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Kingdom Chapter 785 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date(Sou’Ou vs. Kan Saro & Ji Aga)

Kingdom Chapter 785 returns with more interesting plot points and excites more fights in this arc. The new chapter starts with the point of view of Fu Tei and Ri Boku. 

Ri Boku says it took a year for them to build this, and there is also a spot to trap the Hi Shin unit here. Ri Boku says that more underground tunnels lead to the same formation. 

He starts talking about the past, where Sei Ka had taken him 4 years back. And he further says that he will answer to their determination by winning this war. Ri Boku successfully escapes the tunnel and says they will repeat the incident with Kan Ki in this war. 

He boldly proclaims that he will kill Ou Sen in the Battle of Hango. Ka Ryo Ten and the Hi Shin unit truly understand the intentions of Ri Boku’s plan, and they understand that Ou Sen’s life is in danger now. 

They understood that Ri Boku did all this to buy time, and even Ou Hon was lured here. Shin and Ten are determined to return to the Right Wing before Ri Boku does. 

Both of them hurry to try to hurry back to the right wing. Meanwhile, news reaches the Right Wing that the Gyoku Hou and Kan Jou unit’s attack on Shi Ba Shou had failed. 

Ou Hon makes his decision to stay here and strengthen the Right Wing. He asks A Ka Kin to head to Ou Sen’s army for support. Shi Ba Shou keeps on slaughtering soldiers from Ou Sen’s army. 

Meanwhile, Ou Sen is trying to isolate Shi Ba Shou from his army with his formation. Despite this, Shi Ba Shou keeps pushing ahead, and Kan Jou also tries to move towards Ou Sen to stop Shi Ba Shou. 

A Kou somehow manages to give Gaku Shou the slip and moves towards Ou Sen. Meanwhile, Sou’Ou is trapped due to Kan Saro and Ji Aga. 

Kingdom Chapter 785 Spoilers & Predictions

Kingdom Chapter 785 Spoilers & Predictions

Ou Sen still has a few more tactics against Shi Ba Shou until he resorts to more extreme measures. A Kou is also returning to Ou Sen after wounding Gaku Shou. 

But, A Kou is also critically wounded due to all of his battles so far. Just like Ten thought, Shin should hurry back to the main army fast enough to fight against Shi Ba Shou. 

Some other interesting fights are also shaping up elsewhere on the battlefield due to Kan Saro and Ji Aga. They have been holding out some of the strongest Generals of Qin to help Ri Boku and Zhao in this war. 

Everything is going according to Ri Boku’s plans, and he has handled everything. But there might be more surprises from the Qin Generals in the upcoming chapters. 

Kingdom Chapter 785 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 785 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 785 will be released on 23rd January. There aren’t any breaks now, and we can expect the next few chapters to be released according to schedule. 

The raw scans and spoilers for Chapter 785 will be released on 22nd January, a few hours before the release of the unofficial chapter. The release date of Chapter 784 official translations will take a few more days. 

These are all the predictions and spoilers we have so far about Kingdom Chapter 785. For more interesting content, make sure to check our articles over here. 

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