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Solo Leveling Ep 3 Spoilers & Release Date(Player Sung Jin Woo)

Solo Leveling Ep 3 will continue the incidents of this episode to show us how Sung Jin Woo will survive the combined attacks of all of these statues. At the last moment, he saw that he had completed the secret quest. 

Sung gets a popup window to accept whether he wants to become a player. What is this weird popup window? What will change for Sung Jin Woo after surviving this gate?  

These are some of the common questions we will deal with in this article. Read about some of next week’s episode’s major spoilers and plot points. 

Solo Leveling Ep 3 Spoilers

Solo Leveling Ep 3 Spoilers

This specific popup window and notifications can only be seen by Sung Jin Woo and no one else. Also, you want to train Sung further to improve his base stats. 

  • Sung Jin Woo accepts this chance in his dying moments, thinking he might live. 
  • He wakes up after three days in the hospital with all of his torn limbs restored. 
  • The Korean Hunter Guild’s inspectors also come to visit him. 
  • Sung learns from them what happened to some of his other guild members. 
  • They think Sung might have double-awakened since they couldn’t find the statues. 
  • However, upon further inspection, Sung seems to be the weakest E-rank Hunter. 
  • Soon, Sung’s sister came to meet him, and he got a notification. 
  • It says he must complete certain tasks daily, or a penalty will occur. 
  • Sung sees that this list is too much for a patient and ignores it. 
  • Soon enough, he gets struck by the penalty. 
  • In this penalty, Sung must survive 4 hours against a Giant Sand Centipede in a desert. 
  • Sung keeps running away from the monster and tries to buy time. 
  • Luckily, he completes the penalty quest just before the monster attacks him. 
  • Sung gets a notification of rewards for completing the penalty. 
  • After a few days, Sung starts working on the daily goals of this system. 
  • Sung notices that this system benefits him, and he can level up easily with it. 
  • He keeps getting skill points and could upgrade his base stats or get random rewards. 
  • Soon, Sung also receives a mystery reward, a key to a special dungeon known only to him. 

Solo Leveling Ep 3 Release Date

Solo Leveling Ep 3 Release Date

Solo Leveling Ep 3 should be released in 4 more days, on 20th January. The weekly release schedule of the episode is on Saturdays so that you can enjoy a fresh episode of Solo Leveling for the weekend. 

The episode’s release time is 8:30 PM IST, and it might take around half an hour to an hour for the episode to get updated on all of the official and unofficial sites. 

The new episodes for Solo Leveling are only released on Crunchyroll. By the end of this season, we can expect more streaming services to announce the streaming of this anime series.

These are spoilers and plot points for Solo Leveling Ep 3, which are the most prominent; check out some of our other Solo Leveling content articles over here. 

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