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Rin vs. Isagi: Who Is Better In Blue Lock?

Rin vs Isagi was a battle which had been teased since the Second Selection arc. We also got multiple variations of their battle, in which we saw Rin absolutely devouring Isagi and making many near-impossible plays perfectly.

But, who is a better player for their position when we consider both of them? There has got to be only one winner in Blue Lock, and it’s either gonna be Rin Itoshi or Yoichi Isagi.

There will also be their third confrontation soon in the BM vs PxG match. Read on to find about our detailed comparison of both of their players and our judgement of who will in a battle of Rin vs. Isagi.

Rin Itoshi in Blue Lock: Wiki 

Rin Itoshi in Blue Lock: Wiki 

Japanese Name糸師 凛
Hair ColorDark Green
Eye ColorBright Teal
TeamParis x General


Rin Itoshi was the prodigal brother of Sae Itoshi, the latter considered a New Generation World 11 Player. Rin wanted to polish his football, get stronger, and become the ideal strike his brother wanted.

He can play on par with Sae, albeit a bit less. Ego had also mentioned that Rin Itoshi was the best player of Blue Lock after the third Selection. Rin had scored an average of 2.5 goals per match to get this title.

This shows his capabilities and his soccer talent. He also has one of the highest base attributes, which some of the players cannot best. And this was all before the Neo-Egoist League.

He may be an even more difficult opponent to Isagi after he trains with Julian Loki and PxG.

Skills & Abilities

  • It is not an exaggeration to say Rin has the best stats for ball positioning, control, spatial awareness and many more skills. 
  • He is a Playmaker who controls the entire field. 
  • But, he primarily focuses on offence and sets up his teammates and opponents to create goal-scoring opportunities. 
  • He could still play as a very good Playmaker on defence, as shown in the U-20 match. 
  • Rin’s kick and his passing ability have a near-perfect score
  • He could kick or pass the ball anywhere from around 35 metres and still maintain a near-perfect accuracy. 
  • Rin’s Spatial Awareness is one of the best in Blue Lock without using Meta Vision. 
  • His off-the-ball movements are also pin-perfect, and he always positions himself in goal-scoring positions. 
  • Rin’s central soccer is Puppet Controlling Soccer, and he controls, manipulates, and finally overpowers his opponents with his ability to score a goal. 
  • When he tapped into the Flow State, he could play soccer on par with Sae and rivalled him. 
  • He uses the opponent’s best weapon against them to destroy their soccer and steals the ball or scores. 

Yoichi Isagi in Blue Lock: Wiki 

Yoichi Isagi in Blue Lock: Wiki 

Japanese Name潔 世一
Hair ColorDark Blue
Eye ColorBlue
PositionOffensive Midfielder
TeamBasterd Munchen


Isagi Yoichi also called as the Star or Heart of the Blue Lock is the main protagonist of the Blue Lock series. Although he had a very mediocre playstyle at first, he improved his soccer game to become one of the best players in Blue Lock.

He had a very exponential growth, and can adapt in any kind of situations. These attributes are exactly what makes him a striker than Jinpachi Ego had been waiting for. Isagi also showed many tremendous performances in the Neo-Egoist League, which got him into the list of the top 5 Blue Lock players.

Currently, he plays as an offensive midfielder for Germany’s Basterd Munchen and is one of the strongest players in the team, only below Rensuke Kunigami and Michael Kaiser.

Skills & Abilities

  • His archetype means space investigator, and he excels in taking up space on the soccer field. 
  • Be it on the attack or even the defence side; he locates and blocks the most dangerous positions on the field. 
  • Isagi has some of the best Spatial Understanding, which lets him easily play almost any role. 
  • This is even more enhanced with his Metavision, and he can now see certain futures of players and goals. 
  • Isagi’s only weapon is his Direct Shot with his right leg, which has pinpoint accuracy. 
  • He had also unlocked a new side weapon called Lefty Direct Shot, but this is only about 40% as efficient as his direct shot. 
  • Isagi also has some perfect off-the-ball movements, knowing where to move to shut down the ball or steal it. 
  • He also started to mix reflexes in his playstyle, which lets him play more easily. 
  • He could also access the Total Concentration Flow state and make plays while in this state. 

Rin vs. Isagi : Who Is a Better Player in Blue Lock?

Rin vs. Isagi : Who Is a Better Player in Blue Lock?

We already know who the winner will be in a battle of Rin vs. Isagi. Undoubtedly, Rin Itoshi made more superior plays and has excellent scores in all attributes compared to Isagi.

Rin can do everything that Isagi can do, but better. This is enough to say who will be the victor in their re-match. And, now that Rin has broken away from his shackles and the revenge against his brother, he will become an even better player.

There might be questions about why Rin’s value has been low in the Neo-Egoist League. This might be due to the presence of a New Gen World 11 Player on their team or P x G needing more spotlight.

1) Based on Offense

This attribute is an easy win for Rin. We all know how good Rin’s abilities are to create goal-scoring opportunities and take up more space. Isagi can also do this but to a lesser extent than Rin. 

2) Based on Shooting Ability 

Regarding Shooting ability, Rin has one of the best attributes in Blue Lock. He would easily take the win when compared to Isagi. Isagi only has two different types of shots, and one has very low accuracy. 

Meanwhile, Rin has several different kinds of shots, which we see throughout the series. With his shooting ability, he could also hit near-impossible goals and endeavours. 

3) Based on Dribbling Skills

Coming to yet another win for Rin, Isagi needs to improve his dribbling skills. He can only maintain the ball for a short period before his opponent steals the ball from him. 

Meanwhile, Rin had almost dribbled past the entire U-20 Defenders using his Flow state. Rin would have better control of this ability now that he had trained more. 

4) Based on Speed and Reflexes

This attribute boils to another win for Rin, even if Isagi can play reflexively. Rin has better stats and features and could easily overpower Isagi in all these individual battles.

5) Based on Overall Ability 

The overall ability goes for yet another win for Rin Itoshi. Rin could play on par with Sae Itoshi, a player who was considered the World’s best young-generation Midfielder. 

This shows the level of play and soccer that Rin can achieve. Isagi, on the other hand, also had marvellous plays but never did plays that outsmarted Kaiser or were on the level of his plays. 

These are all of our detailed comparisons of Rin vs. Isagi. Check some of our other exciting and similar content over here.

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