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Blue Lock Chapter 254 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date(Kunigami vs. Shidou)

Blue Lock Chapter 254 is here, and we will see some interesting matchups in the next few chapters. Hiori did stop Rin’s shot in the last chapter, but PxG had a backup for that and scored a goal.

Charles says that Shidou moved according to what he had envisioned. Both of them are hyped up after this goal. Loki talks about how Charles has a genius sense for passing ability, which awakened in this match. 

He thinks that Charles can still grow, and this could lead to him surpassing Noa. Raichi asks for a foul, but Isagi thinks that this wasn’t a foul. The announcer says that the goal is confirmed, but Raichi is still unhappy. 

Isagi starts analyzing the plays now and thinks about how they couldn’t stop Charles and Shidou’s combination. He understands that his previous plays can’t work out in this match. 

Isagi also commends Charles for his plays, which keep on developing. This play was only a result of their best performances to overlap. Isagi thinks that this was exactly what they did in the last match, and they have to continue this in the match. 

Hiori says that this will be hard as he has to change his way of thinking. Hiori also adds that he needs to overcome the challenge of being the best to reach his best performance. 

Isagi understands this and adds that he needs more players to coordinate. Hiori also says this, and Noa gets up and asks for them to reproduce it.

He calls for Kunigami and asks for him to take away Shidou’s freedom. Now, Isagi, Hiori, and Kunigami are getting ready for the counterattack.

Blue Lock Chapter 254 Spoilers & Predictions

Blue Lock Chapter 254 Spoilers & Predictions

We can see more of Kunigami based on what we have seen so far. We should see him either man-marking or trying to shut down Shidou after listening to Noa.  

PxG gained a lot of momentum with this goal, and they will likely try to predict Isagi and Hiori’s next attack pattern. The only unpredictable factor here is Kunigami, as he has yet to show much of his abilities, which he learned during his Wild Card time. 

All we know is that he was able to replicate some moves with around 95% accuracy in the previous matches. If he is able to match Shidou’s energy in this match, Basterd Munchen will be easily able to score a goal. 

Isagi is also aiming for this moment. He will wait for Kunigami to copy Shidou and break down PxG’s defenses. Just before Kunigami gets to shoot, Isagi will use him as bait for his best performance. 

Hiori will also catch up to this, which will perfectly disrupt PxG’s momentum. They might have a high chance of scoring, but there are also many other players in PxG, like Charles, Rin, and Shidou, who would be wary of Isagi. 

Blue Lock Chapter 254 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 254 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 254 should be released on 6 March if there are no more delays. The chapter release day has been changed because we will not be getting early translations. 

The Chapter is titled Self-Class World-Class, and this might be Kunigami’s time to shine now. Just like Noa asked, he will likely try to reproduce the same goal from Shidou. 

The raw scans and spoilers for Chapter 254 should be released on 4th March. Check our article at a later date after we have updated the raw scans and spoilers summary in this article. 

These are all of the spoilers & predictions we have for Blue Lock Chapter 254 so far. Check on more of our similar posts related to Blue Lock down here. 

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