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Stussy in One Piece: Power, Abilities and Latest Clone Theory Explained

Stussy has always been an intriguing and mysterious character since her debut in the story. But the recent chapter of One Piece has dropped a serious bomb on fans about the only female member of CP0. That’s why we’re here today, with all the exciting details about Stussy in One Piece. In this article, we’ll be discussing the character as well as her abilities and the latest clone theory.

Who is Stussy in One Piece? 

Stussy & Bakkin

Stussy is a member of CP0 (Cipher Pol 0), the strongest intelligence agency working directly under the World Nobles. She works alongside powerful individuals like Rob Lucci and Kaku.

Her debut was in the Whole Cake Island Arc, where she attended the tea party hosted by Big Mom. Currently, Stussy appears as a primary antagonist in the Egghead Arc.

When Stussy first appeared in the story, she was introduced as an emperor of the Underworld, going by the name “Queen of the Pleasure District.” This cover, however, was proved to be false when she revealed her identity as a CP0 agent. She also appeared alongside the other agents of CP0 in both the Reverie Arc and the Wano Arc.

Stussy’s Real Identity in One Piece

But it is only during the Egghead Arc that the reality of Stussy’s origin is revealed. In a surprising turn of events, she turns out to be the clone of Miss Buckingham Stussy, a former member of the Rocks Pirates. 

It is also revealed that Stussy is the product of a cloning experiment performed by MADS and is the first subject of the experiment.

Stussy (The Clone of Miss Buckingham)
Stussy (The Clone of Miss Buckingham)

Miss Buckingham Stussy is none other than Miss Bakkin, mother of Edward Weevil. Bakkin was introduced in Chapter 802 of the manga, seen alongside her son. 

Bakkin claims to be the lover of Edward Newgate, aka Whitebeard, a former Emperor of the Sea, though there has never been a confirmation of the fact. Their proclaimed son, Weevil and Bakkin, were hunting the rest of Whitebeard Pirates, who claimed to be Whitebeard’s family.

Now, it seems Bakkin is no small player and was once a part of Rocks Pirates alongside legendary pirates like Whitebeard, Kaido, Big Mom, and Xebec. 

Bakkin’s claim of having a relationship with Whitebeard previously looked unlikely. But with the new revelation of her being Miss Buckingham Stussy and a former crewmate of Whitebeard, the relationship seems entirely possible.

One Piece Chapter 1073 finally reveals Stussy to be the mysterious ally Dr. Vegapunk called for help from. By the looks of it, she seems to be truly allied with Vegapunk and not CP0, as it is stated in Chapter 1073 that her becoming a part of CP0 wasn’t part of the plan. The plan, however, remains unknown, but it must be something related to Vegapunk.

Stussy: Power and Abilities

Stussy has never been in a serious fight that could showcase her skillset as of yet. But judging by her status as an agent of the CP0, the strongest of the Cipher Pols, it is safe to say that she is very strong. 

She can use both Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki and is strong enough to endure the onslaught of Big Mom’s frightening Haoshoku.

Given her status as a Cipher Pol agent, she must be able to use the Rokushiki techniques, though there hasn’t been any instance where she exhibited them. In Chapter 1073, Stussy uses a special form of the Kami-e technique called “Remaining Body.” She can create illusions of herself to confuse her enemies.

Stussy also always keeps a sea stone containing lipstick with her that can be used to subdue any Devil Fruit users. She uses lipstick similar to the way Smoker uses his seastone Jitte.

Another point to note is that Stussy is the clone of a pirate who belonged to the legendary Rocks Pirate. Then the original Miss Buckingham Stussy must have been very powerful, and it is very likely that the clone Stussy shares the original’s powers.

However, the most prominent show of Stussy’s abilities comes at the end of Chapter 1072During Kaku’s fight against Zoro, where the former uses his awakened Devil Fruits, Stussy suddenly sprouts a pair of bat wings and fangs and bites Kaku.

The bite seems to have put Kaku to sleep as Stussy smiles with blood in her mouth. Judging by this, it’s clear that she has vampiric powers, but it’s not clear whether it’s by a Zoan-type Devil Fruit or something else. Stussy uses the same method for Lucci.

Is Stussy a Cyborg or Clone? Latest Theory


Now that Stussy has been revealed to be a clone created by the scientists of MADS, it gives fans a chance to speculate about the nature of Stussy’s being. One Piece has recently had quite a number of clones running around, from Vegapunk’s clones to the Seraphims being clones of the former Shichibukai and now Stussy. 

The series is also currently focusing on the history and motive behind Bartholomew Kuma’s state as a cyborg. The Seraphims are also cyborgs, and this trend gives a hint that Stussy, too, might be actually a cyborg made by MADS.

The director of MADS, Dr. Vegapunk was the One to turn Kuma into a cyborg, and Queen, one of the scientists, has a modified machine body and is a cyborg himself.

They are more than capable of producing a cyborg clone. But it’s only a theory, and the further nature of the Stussy clone will only come to light as the story progresses.

There are a few more speculations about Stussy too. An exciting one of them is the possibility of Stussy being the fifth member of MADS. It’s revealed earlier in the story that the rogue scientist group MADS had five members, consisting of Vegapunk, Caesar, Queen, and Judge, along with an unknown member who is most likely a woman, judging by her silhouette. Stussy could very well be that member now that her connection with MADS is revealed.

Well, those are the latest theories about Stussy and her status as a clone. More truth will hopefully come out soon as Egghead Arc progresses forward. The arc has already garnered a lot of attention and excitement because of the introduction of Dr. Vegapunk, and the intriguing twists revealed so far.

It will only get better from now on. To not miss any important and exciting content on One Piece, make sure to visit our website. We’ll be back with more anime goodness.

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