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Zom 100 Chapter 64 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date(Space Adventure)

Zom 100 Chapter 64 should be the start of a new adventure and a short arc for the series. The launch for the Rocket Lariat 1 is just about to start in 15 more minutes. 

But zombies keep approaching the space station in huge numbers. At T-12 minutes, the zombies break down the barrier and enter the space station. The zombies enter fast and keep attacking the personnel.  

Ukaji and the group also notice the horde of zombies. The base and the personnel are in danger, but Ukaji wants to go ahead with his mission. He says that this might be their last chance, and Akira, along with the group, says that they will distract the zombies

The group gets space suits, and Ukaji joins them to drive away the zombies. All of them get their priorities straight as they start fighting against the zombies. An intense fight takes place between Akira’s group and the zombies. 

Shizuka helps the wounded, and it’s just T-5 minutes before the rocket launch. The situation keeps getting dangerous, but they save all of the survivors. All they need to do is to lure away the zombies. 

Kenichiro successfully manages this on his own with his signature move. They did lure the zombies to kill them, but they are also trapped now. With less than 2 minutes left, Ukaji suggests they get inside the rocket

All of them successfully get inside the rocket in the nick of time. Akira is on cloud nine since one of his bucket list items can be completed now.  

Zom 100 Chapter 64 Spoilers & Predictions

Zom 100 Chapter 64 Spoilers & Predictions

In the next few chapters, it will be more interesting to see Akira and the group’s new adventures in space. Luckily for them, Ukaji is there to help them with the training so that it will be a good experience for them. 

The next arc would be different from the others since the group can be free of zombies for some time. We will also get to take a look at how Earth has changed after the zombie attack. 

Now that the group is inside the rocket, we can be sure that this mission will be a success for Ukaji. Although there might be some difficulties, we can see those moments turn into comedic moments

Since the group also has their pressure suits on, they are safe from most of the unexpected problems. All that’s left now is for the group to experience anti-gravity and have fun in this situation, too.  

Zom 100 Chapter 64 Release Date

Zom 100 Chapter 64 Release Date

Zom 100 Chapter 64 should be released on March 20th if there are no delays for the chapter. As of now, there don’t seem to be any breaks or delays, so we can witness the group’s adventures in space now. 

The raw scans and spoilers might or might not be released for the chapter. If they are released, we will make sure to update them in this article. The manga series is available to read on the Viz website but only at select locations. 

These are all of our predictions regarding Zom 100 Chapter 64. For more similar and exciting content, make sure to check out some of our other articles here. 

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