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Top 20 One Piece Waifus, According to Fans’ Vote (Most Popular)

Last updated on October 11th, 2023 at 05:15 pm

The vast world of One Piece not only has amazing geography and cultures but also has a lot of beautiful female characters. But not everyone is a waifu material, at least according to fans.

The fandom is very particular about the characters they consider their One Piece waifus. So, for today, our topic of discussion isn’t the prettiest One Piece female characters. But rather, it’s the top 20 One Piece waifus, according to fans.

Based on the preferences of fans, we’ve put the 20 female characters into five tiers, with the D tier being the lowest and the S tier being the ultimate. The table looks something like this:

My FavoriteShirahoshi
S TierNico Robin, Boa Hancock, Nami, Kozuki Hiyori
A TierYamato, Nefertari Vivi, Kozuki Toki, Vinsmoke Reiju, Rebecca
B TierJewelry Bonney, Uta, Pudding, Koala
C TierViola, Baby 5, Tashigi, Stussy, Ulti, Perona
D TierOthers
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Top 20 One Piece Waifus

20) Perona


Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorBlack
Devil Fruit PowerHoro Horo no Mi

Introduced in the Thriller Bark Arc as one of the crew members of former Shichibukai Gecko Moria, Perona is a popular choice for One Piece waifus among fans. Her powers of Horo Horo no Mi is interesting, even more so how they get defeated by Ussop.

Perona becomes more popular when she’s found at Mihawk’s island, and is Zoro’s companion for two years. Her gothic styling and contrasting pink hair are a hit combination.

19) Stussy


Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Devil Fruit PowerBato Bato no Mi; Model: Vampire

Stussy had been a bit of an enigma at her introduction. She first appears as a blackmarket-dweller, known as the Queen of the Pleasure District, who’s well-known with the likes of the Yonko Big Mom. It’s then revealed that she’s actually a CP0 agent, working undercover.

Even that changes in the Egghead Arc, where it’s again revealed that Stussy’s true allegiance lies with Vegapunk, not the World Government. And that she’s a clone of Miss Buckingham Stussy, a former member of Rocks Pirates. 

18) Ulti


Hair ColorBlue with pink streaks
Eye ColorOrange
Devil Fruit PowerRyu Ryu no Mi, Model: Pachycephalosaurus

Ulti has quite the polarizing popularity in the fandom. While some fans hate her for hitting Tama and being brutal towards Ussop and Nami, a fraction of fans can’t help but notice that she’s very easy on the eyes. Not only that, but her short-tempered and spoiled attitude make her a prime waifu candidate.

She’s one of the six members of Tobiroppo within Kaido’s Beast Pirates, and the elder sister of fellow member, Page One.

17) Tashigi


Hair ColorJet black
Eye ColorBrown
Devil Fruit PowerNA

Though the Marines are mainly antagonists in One Piece, there’s no argument that they have some of the prettiest officers. One of those beauties is the vice-captain of the G5 unit, Tashigi. A talented swordsman with strong ideologies, Tashigi serves bravely under her captain, Smoker.

Ever since her introduction, she has been a curiosity for fans because she looks like Zoro’s deceased childhood friend, Kuina. Before the timeskip, she was nice yet unremarkable. But after the timeskip, Tashigi comes back as a gorgeous woman, becoming one of the One Piece waifus.

16) Baby 5

Baby 5

Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDeep blue
Devil Fruit PowerBuki Buki no Mi

Baby 5 may have been introduced as an antagonist, but she’s had fans swooning over her from the beginning. Clad in an attractive maid uniform and blessed with a very useful devil fruit power, she makes quite the impression, and makes herself permanent as one of the best One Piece waifus.

Baby 5 used to be an assassin for the Donquixote family and a former childhood friend and colleague of Law, until she fell in love with Sai from the Chinjao family. 

15) Viola


Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorOrange
Devil Fruit PowerGiro Giro no Mi

Dressrosa is the country of beauty and Viola is the prime example of that. Beautifully designed with curly brown hair, big orange eyes and a tanned, voluptuous figure, Viola takes the breath away from everyone. Her sultry costume and the red rose in her hair make her incredibly alluring.

Viola’s devil fruit powers and her role in the storyline also set her apart from typical pretty females of the series. 

14) Charlotte Pudding

Charlotte Pudding

Hair ColorLight brown
Eye ColorReddish brown
Devil Fruit PowerMemo Memo no Mi

The truth of Pudding is the most shocking part of the Whole Cake Island, which quickly turns her into one of the most hated characters in the series. But Sanji’s unconditional care and acceptance bring out the good in her.

A daughter of Big Mom, Pudding is from the three-eyes clan, something she’s been insecure about all her life. She planned to trick Sanji for the evil agenda of Big Mom, but eventually falls for the man.

13) Koala


Hair ColorOrange
Eye ColorBlue
Devil Fruit PowerNA

Koala from the Revolutionary Army is the next on this list of One Piece waifus. She’s an officer of the Revolutionary Army, and is Sabo’s partner, often going on missions together. As a child, she used to be a slave of the Celestial Dragons until she was saved by Fisher Tiger.

Cute, chirpy and funny, Koala is a delight to watch. Her banters with Sabo are always entertaining. She’s also a good friend of Robin.

12) Uta


Hair ColorRed and white
Eye ColorPurple
Devil Fruit PowerUta Uta no Mi

Though most One Piece films are non-canons, tucked away in specific pockets of the timeline where the events don’t affect the canon storyline. However, that wasn’t the case for One Piece Film: Red, which revolves around Uta, a world-famous popstar and the adoptive daughter of Shanks.

Being the star singer she is, Uta is all dazzling and enchanting. Her character design and personality are both intriguing, and she easily becomes one of the memorable One Piece waifus.

11) Jewelry Bonney

Jewelry Bonney

Age24 (estimated)
Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorPurple
Devil Fruit PowerUnnamed Devil Fruit that can alter her age

The only woman among the 11 Supernova, Jewelry Bonney has been a mystery since her introduction. Her unnamed devil fruit has a strange power of altering the age of her or anyone she wishes. It’s an underrated and dangerous power.

Bonney’s most prominent characteristic is her gluttonous nature. She’s always seen eating something. And what’s more attractive than a girl who loves to eat?

10) Rebecca


Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorBrown
Devil Fruit PowerNA

Luffy meets Rebecca in the Dressrosa Arc, where he participates in the Colosseum tournament as Lucy. After the girl shares her food with him, Luffy very expectedly takes a liking to her. It’s later revealed that Rebecca is the daughter of the former princess Scarlet, and the legendary gladiator Kyros.

Rebecca’s sweet and lovely personality is a hit among fans, and so are her looks. That’s why she’s considered as one of the prettiest One Piece waifus.

9) Yamato


Hair ColorWhite fading into aqua green and blue
Eye ColorOrange
Devil Fruit PowerInu Inu no Mi, Model: Okuchi no Makami

One of the biggest takeaways of the Wano Arc was the brilliant character of Yamato. He’s biologically female but identifies as Kaido’s son, and thinks of himself as Kozuki Oden. His friendship with Ace is incredibly wholesome, and the bond he forges with Luffy is very precious.

Yamato is also incredibly powerful, possessor of a mythical Zoan fruit. He instantly became famous with fans, and many wished for him to become the new member of Straw Hats.

8) Vinsmoke Reiju

Vinsmoke Reiju

Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorBlue
Devil Fruit PowerNA

No one expected the perverted cook of the Straw Hats to have such a heartbreaking past. Sanji has always been a popular character, but his past made him so much more interesting. It’s also revealed that Sanji has three brothers and only one sister: Reiju.

Gorgeous and deadly, Reiju can kill you with both her skills and looks. She’s cool and seductive, but also has a gentle caring side, proven when she helped Sanji escape home.

7) Kozuki Toki

Kozuki Toki

AgeDeceased (36 before death)
Hair ColorLight green
Eye ColorBlue
Devil Fruit PowerToki Toki no Mi

A flashback to Oden’s past revealed a lot of great things, including his experience on voyage with both Whitebeard and Roger. Another interesting part of his flashback was his first meeting with his wife, Toki, a beautiful woman with mysterious origins.

It’s then revealed that Toki actually comes from the past, 800 years to be specific. Her time-based devil fruit power allowed her to travel to the future. This beauty is an intriguing one, and one of the best One Piece waifus.

6) Nefertari Vivi

Nefertari Vivi

Hair ColorLight blue
Eye ColorBrown
Devil Fruit PowerNA

Princess Nefertari Vivi appeared quite early in the journey of the Straw Hats and quickly became a beloved character. She’s the first honorary Straw Hat member who retained her popularity even after not appearing in the story for a long time.

But the recent turn of the story indicates a greater role for Vivi, and has fans rejoice for her return to the focus. Her determined and idealistic personality enhances her pretty character more.

5) Shirahoshi


Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorBlue
Devil Fruit PowerNA

My favorite, Shirahoshi comes at the 5th position based on likeability. Sanji’s dream comes true when he finally comes to the Fishman Island and sees the mermaids, the tales of whose beauty is wide-spread.

But no mermaid is as beautiful as the mermaid princess, Shirahoshi. The huge mermaid with wavy pink hair, wide blue eyes and a meek heart captures the attention of fans just as she does with Sanji.

Shirahoshi is a shy cry-baby, and her interactions with Luffy are as funny as they are heartwarming. She soon becomes one of the best One Piece waifus among fans.

4) Kozuki Hiyori

Kozuki Hiyori

Hair ColorTurquoise
Eye ColorBlue
Devil Fruit PowerNA

The most beautiful woman in Wano is also a very beloved waifu candidate. Introduced as the oiran of Wano, Komurasaki, the gorgeous lady is soon revealed to be Kozuki Hiyori, the daughter of Oden and the younger sister of Momonosuke.

Her jaw-dropping features and heartbreaking past made her an instant hit with fans.

Fans also loved her equation with the little Toko, and Zoro who went on to protect the woman and the child. Her strong will and gentle nature are equally appealing as her looks.

3) Nami


Hair ColorOrange
Eye ColorBrown
Devil Fruit PowerNA

Nami is one of the first members of the Straw Hat Pirates and their talented navigator. She’s also one of the most popular characters in the series, and the most well-known female character.

Nami is also quite a favorite of the author, appearing at the focus of most official arts and the model for the most gorgeous outfits of the series.

She’s been with the Straw Hats almost since the beginning, and her popularity and beauty, not to mention her short-tempered yet caring nature, make her a dream waifu for fans.

2) Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock

Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark brown (post timeskip)

Dark blue (pre timeskip)

Devil Fruit PowerMero Mero no Mi

One Piece has no shortage of beautiful women, but there is no one as beautiful as the Pirate Empress Boa Hancock. Blessed with beauty so enchanting that no one can resist lusting after her, save for some special individuals like Luffy.

But Hancock is not just a pretty face; she’s a former Shichibukai and one of the strongest female characters in the series.

Proud and arrogant to a comical level, Hancock became a prime waifu material after she fell in love with Luffy. Her hilarious fantasies and reactions to Luffy makes as entertaining as she’s pretty.

1) Nico Robin

Nico Robin

Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlue
Devil Fruit PowerHana Hana no Mi

We’re at the end of this One Piece waifus list, and to no one’s surprise, the first place belongs to the archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates: Nico Robin. Ever since her introduction as Miss Allsunday in the Alabasta Arc, Robin has captured the hearts of fans with every chapter since.

Once sporting a dazzling tan, Robin came back after the timeskip with a much paler skin tone but an equal mystique. She’s not often the focus of specialized outfits and One Piece’s own brand of fanservice like Nami, but because of this, she’s become all the more beloved.

Here ends the top 20 One Piece waifus, based on fans’ votes. The fandom has chosen these 20 as the ultimate waifus, and if you disagree, you’re welcome to make a list of your favorite One Piece waifus.

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