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One Piece Volume 106 SBS – Megathread: All Details

Last updated on October 11th, 2023 at 05:15 pm

One Piece Volume 106 SBS just released on July 4, in Japan. The title of this SBS is “A Genius’s Dream”, alluding to the name of Chapter 1068. This SBS contains the chapters of the Egghead Arc, from Chapter 1066, titled “The Will of Ohara”, to Chapter 1076, titled “Old Friends”. Meaning, the events this SBS covers range from Luffy meeting the Stella body of Vegapunk for the first time to Shanks destroying Kid Pirates.

Like every One Piece SBS, Volume 106 also has a special section where fans get the answers of the questions they sent from Eiichiro Oda himself. These Q&A sections are always funny and entertaining, and contain a lot of additional info from Oda that couldn’t be included in the chapters of the weekly manga.

So, we bring you all the major information revealed in its Q&A section by Oda.

Eiichiro Oda's Wish

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Name of Sukuna’s Cursed Tools

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How did Sukuna's Fingers Taste Like?

Why Is Sukuna Obsessed with Megumi

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Momo Nishimiya

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Which character among the following might not be straight?


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What songs did Gege Akutami suggest as theme songs for Gojo Satoru?

Satoru Gojo: Powers and Abilities

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Luffy's strongest ability in Gear 5

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What is the reason for Luffy's constant laugh while using Gear 5?

Eiichiro Oda's Wish

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Known Limitations of the Gear 5 Transformation

Luffy vs. Kizaru clones

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Which characters pose a significant challenge for Luffy while he's in Gear 5?

Kaido vs. Shanks

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Which characters have witnessed Luffy In Gear 5 by One Piece Chapter 1092?

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One Piece Volume 106 SBS Chapters

One Piece Volume 106 SBS Chapters

The following chapters will comprise One Piece Volume 106 SBS:

  • Chapter 1066: The Will of Ohara
  • Chapter 1067: Punk Records
  • Chapter 1068: A Genius’s Dream
  • Chapter 1069: All Things Are Brought into This World with Hope
  • Chapter 1070: The Strongest Form of Humanity
  • Chapter 1071: A Hero Deploys
  • Chapter 1072: The Weight of Memory
  • Chapter 1073: Miss Buckingham Stussy
  • Chapter 1074: Mark III
  • Chapter 1075: Labophase Death Game
  • Chapter 1076: Old Friends

One Piece Volume 106 SBS – Megathread: All Details

I. Aramaki’s Past

Aramaki's Past

Admirals are the strongest assets of the Marines, and only the extraordinarily powerful individuals are considered for the high position. There are usually three admirals who work under the fleet admiral. Before the timeskip, the three admirals used to be Akainu, Aokiji and Kizaru, and the fleet admiral was Sengoku.

After the timeskip, Akainu was promoted to the position of fleet admiral, and Aokiji left the Marines because he didn’t want to work under Akainu. That left Kizaru as the only remaining admiral. The two empty spots were then taken by the two new admirals: Fujitora and Ryokugyu.

Between them, Ryokugyu is the last to be introduced. His real name is Aramaki and he possesses a powerful Logia devil fruit called Mori Mori no Mi which gives him the power to manipulate plantlife and transform into a forest. Aramaki is shown to have a strict idea of justice in which he believes all criminals should be dealt with the worst punishment.

One Piece Volume 106 SBS gives us a hint about the past of the new admiral. Oda says that the tattoo on Aramaki’s chest, which says “Shinagawa Shinjuu” (死川心中), is an indicator to his sad and painful past. 

The tattoo alludes to a Rakugo play titled Shinagawa Shinjuu or the suicide of the Shinagawa lovers in which a courtesan who has passed her prime years and is left ruined and destitute is planning to commit suicide.

Not wanting to go through the ordeal alone, she sweet talks a young man into jumping off a bridge with her. Though the man initially agrees, he backpedals at the moment of act, and the courtesan pushes him off the bridge.

As the courtesan is about to jump herself, a messenger comes bringing the news of money arriving. Finally finding a way out of her destitute state, the idea of suicide seems ridiculous to the courtesan, and she goes back to her life.

This story brings two possibilities about Aramaki’s past: he was either the betrayer who caused someone misfortune without receiving it himself, or he was the betrayed who trusted someone only to regret it later. 

II. How Did Aramaki Survive Three Years without Food

How Did Aramaki Survive Three Years without Food

Another shocking thing revealed about Aramaki is that he went three years without any food, because according to him, eating food is a “pain in the butt”. This led to fans wondering how the admiral managed to do that. 

In One Piece Volume 106 SBS, a fan asked this question and presented a theory of their own. According to their theory, Aramaki could withstand three years with any food because he was getting his nutrition elsewhere. Since he is a forest, he could use photosynthesis to get his nutrients. And that’s why he didn’t need any human food.

This is a very interesting concept and Oda confirmed that it was actually what happened with Aramaki.

III. Justice of Fujitora and Ryokugyu

Justice of Fujitora and Ryokugyu

The Marines work with a certain philosophy: Absolute Justice. All Marine officers follow this philosophy, though many have their own versions of it. The admirals, in particular, are all of different personalities, and have different perspectives on justice.

Earlier, Oda disclosed what type of justice do the admirals at that time, meaning Akainu, Aokiji and Kizaru, follow. And in One Piece Volume 106 SBS, he also reveals the justice of the other two admirals: Fujitora and Ryokugyu.

According to Oda, the philosophies of justice of the admirals are as the following:

  • Akainu (Sakazuki): Thorough Justice
  • Aokiji (Kuzan): Lazy Justice (formerly Burning Justice, before the destruction of Ohara)
  • Kizaru (Borsalino): Unclear Justice
  • Fujitora (Issho): Humane Justice
  • Ryokugyu (Aramaki): Determined Justice

Aside from the admirals, Oda has also revealed the justice motto of other Marine officers like:

  • Former Fleet Admiral Sengoku: Reigning Justice
  • Vice Admiral Tsuru: Cleansing Justice
  • Vice Admiral Prodi: Fine Tuned Justice

Surprisingly, the justice philosophies of Garp and Koby are yet to be revealed.

IV. Sentomaru’s Backstory

Sentomaru’s Backstory

Sentomaru is the bodyguard of Vegapunk. He debuts in the story before the timeskip during the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, with a Pacifista, and also makes an appearance in the Egghead Arc. It is during this arc that there is a tease about a shared history between Vegapunk and his bodyguard. 

Sentomaru addresses the famous inventor informally and proves that his loyalty lies ultimately to Vegapunk, and not the World Government. In One Piece Volume 106 SBS, his backstory is finally explored.

Sometime in the past, the Marines got a report that there had been a wild animal outbreak on a certain island, and wild bears were terrorizing the human villages of the island. As they went to the island, Vegapunk also accompanied them to set up a system that could stop this bear problem. 

While the marine officers and Vegapunk went to the dangerous mountain where the bears lived, they found a little boy who had defeated all the bears on the mountain with his sumo fighting style, and now lived as the boss of the mountain. That little boy was Sentomaru.

They learned that Sentomaru had been abandoned as a child in the mountains by the villagers because of his violent personality. Ever since then, he’d been living in the mountains, fighting wild animals, and was always hungry. Awed by the power of the little boy, Vegapunk recruited him as his bodyguard and had him come with them.

V. Law’s Devil Fruit Awakening

Law’s Devil Fruit Awakening

Law’s devil fruit is one of the most exciting and overpowered fruits in the story, and its attacks are more complicated than any other techniques used in the story. One of Law’s attacks is called K-Room. A fan questions the author what the “K” in K-Room stands for, and whether the “K” comes from Kaskusei which means awakening or Kikoku.

Oda explains Law’s Room technique first. Room allows the user to create a surgery room in which he can do whatever he wants as the surgeon. With K-Room, Law infuses his sword in Room, and can do anything he wants with the sword.

He can manipulate the size and shape of the sword and can even produce intense shockwaves. The “K” in K-Room stands for knife.

After Law’s devil fruit awakening, he uses a special technique called R-Room, with which he can create a Room away from him. Before, Law had to be physically present within the room to “perform the surgery”.

However, after his awakening, that is no longer necessary and he can do anything he wants even in a Room created far away from him. The “R” in R-Room stands for Ri which means distance or departure.

VI. Nami’s Words to Lucci

Nami’s Words to Lucci

A fan asked Oda what Nami is saying to Rob Lucci in the panel. According to Oda, Nami’s words to Lucci here are: “You’re no longer acting so tough mister ‘I was the boss when it came to bully Robin in Enies Lobby.”

VII. The Balloons on the G-14 Base

The Balloons on the G-14 Base

One hawk-eyed fan noticed some round shapes on the G-14 base, which is near Egghead Island, in Chapter 1061. They ask Oda whether those round shapes are balloons, and if so, why are there balloons in a marine base. The author confirms that those are indeed balloons.

He explains that the children who are the victims of Caesar‘s experiments in Punk Hazard are currently living at the G-14 base. Vegapunk is treating the kids and they are receiving medicines for their conditions at the base.

Since the marine base looks intimidating to the children, vice admiral Doll has the marine cadets adding some balloons to the place to cheer them up.

VIII. Older Brook

Older Brook

IX. Who Is the Best Drinker among the Straw Hats?

Who Is the Best Drinker among the Straw Hats?

A fan asks Oda who is the best drinker among the Straw Hats and to give a ranking based on drinking. Among the Straw Hats, Zoro is often seen enjoying drinks and is a particular fan of drinking.

Nami has also shown herself to be a capable drinker, and once matched Zoro toe to toe in drinking. Jinbei has also been seen nursing cups of sake. However, the other Straw Hats are yet to show their potential in drinking.

According to Oda, the ranking of the Straw Hats in terms of drinking is like this:

  1. Jinbei
  2. Zoro
  3. Nami
  4. Franky
  5. Sanji 
  6. Robin
  7. Brook
  8. Ussop
  9. Luffy
  10. Chopper

Oda explains that making this ranking was difficult because everyone has a different approach to drinking, and faces it with different attitudes. He also comments that he believes Luffy has a potential in drinking, but for him, meat will always come first.

X. CP0 Members

CP0 Members

Another question that appears in One Piece Volume 106 SBS is about CP0 members. The fan asks whether only some of the members of CP9 were promoted to CP0, like Lucci and Kaku.

To this question, Oda answers that every member of CP9 was indeed promoted to CP0. Aside from Lucci and Kaku, recently Kalifa and Jabra also appeared in One Piece Film: Red and in Sabo’s flashback of Reverie in the manga.

Eiichiro Oda explains that while every CP9 member is now part of CP0, there is a group of members in the organization who wear masks, like Lucci, Kaku and Stussy. These members are given special missions, and are known as Masked Assassins.

XI. S-Snake’s Powers

S-Snake’s Powers

Seraphim are one of the most powerful weapons under the World Government. Created by Vegapunk, these high-tech cyborgs are made in the images of the seven original Shichibukai as kids, and possess the genetics of lunarian and devil fruit powers.

There are seven Seraphim; one of them is S-Snake, who looks like the kid version of Hancock and possesses the power of Mero Mero no Mi.

A fan asks Oda how S-Snake’s Mero Mero no Mi works since she looks like a child. To this, the author explains that the powers of Mero Mero no Mi take effect when people look at S-Snake and think her as cute.

People often find children cute, and with Hancock’s looks, S-Snake is an undeniably cute child. That’s what makes her powers so terrifying.

XII. Shanks and Beckman’s Popularity among Women

Shanks and Beckman’s Popularity among Women

The best part about One Piece SBSs are the little details we get about characters; though these details are insignificant in the grand picture, they bring the characters closer to fans.

One such question appeared in One Piece Volume 106 SBS in which a fan asks between Shanks and his first mate Benn Beckman, who’s more popular among women.

While both of them are very cool, Oda clarifies that it’s probably Shanks who has more game with women. However, Beckman is the one who flirts more. Apparently, he loves women and flirting with them.

This is everything we know about One Piece Volume 106 SBS. Hopefully more information will come soon. On another note, One Piece manga is coming back from its one-month hiatus the next Sunday on July 16. We, at Otakus’ Notes, will be returning soon with the spoilers and news on the upcoming chapter.


One Piece Volume 106 SBS – Megathread
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