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Record of Ragnarok Chapter 81 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date (Great Lord Apollo)

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 81 keeps on increasing our expectations and hype, for Round 9. We see Apollo’s Divine Weapon, called Threads of Artemis. It is said that this can change into a shield, lyre, bow and arrow, and many other weapons.

Coming back to the fight, Apollo lands gracefully and breaks his fall. However, Leonidas starts his new Phalanx Enchos Prodigy attack on Apollo’s landing position. Apollo manages to dodge even this move with his graceful dance moves.

Goll notices that Apollo’s hands have been shining, and asks Brunhilde about this. Brunhilde then says that it was a light thread, spun from the light energy, and was created by Apollo himself.

Apollo had also defended the direct hit of Phalanx Enchos with this. Soon enough, the threads start glowing more and gather on Apollo’s hands. It transforms into a boxer gloves kind of weapon.

Leonidas also understands that these threads were responsible for blocking his earlier attack too. He starts spinning his shield in all directions at high speeds, and unleashes his new move, Phalanx Asanatos.

But, this fierce barrage of attacks is no match for Apollo’s movements. He evades all of them with his splendid footwork, and Zeus also says that Apollo is the God of Boxing.

Zeus also noticed that a direct hit from Phalanx Enchos would be very powerful. Even Apollo’s threads couldn’t block this attack fully. Leonidas continues his attack, but none of them hit Apollo.

Apollo gets close to Leonidas and punches him. Leonidas tries to launch a tricky attack, but this is also dodged by Apollo. Now, Apollo starts with his flurry of attacks and keeps on punching Leonidas.

However, Haggis and some of the other Sparta warriors say that this is cheating, and Apollo has the advantage. Apollo stops after hearing this and creates a straight line on the field with his threads.

Apollo says that this is the perfect ring for this fight, and boldly proclaims that he will still overpower Leonidas in this straight line.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 81 Spoilers-Prediction

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 81 Spoilers & Predictions

Apollo had made a very big claim, after making this straight line on the field. Even if he is confident in his abilities, this might be an advantage for Leonidas instead. Using some of his Phalanx Enchos special moves might be able to hit Apollo now.

Even if the attacks are shielded, Apollo still does take considerable damage, as stated by Zeus. This match looked like it was going to end in this chapter only, if not for Apollo listening to the Sparta warriors.

This might be a wrong move from Apollo and might lead to him taking more damage. He had been easily overpowering Leonidas with his punches, but he still chose to do this, since he always lived up to other people’s expectations.

Apollo had evened the battlefield now, and Leonidas must now step up to the challenge. Leonidas was humiliated by Apollo, and became his sandbag, for the whole chapter.

He should show some of his other moves, as well as his fighting prowess now if he wants to win this battle. Leonidas is also even more angry, after seeing that Apollo was not even thinking of him as a threat.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 81 Release Date

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 81 Release Date

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 81 unofficial translations would drop around August 27th. The official translations for chapter 81 will release around September 13th to 15th.

The raw scans and full spoilers for the chapter will release on the 25th of August. Make sure to stay tuned and check this article, after we update the full spoilers and raw scans in this article.

This marks the end of our prediction article about Record of Ragnarok Chapter 81. For more Record of Ragnarok and similar content, make sure to check our posts here.

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