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Is Beelzebub in Record of Ragnarok Evil? History, Abilities & Power Level Explained

Beelzebub in Record of Ragnarok has been widely known, for his power and nature. We know that he is one of the most powerful Gods, due to his special and unique abilities.

But, there’s a much-unexplored past of Beelzebub we do not know. Also, sometimes his nature comes off as pure evil, and we also saw his good side. So, what is the real nature of Beelzebub in Record of Ragnarok?

Read on more to find out about one of the strongest Gods, Beelzebub in Record of Ragnarok. There might be spoilers for Round 8 of the manga, so make sure that you are all caught up on the manga.

Is Beelzebub in Record of Ragnarok God or Demon?

Is Beelzebub in Record of Ragnarok God or Demon?

Japanese Nameベルゼブブ
Hair ColorPurple
Eye ColorRed
AliasesLord of Flies, Anathema, Priest of Gluttony, Ruler of Evil Spirits, God of Darkness, Baal-Zebul
AbilitiesGenius Intellect, Biology Mastery, Medical Mastery, Vibration Manipulation, Demonic Destrudo, Lilith’s Curse

Beelzebub is the winner of the famed 8th round, against Nikola Tesla. Although he did come as a contestant from God’s side, we cannot call him purely God or Demon, due to his unique nature.

When Beelzebub is acting normally, he is a God, but when his love reaches its peak, he turns into Satan. This makes him both the God as well as the Devil. This was also the reason why he was responsible for some of his friends’ deaths in the past.

This fact and their unique nature are also present in his name. It was always said that Beelzebub had two faces. Baal was the God of Fertility, and Zeebul is the Devil of Flies and would bring destruction.

Past of Beelzebub in Record of Ragnarok

Past of Beelzebub in Record of Ragnarok

Beelzebub has a very sad past, he was always alone since he was said to be cursed by Satan. However, three angels, Lucifer, Azazel, and Samael, still manage to become friends with him.

However, the happy days come to an end, as tragedy struck them. Beelzebub had fallen asleep, and he found all the Three Angels dead. He was confirmed that Satan was behind this, and starts to search for him.

One certain day, he also meets Lilith, who is also the sister of Lucifer and is searching for Satan. Both of them start their search but to no avail. In the end, Beelzebub proposes to Lilith, and this is when he notices who he is.

Satan was none other than Beelzebub all along. When his love reaches its peak, he turns into Satan and kills those individuals. Even when Lilith was dying, she wishes for Beelzebub to keep living, and we see that a mark appears on him.

Sometime later, we see Beelzebub wandering around in Helheim, killing everyone he meets. He also challenges Hades and wants him to end his miserable life. Beelzebub immediately loses, because his condition was bad.

Hades then tells that Lilith’s marks weren’t a curse, but rather a prayer. A few days later, Beelzebub completely changes his appearance, and Hades gifts him with the Staff of Apomyius.

Beelzebub also says that he will keep on living as worse and more wretchedly as possible so that his death will be more painful. He knows that the death Hades gives will not free him from his suffering.

Later on, he was also the one responsible for resurrecting Adamas back, in the form of Adamantine. Beelzebub had also planted Hajun’s seed on Zerofuku so that it might be powerful enough to kill him.

Beelzebub’s Skills and Abilities

Beelzebub's Skills and Abilities

  • Beelzebub has a strong physique, great raw strength, and his speed and reflexes are one of the best in the series.
  • Adamantine and Zeus also agreed that he has one of the best fighting senses, among the Gods.
  • He is also one of the most intelligent people in the series.
  • Due to this, he was easily able to understand the true nature of all of Tesla’s moves.
  • He is also an extremely skilled scientist and a doctor.
  • Beelzebub’s primary weapon is vibration, and he manipulates this, for all of his attacks.
  • His special staff also allows him to increase the output of vibrations.
  • So, he can now use his left hand for Defense, and his right hand for Offense.
  • One of his techniques, Original Sin of the Netherworld No 0 Chaos, is also considered taboo.
  • It was so powerful and destructive, that Hades has made this move, as a taboo.

Is Beelzebub in Record of Ragnarok Good or Bad?

Is Beelzebub in Record of Ragnarok Good or Bad?

Coming to the question of whether is Beelzebub evil in Record of Ragnarok? Most of his antics and things he had done in the series point out that he is evil. He had used Zerofuku, only for his gain.

He had manipulated Hajun’s remains, and then further used Zerofuku too, so that it could kill him. No matter in which way we see it, this is purely for only his selfish reasons.

However, we do know that Beelzebub was a good person at the start. He had genuinely cared about Lucifer, Azazel, and Samael, and had genuinely loved Lilith. But, it was mostly due to his curse, and the death of his friends, he had vastly changed.

He misunderstood the last few words of Lilith and keeps on wishing to die. Even though he had kind of understood the true meaning of her words from Hades, he still chose to go through this way.

Beelzebub also had a few chances along the way, but he didn’t change, till his fight with Tesla. He continued to act as an evil character so that he can die as painfully and gruesomely as possible.

This was on his mind since he left Hades, and it had not changed for all these years. Even if he manipulated Zerofuku, he still saved Brunhilde and Goll, when Adamantine came to attack them.

He simply wished to die as painfully as possible and didn’t care about the means. Only through his fight with Tesla, he understood that death isn’t at all what he desires. Whether he will turn good or continue being evil is entirely up to him.

This is all of the current information we have on Beelzebub in Record of Ragnarok. Even humans and Gods alike, fear him and call him the Cursed God. This is enough to say, why Beelzebub had changed. For similar and fresh content, make sure to check our posts here.

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