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Mystery of Monkey D. Dragon Devil Fruit in One Piece

Monkey D. Dragon, the protagonist’s father, is the most wanted man in the history of the One Piece series. He was introduced early in the series. It is assumed that he has the highest bounty, which is still unknown. The series has shown that Dragon is the most dangerous known enemy of the World Government. He is the leader of the Revolutionary Army. The main objective of the Revolutionary Army is to oppose the World Government.

One Piece series has displayed a glimpse of Monkey D. Dragon’s power in different segments. But there is no official confirmation of his real power. Some fans have predicted that it is not the power of his devil fruit. He has possessed the power of Uranus, one of the three Ancient Weapons. However, in our opinion, it’s not Uranus; instead, it is his Devil Fruit‘s powers. Many theories have already been made on this. Therefore, in this post, we will discuss the mystery of Monkey D. Dragon’s Devil Fruit.

Logia or Zoan Type Devil Fruit-

Monkey D Dragon Devil Fruit
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Many fans have assumed that he possesses and operates wind. When Dragon saved Sabo, he was controlling a small tornado at that time. Also, in the Loguetown, he manipulated wind to save Luffy from Smoker. Wherever Dragon goes, we have witnessed a sudden change in the weather. Hence, we can assume that his devil fruit gives him the power to control wind energy or climate. But the question arises, is this Zoan or Logia type devil fruit.

A fan on Reddit has posted a voting discussion on the type of fruit he has. Nearly 80 percent of the fans have voted on Wind-A Logia type devil fruit. There is a chance that it is a Logia type. As we have seen, all the natural elements’ devil fruit is Logia. This makes sense.

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On the contrary, some fans have discussed that he has a Mythical Bird Zoan type devil fruit. It can be the Mythical Thunderbird who controls the lightning and wind. It is confirmed that Dragon can manipulate the winds. But what about containing other elements? If we take the example of the Loguetown once again, we have seen an attack of thunder during Luffy’s execution. The series has not confirmed that Dragon also did the lightning. But if it is true, we can assume that he has the power to control the weather. Therefore, in our sense, he either has the Weather-Weather/ Wind-Wind Logia type Devil fruit or Thunderbird Mythical-Zoan type Devil Fruit.

Relation with Gol D. Roger-

Monkey D Dragon
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During the Pirate King Gol.D.Roger’s execution, Dragon was there. The series has unveiled the presence of Monkey D. Dragon during the execution. At that time, he did not have a tattoo on his face. Hence, in our view, this tattoo is related to his Devil Fruit. The prediction had posted that Monkey D. Dragon has acquired Roger’s devil fruit. Moreover, he got the devil fruit after Roger’s death. Also, there was a sudden change of weather in the Battle of Edd war, and only the Roger pirates were safely out.

Lurking Legend
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The same circumstances happened in the Loguetown during Luffy’s execution. If we join these two incidents, then there is a possibility that Monkey D. Dragon might possess the devil fruit of Gol. D. Roger. It means the probability of having Weather-Weather fruit is more. Well, it was all just a mere theory. Now, it’s up to Oda sensei how will he unveil the Devil Fruit of Monkey D. Dragon. Hope you might have enjoyed it! 

Florian Triangle
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