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(2021) Top 15 (MHA) My Hero Academia Strongest Heroes Ranked

Last updated on January 28th, 2022 at 11:34 pm

Today we bring to you an article on the Top 15 (MHA) My Hero Academia Strongest Heroes Ranked. In this article, we shall include characters over the entire manga series, so do look out for spoilers.

Kohei Horikoshi has been living it up with the sales of the series. The much-loved series is an enjoyable one not only because of its characters but also its plot.

My Hero Academia Chapter 308 Raw Scans
Image Source: myheroacademia.fandom

The display of quirks has garnered a lot of positive attention for their creativity. And so without further ado, let’s get into the Top 15 (MHA) My Hero Academia Strongest Heroes Ranked.

Top 15 (MHA) My Hero Academia Strongest Heroes Ranked-

  • 15. Shoto & Dynamight –

Shoto and Dynamight (My Hero Academia)
Image Source: ComicBook

Shoto and Dynamight are both Pro heroes in training and students at UA. Shoto’s quirk is Half-Cold Half-Hot which allows him to use ice from his right and flames from his left side. 

However, the quirk makes his right prone to frostbite and left prone to heatstroke. But it can be overcome by using both sides simultaneously in succession, which creates a balance. 

Dynamite has a quirk called Explosion, which allows the secretion and ignition of his nitroglycerin sweat. This allows him to produce a highly offensive power that can vary in range and strength. 

Both of them combined have a great amount of potential. This is especially since Shoto is used to long-range attacks and Dynamight is skilled in close-range combat. Thus they possess great maneuverability and potential as a team. Also, they both are equally powerful so, taking one and one not may hurt many fans.

  • 14. The Big 3 –

Big 3 (My Hero Academia)
Image Source: CBR

The Big 3 consists of Lemillion, Suneater, and Nejire Chan, who are students of UA from class 3A. These heroes are regarded as the Big 3 as they excel in all areas among all other heroes in UA.

Lemillion possesses the quirk called Permeation which allows him to phase through matter and then return to his normal state. This quirk was initially regarded as uncontrollable, but due to his rigorous training and dedication was soon overcome. 

As a hero, he is competent, trustworthy, and was a potential successor of One For All.

Suneater possesses a quirk called Manifest, which allows him to manifest the physical characteristics of anything he eats. His manifestations mostly consist of much stronger animal characteristics. 

However, they do require a resupply of the food item after digestion to reuse the manifestation. 

Nejire Chan possesses a quirk called Wave Motion which releases her vitality or stamina as a spiral shockwave of energy. This quirk is best used in long-range attacks as it allows mobility and the ability to fly. 

The big three working together have a lot of potential considering their quirk versatility and abilities. Lemillion can handle close-range combat very well; Nejire Chan excels in long-range attacks while Suneater manages both. 

This allows the possibility of differently timed, consecutive attacks coming from 3 different positions.


  • 13. Sir Nighteye –

Sir Nighteye (My Hero Academia)
Image Source: ComicBook

Sir Nighteye is the former sidekick of All Might in his prime. He is an incredibly smart Pro Hero who was known as the brains of All Might. 

He has mentored both Mirio and Izuku and set up their foundations as heroes. Furthermore, his quirk is Foresight which lets him see 24 hours of a person’s future from a third-person point of view. 

The requirements of this quirk are physical contact and eye contact and can only be used once a day. However, this helps immensely when it comes to huge raids of villain hideouts or high-risk missions.

  • 12. Crimson Riot –

Crimson riot (My Hero Academia)
Image Source: MyAnimeList

The Crimson Riot is a Pro Hero who possesses a hardening quirk. He is the inspiration behind Kirishima’s Red Riot hero name. 

He is mostly known as a selfless hero and is often called a daredevil. Although his actions include recklessness, they focus on the idea of being manly through one’s will.

This ‘manliness’ does not depend on gender and focuses on protecting those in danger from harm through selflessness.

  • 11. Nana Shimura –

Nana Shimura (My Hero Academia)
Image Source: myheroacademia.fandom

Nana is the seventh user of One For All and the mentor of All Might. Other than possessing One For All, she also possessed her quirk called Float

This quirk allowed her to levitate in the air while using the superhuman abilities enhanced by One For All. As a hero, she has accomplished much through her positive work and self-sacrifice. 

One of these positives includes the trademark All Might smile of reassurance which later turned out to be the signature of the Symbol of Peace.

  • 10. Eraser Head –

Eraser Head (My Hero Academia)
Image Source: CBR

Eraser Head is a homeroom teacher of UA’s Class 1-A and also Pro Hero. He is one of the most formidable teachers and is incredibly skilled in combat. 

He possesses a quirk called Erasure which allows him to temporarily erase the quirk of a person within viewing range. He also uses a Binding Cloth made of durable material to trap and restrain his opponent. 

Furthermore, he plays an important role in top-secret Hero missions, especially when it comes to restraining highly dangerous quirk users.

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  • 9. Mirko –

Mirko (My Hero Academia)
Image Source: Hiptoro (Pinterest)

Mirko is the Number 5 Pro Hero and possesses the quirk called Rabbit. This quirk allows her to use attributes and abilities of rabbits that include powerful leg strength and keen senses. 

On multiple occasions, she has taken on multiple Nomu including high-end Nomu’s. Her senses help her navigate and locate her opponents which has made her a truly strong hero. 

Furthermore, her quirk specializes in not only close-range combat but also allows her to use her surroundings to her advantage to make space for long-range attacks.

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  • 8. Best Jeanist –

Best Jeanist (My Hero Academia)
Image Source: myheroacademia.fandom

Best Jeanist is a current Number 3 Pro Hero who possesses the quirk called Fiber Master. This quirk allows him to control and manipulate threads in close-by fabrics. 

He can also control the toughness and durability of a fabric. Other than being one of the strongest characters in my hero, academia is also one of the smartest heroes. 

Right from dealing with the League of Villains to collaborating with Hawks, he displayed qualities of selflessness and quick action. Furthermore, he played a vital part in the Kamino incident where he helped immobilized multiple Nomu’s and even All For One momentarily.

  • 7. Gran Torino –

Gran Torino (My Hero Academia)
Image Source: imgur (Pinterest)

Gran Torino is a retired Pro Hero and a mentor to All Might and Deku. Despite retiring, he continues to help heroes do their jobs and is a vital part of the investigation team. 

His quirk, Jet, allows him to shoot jets of air from the holes present on the soles of his feet. Due to his quirk, he possesses incredible speed and leg power which was no doubt used in his prime. 

Furthermore, he has continued his greatness by defeating low-tier Nomus on multiple occasions. He has also helped deal with the investigation of the League of Villains and aided all raids and even fights against All For One.

  • 6. Lady Nagant (with new Quirk)-

Lady Nagant (My Hero Academia)
Image Source: @kat__colors (Twitter)

Lady Nagant used to be a Pro Hero before she was sent to Tartarus due to the corruption in the hero society. Her quirk is Rifle which transforms her right elbow into a rifle. 

The bullets she uses are made from her hair and can travel and curve over 3 km. As a Pro Hero, she received assassin-level training, has great eyesight, and incredibly precise shots. 

However, much later in the manga, as she is intercepted by All For One and gains a quirk called Air Walk. This lets her levitate and increase the range of her Rifle. She is also granted a self-destruct quirk that is linked to her loyalty to All For One.

My Hero Academia Sexiest Female Characters
Image Source: Top TV (Youtube)

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  • 5. Hawks –

Hawks (My Hero Academia)
Image Source: myheroacademia.fandom

Hawks is the current Number 2 Pro Hero and became the youngest Pro Hero at the age of 18. He was trained by the government as a replacement for Lady Nagant and thus developed stealth, rationality, and quick decision-making skills. 

His quirk is Fierce Wings which manifest in the form of bright red wings. The feathers of his wings are detachable and can be telekinetically controlled. 

His quirk has been mostly used to ensure mass evacuations and the safety of citizens. Furthermore, he can also fly and manipulate the sturdiness of his feathers which can later be used as blades.

  • 4. 3rd OFA User –

One For All Users (My Hero Academia)
Image Source: otakukart

The identity of the third One For All user is currently unknown. However, it is no doubt that he is one of Boku no Hero Academia’s strongest heroes. 

His quirk Fa Jin allows its user to store and buildup kinetic energy. This kinetic energy can later be released in the form of powerful explosive bursts. 

The third user undoubtedly developed a great amount of speed and attack force through his quirk. This is especially marked by the fact that Deku can now use it in collaboration with his other quirks to increase his speed.

  • 3. Endeavor –

Endeavour (My Hero Academia)
Image Source: ShareItNow

Endeavor is the current Number 1 Pro Hero. The flame hero has the quirk called Hellflame which is flame production and control. 

This quirk allows its user to control the flame temperature, size, range, and brightness. Despite the letdown he produces in his private life, he is a dedicated hero and has defeated multiple Nomus. 

And he has done so with little to no help from other Pro Heroes. Furthermore, he has been in the hero business alongside All Might and thus has a huge amount of experience in the field.

  • 2. Deku –

Deku (My Hero Academia)
Image Source: @HEXAMENDLE (Twitter)

Deku is the ninth user of One For All and has received the power and efforts condenses by a total of eight lifetimes. This originally quirkless hero has a total of seven quirks but currently has accessed only six of them. 

He most likely is the most powerful character in Boku no Hero Academia especially considering his young age. His attacks include combinations of Fa Jin, Danger Sense, Black Whip, Smokescreen, & Float; all pulled together. 

Furthermore, he is really smart and is quick to process and put the information to use in a short amount of time. Despite being a really powerful character, the only aspect he lacks is being a hero accepted by the people. 

While he does possess the ability to do so, he currently does not have the right situation or the self-confidence to step up as a replacement for the Symbol of Peace. This is what lands him in second place instead of first.

  • 1. All Might –

All Might (My Hero Academia)
Image Source: Redbubble

All Might is the former Number 1 Pro Hero who is famously known as the Symbol of Peace and is also the eighth user of One For All. 

He debuted as a smiling hero who reassured people in times of difficulty through his statement, “I am here.” Since he could use 100% of One For All instantly, he cultivated it the best he could to serve and protect society. 

Moreover, he has fought against All For One twice and survived, although with severe injuries. Much like Deku, he also holds close to the true spirit of being a hero through selflessness and self-sacrifice. No doubt, he is one of the strongest heroes in My Hero Academia.  

Well, that’s all of our ranking of the Top 15 (MHA) My Hero Academia Strongest Heroes Ranked. And now we shall proceed with a little information on the My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero Anime RPG.

Where to Watch My Hero Academia Anime? Watch Order Guide
Image Source: WallpaperCave

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My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero PC- 

The My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero Anime RPG was released in Japan on 3rd December 2020. However, following its popularity and high demand, it was released globally on 19th May 2021.

MHA RPG (My Hero Academia)
Image Source: MobileGamer

As it is mentioned, it is an RPG that allows the player to switch between members of the team they pick. The game allows you to pick a group of 3 heroes and then assign missions to be completed.

The format is 3D and thus helps get a proper storyline-based game through our favorite characters like Deku, Red Riot, and Chargebolt. Since the game provides a total of 3 tasks that are to be divided among each character, there is never a moment of repetition.

All characters have their point of view, one after the other. The player is mostly tasked with having to defeat the Villain Bots that we saw in the first season of the series in the UA entrance exam.

Each battle includes options of attack like attack, dodge, combos, and special moves. It also provides an option of asking the help of a pro hero.

Finally, the game provides a Boss Appearance to complete a level. This Boss can be a villain, bot, or even a fellow UA classmate.

The game can also be played in PvP mode with a communicating feature to ensure ease. Furthermore, all features are customizable, and you can gain access to higher-ranked characters as the game progresses.

MHA RPG (My Hero Academia)
Image Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

For iOS and Android, the game is available on the Google Play Store in most countries. However, if it isn’t, we got you covered.

Fans can get the app by first installing the TapTap app. This app will grant access to various versions of the app. If you wish to install the English version, choose the US version.

The game hasn’t been made PC-friendly yet, so fans can only comfortably access it through iOS and Android. If fans insist on using it on PC, they will have to install an android emulator like BlueStacks.

The login is through your Google or Facebook account, and most suggest that fans log in through Google. However, for the log in, some may require a VPN if the game isn’t available in your region.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How do I install My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero?

Ans – The game can be installed through Google Play Store or the TapTap app.

Q2. What is the strongest quirk in My Hero Academia?

Ans – The strongest quirk is One For All due to its stockpiling ability.

Q3. Is Deku stronger than All Might?

Ans – As of now, Deku is stronger than All Might. This is because he has managed to see the Vestiges and heed their advice better than All Might.

Q4. Is My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero out?

Ans – Yes, it was released globally on 19th May 2021.

Q5. Who is stronger than All Might?

Ans – Deku the 9th user of One For All is stronger than All MIght.

Q6. Who is Deku’s Crush?

Ans – Deku’s crush is most likely Ochaco Uraraka.

With this, we conclude with our article on the Top 15 (MHA) My Hero Academia Strongest Heroes Ranked. We hope to have helped you out and kept you interested so until we’re back again, stay safe, stay tuned, and stay hyped.

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