with his centuries of research, led Tesla and Humanity to believe that Humans could surpass Gods.

Nikola Tesla’s Skills and Abilities

Nikola Tesla's Skills and Abilities

  • Nikola has one of the highest intellects in the series so far.
  • Only Beelzebub would come close to him, in this aspect.
  • He has a mechanic armor called Super Automation Beta, which is his best invention so far.
  • On top of increasing all his physical attributes, it also lets him unleash deadly moves.
  • Most of his moves, use Gondul’s life energy, to unleash Tesla Particles and also unleash deadly punches too.
  • He was also able to create a Prison of the Gods, which lets him levitate inside the square field.
  • In this zone, he is also capable of reaching his top speed in an instant.
  • Also, he can teleport up to 3 times, using his Tesla Coils.
  • Every time he teleports, one of his coils gets broken.
  • Tesla also has many more variations of his Plasma Pulse Punch move, which we saw throughout Round 8.

Comparison with Other Human Fighters

Comparison with Other Human Fighters

1) Adam

Tesla does not have enough skills, to beat the strongest human fighter of the series so far. Even though he has a huge array of moves and combos, Adam is just physically way stronger.

Even if Tesla can keep evading Adam’s attacks, it won’t be hard for Adam to match up to his speed, given he fought on par with Zeus.

2) Qin Shi Huang 

Qin Shi Huang is a strong fighter, but Tesla might prove to be a strong fight for him. We cannot exactly say which character is stronger because both of them have different unique skills.

However, when it comes to raw fighting ability and skill, Qin Shi Huang is way better than Tesla. He also managed to defeat Hades, who was even stronger than Beelzebub. Whereas, Tesla lost to Beelzebub, despite his best attempts.

3) Sasaki Kojiro 

Tesla might steal away the win in this battle. Nikola Tesla just has too much diversity and complications in his moves. Some of his moves might even be too hard for Sasaki to handle.

Tesla has way more unpredictable moves, which he created out of thin air. This will be a huge blow to the Sasaki, who relies on his predictions in battle mostly. Even if Sasaki can match Tesla’s speed, his unpredictable nature is something that can’t be discerned.

4) Raiden Tameemon 

This should be a win for Nikola Tesla. Raiden relies on his physical attacks and strength more, and it would be hard for him to match against Tesla. Tesla would be able to easily evade all of his attacks.

On top of this, he can also use some of his special Plasma Pulse Punch Moves, to deal with Raiden’s blows. It would also be very hard for Raiden, if he can’t catch Tesla, to perform his special moves.

5) Lu Bu

Lu Bu will be of great threat to Tesla, but nothing the latter can’t break down. Lu Bu’s Sky Piercer move might be able to injure Tesla fatally, but this is only if the attack can land on Tesla.

Tesla would be easily able to evade this using his Prison of Gods and Zero-Max. He can also keep on landing his Plasma Pulse Punch Moebius move, which is an endless series of fast punches.

Nikola Tesla in Record of Ragnarok is undoubtedly a great fighter, and he would have had a bigger chance of victory, against any other God. It was precisely Beelzebub’s quick thinking and reflexes, which made him the victor. Make sure to check out some of our other articles over here.

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